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Model: MAG-M16B-130x1

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by keith e. on 2016-05-06 14:53:29
"so I bought 3 of these for my jg m4 s-system, and they fit great but they feed like poop. so be prepared to break in the spring and one of mine completely broke. also they only hold like 60 or so not 130
by Sean M. on 2015-11-21 21:40:19
"Best magazines I have ever used. Been running them for many months now and have had 0 misfeeds. Cheap, reliable, and well built. What more can you ask of a midcap?
by cody c. on 2015-01-04 03:07:55
"I ordered 3 of these magazines, and they are great. but one of the three kept jamming and I didnt overfill them. I guess it was just that one, but otherwise they are fantastic.
by Ryan S. on 2014-08-01 10:51:19
"My squad and I have been playing Mil-Sim Airsoft for about 4 years now, and in that time I have not found many midcaps that are as reliable as these. I decided to get some after my King Arms messed up on me (one of my friends had previously gotten a box set of MAG magazines and they seemed good, and I had also gotten two MAG brand magazines for my JG G36C that seemed very solid). I must say I am, so far, very pleased with these MAG magazines.

Lightweight (Plastic which can be a con for some)
Feed very well
Appear to actually hold 130 rounds, or very close (which if you have dealt with midcaps you know that most don't come close to their advertised capacity)
Cheap (seriously for 9 bucks you can't beat these!)

Plastic (again not that big of a deal)

Also, just so everyone knows these magazines are gun metal/Grey in color. They are NOT black. The picture is a very accurate depiction of their color. They should fit very well in most TM clones. I use them in my Tan JG S-system (Ver. 2) and have no problems whatsoever. To sum everything up, you really should do yourself a favor and BUY THESE MAGAZINES.
by Joseph L. on 2014-05-13 04:32:43
"Overall very happy with these.
Pros: light weight, reliable, quiet, cheap, durable, compatible with most M4s

Cons:None I can think of other than being plastic but i don't need metal magazines to weight me down.

I bought set of 8 of these in 2009 and played 50+ games/OPs and never had a jam or miss feed, I'm getting more only because i gradually lost them or friends never gave them back after using one in a game (i suggest marking them so people can't claim that theyre theirs, theyre that reliable)
by John H. on 2014-05-10 16:06:11
"MAG brand midcaps are pretty good as long as you break them in.

-the retaining piece for the followers is robust
-they feed well (21 rps at 414fps)

-the body is one molded piece so major jams are crippling, to stop jams just take time when loading and load and unload them a few times before you use them
-they fit loose in an ICS M4 receiver
by Adam T. on 2013-03-13 19:20:33
"Great magazine. Feels awesome, looks great with an M4, and feed flawlessly in the King Arms M4
by suzanne W. on 2013-02-21 09:12:42
"My friend let me borrow 2 of these when my Beta Project Pmags jammed. They hold more, 130 rounds compared to the Pmag's 80 rounds, and they were covered in sand and DID NOT JAM! They fed flawlessly! I didn't even go through the 2 mags he let me borrow by the time I killed off the enemy team. It was my friend and I verses 4 people and his KWA LM4 mag started to leak gas. I killed all 4 enemies with no jams while my friend took forever to flank them with his pistol.


- Feed flawlessly
- Plastic is durable and light
- Will fit a wide variety of M4/M16/L85 style airsoft guns
- IF they do jam, they are VERY easy to unjam and clean


- They do jam because of dirt or low quality bbs every once in a while
by Andrew L. on 2013-01-25 19:28:42
"Mine was gray, not black, but that's okay. It was stated that you will get one of the two in the description.
Not as nice as the full metal midcap that came with my G&P (I will only buy those from now on), but for $9 it's a great deal.
Not a very realistic weight.

P.S. quit asking if it will fit your gun. If you have a gun that takes M4 mags, and your gun is Tokyo Mauri it's compatible, and all other TM compatible parts will fit.
by Justin K. on 2012-01-27 20:51:48
"Great Midcaps. I've previously bought the Beta Project Pmags and all they did was look cool. They jam all the time, so I decided to get one of these. They feed flawlessly! The first mag I sprayed with silicone oil and bbs. Even when I overload it, it does not jam and luckily if it does jam you can stick a screwdriver in the cap and take it off to reach the spring, spring guide, and follower; this is a much better design than the cap on the pmags where you need a pointy knife to pry the cap off. Also the spring tension is very strong. I'm sure they can feed an AEG that shoots 40 rps. Another thing I like about it is the follower's design. There's no room for wiggle unlike the beta project mid caps so they will never jam up on you.

Get them! They feed well, the design is good, and they are very lightweight.
by Lynne H. on 2011-11-12 08:45:23
"Nice mid cap. Grey plastic look is bad so I spray painted it black and clear coated it. Immediately popped spring out and silicon sprayed it. I tried it out and it work fine. Holds around 100 bbs. No misfeeds which is a plus since I usually use high caps.
by Brad C. on 2011-09-25 20:05:17
"i bought these mags recently and i loved them but unfortunately they are pretty easy to overfill and then they wont feed anymore they get jammed but as lond as you make sure not to overfilll them they work great for the price very good

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