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Matrix Full Metal 600rd Hi-Cap Magazine for AK series Airsoft AEG

20 Customer Reviews

by Andrew V. on 04/12/2010
"There are reasons that this is priced lower than the 45 dollar marui mag, but for the price its pretty good.
The Good:
Its metal. The outer metal shell is solid and I doubt its going to be breaking anytime soon. The mag feeds GREAT. My gun is shooting a very high ROF and the mag keeps up no problem. You dont have to wind it for ages. Its not like two winds and you are done, you still have to do it a bit, but its not as much winding required as some mags out there.
The Bad:
Mine didnt come with a winding key. Im guessing it was a mistake, Im going to call them about it. The mag is not FULL metal, as advertized. Its pretty much a metal shell that slides over a plastic frame with metal caps for the top and bottom. But it is encased in metal, so its sturdy enough. The mag is near impossible to take apart. No visible screws, things to slide off, or anything like that. The bottom plate on mine slides back and forth (and off once, its hard to get back on) when I wind. Im guessing if I tighten the connecting pieces with pliers it should stay. Not sure about this, but examining the paint job looks like it will scratch easily.
by Gr H. on 01/03/2010
"WOW! A full metal 600 rd hi-cap for only $15! That sounds too good to be true, and it is because it isnt "Full" metal or hold 600 rds. It is still a GREAT deal since you cant find hicaps for less than $15, but I was a little dissapointed when the advertising setmy hopes so high. First off, the very top and middle of it is plastic and the outside is a metal shell. And no, I didnt count each bb, but I filled it all the way, packed it down, wound it, packed in some more and packed those down... filled it till it held no more. And then spilled those out into a pile and tried to fill those bb's into a 375 hi-cap. There was about fifty left over (did count those) so 50 + 375 = ~425. Still A TON of ammo, just less than I expected. I test fired it and it fed beautifully, no problems there.

I highly recommmend this magazine for the price and quality, my only problem is the advertising.

evike, please change
by Zach S. on 06/23/2008
"Answering a question...yes this would fit your TM AK-47 Spetsnaz... I bought 2 of these magazines for my AK-47 and they work great...feed flawlessly when you wind the magazine up all the way it will cycle through about 250 rounds before needing to be rewinded. butt giving it 4 because the bottom wind wheel doesnt work the best...takes a bit of winding to get it up to feeding good for full auto...I carry around the little included winder with me makes it alottttt quicker and you can wind the mag all the way up and forget it for 250 rounds...the quick winder is actually a your fingers...Loads easily to. Great product overall nice paint metal construction except for the internals im sure and the top part and bb load door.
by Andy P. on 05/12/2008
"This is an excellent magazine in my opinion. On recieving mine I took it out of the package, put a little silicon oil in it, and loaded it up. The magazine wound flawlessly and fed continuously. The metal construction is nice and despite numerous drops on the field, it has yet to suffer any permanent damage. All in all, this is an excellent magazine for the cost. My only complaint is that the paint scratches fairly easily. This can be easily remedied with a new coat of paint though. A great investment.
by Chase W. on 01/17/2018
"I bought 2 of these mags to go with my JG AMD-65, the magazines fed very good with no wobble and there weren't any problems, except the latch at the top that holds all of the Bb's in the magazine fell clean off of both mags after some heavy use of these on my gun in just 2 weeks and they have never been dropped, making them useless unless I want Bb's flying out of the mags. They're entirely metal except for that one piece being cheap plastic. I could possibly use some tape or glue to resolve the problem for these mags in the meantime but I think I'll go with some midcaps next order.