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Model: MAG-WG-CO2-M9

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by Kathy P. on 2014-02-20 09:48:40
"This magazine is exactly what I needed in my WG M9.

Fit in my gun (obviously)
Spring hasn't worn out for years of use.

Easily scratched.
Often falls out of my gun.
Expensive; exact same magazine at Wal Mart for half the price, and no shipping.

Buy this only if you are buying something else with it so you can use a COUPON CODE to bring the price down.
by Xiaofeng Y. on 2013-03-29 12:39:18
"Great mag! Fits great. But expensive. These are twice as expensive as on Amazon, just search for a TSD magazine because the WG/Matrix/TSD guns are all designed to fit this exact same mag!
by james k. on 2012-11-03 18:09:33
"This mag is very good based off its durability and weight. Some people may think that the weight is a con but i find it nice because even though one of my co2 pistols the "zombie apocalypse" is almost full plastic except for inner construction, the mag gives it a nice weight. Its not one of the annoying bulky fat mag that need green gas or even a whole co2 cartridge, these you just pop in and that why im getting an extra one!
:) :) :) :)
by Stephanie V. on 2012-03-01 16:41:04
"These are great! I always hated fiddling around with gas cans and found co2 to be a convenient alternative. These magazines are full metal, holding 15 rounds and add lots of weight to my Beretta M9.

Pros: Durable, Available, Realistic ammo capacity

Cons: Expensive!, stacking is tedious, need 2 to fill one pistol ammo slot snugly
by Nathan T. on 2009-02-20 18:48:12
"This mag fits both the TSD MAtrix m9/ 1911....
it says it on the title...
both guns were designed to take this mag
by zia a. on 2008-10-05 18:59:53
"yo im not sure but just to be safe does this work with, "Matrix TSD CO2 Powered M9 Gas Non-Blowback Airsoft Pistol????"
by Brian J. on 2008-08-01 09:14:28
"To Answer the guy below me, the mag is a standard mag for the M9/M1911, so it holds roughly 15- 16 rds. Its best to load no more than 15 rds,any more can cause the gun to jam.
by isaac z. on 2008-06-30 17:44:21
"good magazzine all metal but a the price is high if u get this gun i would be sure 2 get this

Displaying 1 to 8 (of 8 reviews)