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MAG 130rd Midcap Magazine for M4 / M16 Series Airsoft AEG Rifles (Color: Grey / Set of 8)

150 Customer Reviews

by Derrick H. on 01/13/2018
"I have used several brand mags out there and MAG brand in my opinion are the best by far. They are well put together and donít jam nearly as often as others that are poorly put together and separate in the middle when loaded. That seems to be the biggest flaw in other brand mags. This is my third batch, I have a habit of loosing them or loaning them out at games and not get them back. Worth every penny.
by Dylan R. on 12/21/2017
"These mags, although cheap, are extremely good I bought a box of eight because it was cheap and have played with the same 8 mags for about 2-2.5 years and love these things. They are cheap so if they do break then you can buy more but these are really really good for the price. If youíre debating whether or not to get cheap mags, these are the choice.
by Adam B. on 06/15/2017
"Long story short, these are reliable magazines. I bought a box to try them out, was so impressed that I bought another. Lightweight, so you'll hardly notice they're there, fit mag pouches well, and feed flawlessly for a variety of brands.

Definitely recommend these.
by Tong Y. on 03/11/2017
"Great plastic mags. All my friends carry these and I know why they do. Feeds flawlessly. Built like a tank. Just God damn good mags
by Ryan B. on 11/04/2016
"These are the best mags i have ever gotten. They feed very well in my ICS l85A2. I totally recommend these mags.
by Sean M. on 11/21/2015
"Best magazines I have ever used. Been running them for many months now and have had 0 misfeeds. Cheap, reliable, and well built. What more can you ask of a midcap?
by Ryan S. on 08/01/2014
"My squad and I have been playing Mil-Sim Airsoft for about 4 years now, and in that time I have not found many midcaps that are as reliable as these. I decided to get some after my King Arms messed up on me (one of my friends had previously gotten a box set of MAG magazines and they seemed good, and I had also gotten two MAG brand magazines for my JG G36C that seemed very solid). I must say I am, so far, very pleased with these MAG magazines.

Lightweight (Plastic which can be a con for some)
Feed very well
Appear to actually hold 130 rounds, or very close (which if you have dealt with midcaps you know that most don't come close to their advertised capacity)
Cheap (seriously for 9 bucks you can't beat these!)

Plastic (again not that big of a deal)

Also, just so everyone knows these magazines are gun metal/Grey in color. They are NOT black. The picture is a very accurate depiction of their color. They should fit very well in most TM clones. I use them in my Tan JG S-system (Ver. 2) and have no problems whatsoever. To sum everything up, you really should do yourself a favor and BUY THESE MAGAZINES.
by Brett T. on 07/14/2014
"These definitely aren't "Black", but more of an earthy grey.

Anyways, ridiculous buy for the $$ they are asking for. They feed like a dream and fit nice and snug into my M4 conversion on my JG G36. A little bit of lube, and you're good to go!
I seriously don't ever want to purchase ANY other M4 mags after using these.
by Joseph L. on 05/13/2014
"Overall very happy with these.
Pros: light weight, reliable, quiet, cheap, durable, compatible with most M4s

Cons:None I can think of other than being plastic but i don't need metal magazines to weight me down.

I bought set of 8 of these in 2009 and played 50+ games/OPs and never had a jam or miss feed, I'm getting more only because i gradually lost them or friends never gave them back after using one in a game (i suggest marking them so people can't claim that theyre theirs, theyre that reliable)
by Daniel K. on 09/05/2013
"I have A KWA CQR MOD 1 and These Work Well, There Is Some Mag Wobble (No Biggie).

1. Price
2. Works with KWA and ALL Other Guns
3. I Love The O.D. Green
4. Really These Are The Best Mid Caps I Have 4 For 1 Year And None Have Broken Yet. The Pmags I Had Broke After 2 Months Of Light Use.
5. Great Feeding (NO MISFEEDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


by Chris M. on 08/09/2013
"BUY THEM NOW! Dont hesitate! They feed great!

you can here the BBs rattling a little bit inside, but its nothing like a high cap. Not loud at all
by Lee O. on 05/18/2013
"These mags fit very well in my KWA SR10, I'd definitely buy these if I had the choice to change my purchase.

Very light
Good capacity (for a midcap)
Feed very well, even catches up my 30+ rps SR10.
I don't see these breaking anytime soon.

You could say that it's a con that its made out of ABS, but it doesn't really matter much to me.
Scratches over time, but it just makes it look better.
Not a big fan of the finish, but it doesn't make a difference about the performance.

Overall, $58 is definitely a good price for 8 of them. I'd definitely buy more if I needed them.
by Thomas D. on 04/15/2013
"After a year and a half of use, one of the MAG midcaps I purchased has finally broken down on me, so I figured I would write a review on them.

I have used these magazines every week for 1.5 years and 8/9 I have are still running strong with no end in sight. These magazines fit and feed flawlessly in every gun I have put them in.

These will fit and feed in KWA, G&G, King Arms, VFC, and G&P guns, I know this because I have fielded these mags in all of these guns. They also feed amazingly in Polarstar rifles.

In the end, these are great magazines at a great price. Easy to maintain, so be sure to keep them clean and they will treat you well.
by Adam T. on 03/13/2013
"Great magazine. Feels awesome, looks great with an M4, and feed flawlessly in the King Arms M4
by suzanne W. on 02/21/2013
"My friend let me borrow 2 of these when my Beta Project Pmags jammed. They hold more, 130 rounds compared to the Pmag's 80 rounds, and they were covered in sand and DID NOT JAM! They fed flawlessly! I didn't even go through the 2 mags he let me borrow by the time I killed off the enemy team. It was my friend and I verses 4 people and his KWA LM4 mag started to leak gas. I killed all 4 enemies with no jams while my friend took forever to flank them with his pistol.


- Feed flawlessly
- Plastic is durable and light
- Will fit a wide variety of M4/M16/L85 style airsoft guns
- IF they do jam, they are VERY easy to unjam and clean


- They do jam because of dirt or low quality bbs every once in a while