Reviews: UTG / Everblast Spare 40 Round Magazines for UTG Shotguns - Set of Two


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by Bruce C. on 2013-03-21 09:45:25
"Pros -

Have NEVER failed on me, i own 7 of these. With 3 diff shotguns.


They could be cheaper
Does not fire off last 2-3 bbs, but not really an issue if your a quick reloader any how.
by Travis R. on 2010-10-15 19:35:38
"I have purcahsed the mosberg 590, and these clips and they are excellent for a good price. No jamming or anything, just perfect
by Nathan F. on 2008-07-07 15:19:34
"I purchased the Mossberg 590 airsoft shot-gun and some of these clips from a friend and they are reliable. They have never jammed or break on me yet.

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)