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Matrix L77 Tactical Red Laser Sight System w/ Weaver Mount Base

2 Customer Reviews

by Tyler M. on 04/13/2013
"First off, this laser was sufficiently bright enough to be seen in daytime on a relatively cloudy day. I tested it under some other lights, and it could still be seen! It is not listed, but if you read the markings on the back of the laser in the last picture, it says 10Mw. This is marginally higher than most other lasers for the price. (more Mw, the better) it fit fine on my 74u 20mm rail and the pressure switch was working fine. Heres your quick breakdown.

•Extremely bright and powerful laser.
•10Mw. Better than others for the price.
•Decent battery life.
•Pressure switch works.
•rail mount buit in and looks good on a SMG model.

by Andrew N. on 05/28/2017
"Review on Matrix L77 Tactical Red Laser:

This laser is probably a clone of a G&P laser, as every product basically that G&P makes usually has the blue background as such in the pictures. It works well, don't get me wrong, but here's why I gave this only a 4-star.

I was expecting a 10mW laser (mW stands for milliwatts, which is the power output of a laser; the higher, the stronger it is), but the one I received (as are probably all of them) are only 5mW and definitely looks like a 5mW, not 10mW laser. The windage adjustment engravings on the picture shows U for "up and down" and L for "left and right", but the actual laser says A for "up and down" and B for "left and right" (of course not a problem, just wanted to mention the differences).

Some lessons on lasers as well: 5mW is usually the regulation for gun lasers, and is ranked as class IIIa (as shown on the actual product). 10mW is unlikely to be on lots of websites besides an actual laser website because there are many regulations in the states on lasers (especially California). Also, the picture says 532nM as an engraving, which almost always means a green laser (nM stands for nanometer, which has to do with wavelength). In fact, I have yet to see a red laser with 532nM on the laser. On the actual laser though, it says 635nM which is in fact correct for a red laser, so the actual product is accurate.

The build quality is in fact pretty well and is made of strong aluminum, and definitely will not dent unless you beat the crap out of it. The paint will stay well and will not scratch easily. The actual laser works well, and is easily adjustable. It also drains a CR123A battery very slowly, so power consumption is not high at all (a standard CR123A battery can probably last a few days to a couple weeks if the laser was constantly on until the battery died). The only problem you may have is the pressure switch might be a little hard to turn on the laser; you may have to press somewhat hard to get it on unless you hit one of the three buttons just right (there are three circular buttons to turn on the laser, depending on where you press the switch from. In my opinion, it is much better than a one button design).

All in all, the laser works great, but I felt justified to remove a star for what I can somewhat call "false advertising" :P. If I had the choice, I would more accurately rate this as 4.5/5. Still a great deal for only $35, coming with a pressure switch and mount.