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G&G M4 / M16 / GR16 450 Rounds Full Metal Hi-Cap Magazine for M16 Series A.E.G.

9 Customer Reviews

by shengfu w. on 11/15/2015
"I walked in to my store looking for mid caps for my VFC 416. long story short, i decided to get one of these. I really have nothing bad to say about this mag.

-durable construction, dont worry about breaking this thing with tac reloads.
-holds lots of shots.
-FITS IN A HK416!!!!!!!!!!

-only one i can think of is its price, but worth it. If you want a hi-cap, just get this one.
by atticus b. on 04/04/2015
"Good mag, little wobble, lots of winding but large capacity so i'ts ok.

Large Capacity

Dropped and it disassembled (just tighten screw)
Lots of winding
Wobbly (Nothing duct tape can't fix)
by Dana H. on 09/20/2011
"This is as good as airsoft magazines get.

Besides being metal with all sorts of neat engravings and impressions, this magazine has two things that make it very similar to real M4 magazines:
1) It is long
2) has a rather smexy matt-grey color

It looks GREAT hanging out of any M4 magwell. It fit's even KWA M4's without a problem.

Yes, it's longer than most mags. In reality, both airsoft M4 mag style's are correct, but this is the same length as the real mag, but real M4 magazines sit higher in the receiver, so less is exposed (like the regular M4 airsoft mags you buy), so this mag is a double plus: realism AND higher capacity.

YES! It hold about 427 rounds. ONLY PROBLEM is there is not hole for a winding key, so unless you possess the magic automatic magazine winder, you're going to be prepping this mag for about 6 minutes before the game starts :P

Besides those things, this magazine is great, feeds flawlessly, and when lubed and loved, it will make any M4 look like a million bucks.

by Alex D. on 10/19/2010
"fits my GG m4 perfectly. very little wobble, release/lock is crisp. the paint fade to metal at the contact points give that hardened look. very Badass

feeding is not an issue!
by Mike K. on 08/10/2008
"Got this with my G&G GR16, and it never misfeeds, is VERY durable, winds easily and fast. The only problem is that it fits very loosly in the Magwell. It fits fine and works fine, but I have to hold it to pull the trigger of my M203 and it wobbles alot.
by Paolo M. on 06/10/2008
"Really useful hi-cap magazine! I recommend this magazine because its cheap, better than the A&K box magazine because the box mag is heavy and kind of unnecessary unlike hi-caps like this one. Thanks to this, my sniping has never been better.
by Howard H. on 05/05/2008
"Good hicap (I'm not a hicap fan but if you like them these are good) they feed flawlessly in every gun I've tried them in (G&P, G&G, Classic Army and ICS) This is a bit longer than you standard M-4 Hicap, same lenght as the real steel mags, but since airsoft mags sit lower in the magwell than real steel guns these mags look longer. Great Hicap, but as with all hicaps dont wind it without bbs, otherwise you'll have to take it apart and reset it (hard to do and a pain).
by Mason L. on 10/15/2014
"Capacity: 408 bbs. Fully winding spring: 107 spins. BBs fed when fully wound: 307 before misfeed (+6 before empty). Magazine fully rewound. 41 bbs fed before unwind. 5 more bbs fed before misfeed. 9 more bbs were fired before magazine would not feed. 40 bbs left in magazine.

These are my field's go-to rental mags, for good reason. They hold a lot and feed well. The finish wears nicely. We have some of these magazines that are 6+ years old. Sometimes a screw will go missing from the bottom, Hard to go wrong with these.
by Jason P. on 07/22/2008
"I got this mag with my GR 16 A3, and the gun is amazing but the mag fits rediculously tightly in the magwell. It usually doesnt lock in the right way and can fall down and misfeed. it usually falls when u move it from side to side. When on the rare occasion you can get it to lock in right, then this is a great mag. It never misfeeds, and is really durable. the only other con is that the bb well door is pretty tough to get open, but once it is it locks open which is nice. overall not too bad when you can get it to fit right...if anyone has any ideas for me as to get it to fit right all the time im all ears