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MAG 130 rd Midcap Magazine for M4 / M16 Series Airsoft AEG (Box Set of 8) - Black

68 Customer Reviews

by Matthew B. on 10/25/2011
"Outstanding for about 2 seasons of airsoft. After that you'll need to replace them. Depending on how often you play of course. I play about 2-3 times a month for 5 hours of gaming to give you an idea of how long they have lasted. I orded this 8 pack and 3 are completely dead, the other 5 are nearly worn out. Very durable plastic except for the port that the spring is attached to. That will break first once you've opened them and cleaned them a number of times. Overall very decent mags.
by Barbara M. on 10/21/2011
"theys are awsome i just got them i did not have to brake them in i love mid/low cap mags and really cheap prices +you are getting 8 there awsome
by corey P. on 03/30/2011
"i got these mags about a month ago and they are very nice. they feed perfectly all the time, and they dont wobble or rattle around in the magwell even though that wouldnt be a big deal for me because real mags wobble and rattle around in the magwells of real m4s and real m16s... also on a side note mine are not "black" they're gray... oh well they match my "JG M4 Commando Airsoft AEG Rifle w Skeleton Side Folding Stock"
by Christopher F. on 02/23/2011
"Excellant Mags... I have a G&P, ICS, and an Echo1 metal body and they fit great...

They only gripe I have is the external is made out of plastic and they have a loose fit...

Other then that there awesome!!!
by Sherry S. on 01/10/2011
"these are good mags. they are made off plastic but really ur not going 2 break them. the box when you open it has ur 8 mags and they are spaced between card board strips. they need to be loaded and shot once before they run smoothly, i dont think u will want to be keeping bbs left in them cuz it will make the spring all messed up, all together GREAT MAGAZINES!!!!!!!!
by mike g. on 12/22/2010
"Alright, I got these for my KWA SR10, and was definitely a bit skeptical among purchase, as I've heard mixed reviews about their compatibility with the KWA M4/M16 2GX guns. Note that they took almost 2 weeks to get that was a bit disappointing. BUT THEY'RE HERE.
First, aesthetics. They're plastic, but feel sturdy. They look like the blued steel on most guns. They're incredibly lightweight, which is nice for a big loadout. My only complaint is the very, very, very visable seam right down the middle. They came in a blank cardboard box, each one seperated by a piece of cardboard.
Now onto feeding. I'll go mag by mag as I test them.
MAG 1: Fit in the gun. Slight wobble, nothing major. Flawless feeding, but a pain to get out.
MAG 2: Same as mag 1.
MAG 3: Fed flawlessly, came out smoothly.
MAG 4: Same as mag 3.
MAG 5: Fed flawlessly, slightly hard to get out but nothing major.
MAG 6: Fed flawlessly, came out smoothly.
MAG 7: Same as mag 6.
MAG 8: Same as mag 7.

SO, in conclusion, all mags had a slight wobble. No problem, but I'm picky and notice things like that, hahah.
That's right. No double loading, no misfires, no blanks, blablabla. They worked PERFECTLY.
A few of them were tough to get out, but since those were the first ones, maybe I was just doing something wrong.
These mags are highly, highly, HIGHLY recommended. And this is the best price you'll find them anywhere!! My only complaints are the seam down the middle of them like I mentioned earlier, and that Evike's shipping is crazy slow. The shipping thing has nothing to do with the mags, and the seam thing isn't major, so 5 stars all the way. GET THESE MAGS.
by Diane R. on 12/22/2010
"These mags work like a charm, you would have to try pretty hard to break them. They feed perfectly in my G&G GR16, the only problem was they were a bit loose and the spring in the mag is very tight, just buy some lube and they will work great.
by Matt M. on 01/07/2010
"MAG 130 rd Midcap Magazine Box Set. These little mags rule the roost! Finally a Midcap that feeds all the bb's! I've tried G&P, CA, high caps and so on, but they never quit get to the last bb. Well, MAG magazines work till the last bb and are made to last! Well built, good strong material make them my first choice out of my tactical vest. Nothing more to say, but they do work.
by Matt M. on 01/01/2010
"Along with my new G&P Limited Edition Sentry AEG, (Black) I got these magazines. I have to say these are the "Only" magazines that shoot all the way to the last bb! I've tried two other Mid-cap brands and they never worked; even after I siliconed them, cleaned and re-worked them. These MAG-magazines are sweet! They are durable, you can take the spring out very easy, they don't break! So from now on, I'm buying MAG-magazines; they out-last all the other brands ad work "Flawless". I'm 43 been playing airsoft for a long time, I don't have time for cheap products. Save your money and buy good quality brand names. It will save you allot of headaches in the long run. Plus 8 magazines for $50.00 bucks, it's a fair deal! At least some things are still worth buying.
by Bryant V. on 02/10/2009
"Great mags worked perfectly with my CA M15A4 right out of the box. No misfires or feed issues. Solid construction, realistic look and feel. They are plastic but just as good as metal but a much better price.
by jordan m. on 01/07/2009
"very good brand of magazines !!! they have worked flawlessy in both of my m4/m16 guns well worth the money if you need midcaps.
by Dorothy M. on 12/23/2008
"GET THESE MAGAZINES!!!!!! These magazines are great it will take a couple of days of loading,lubing, and unloading to work,but when you get them lubed they are perfect and extremely durable!
by Colby H. on 12/23/2008
"Do these fit on an ICS m4a1?

Webmaster: Yes.
by James K. on 12/01/2008
"These magazines are very nice. I have used my friends in the past. I recently purchased a few because I desired some magazines with decent capacity. I have 2 high caps already, one 450 rounds and one 300 rounds. I wanted midcaps because of the fact they made no noise and require no winding. These are perfect for night battles since stealth is your best friend. Along with these magazines I purchased a G&G GR16 Carbine and a tactical vest. I plan on making home made magpuls to aid me in my reloading. These magazines are compatible with most aegs. JG, Echo 1, G&G, Tokyo Marui, and pretty much any other manufacturer. Not compatible with lpegs such as Well on Neonfire.

-Good capacity
-Economical price
-Very durable
-Easy to load
-No missfeeds

-Wish they were metal for added realism
-Require speed loader to load bbs into
by Travis R. on 11/16/2008
"Would these work with the Christmas Special Edition of the G&G GR-16?