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Model: KP-MTX-CD-G

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by Joshua I. on 2011-09-28 14:55:25
"these were amazing for those outdoor games. always having to jjump into a bush for cover or kneel down quickly with out looking where your knee is landing on that perfectly placed rock that jacks you up... my only problem with them was for those occasional indoor games.. They DO NOT slid well on concrete. So for all of you "sliders" out there, these probably arent for you.

ive heard of other problems with people saying the straps have broken... I havent had that problem yet and these have been fielded about 4 times.. (knock on wood....)
by Robert A. on 2010-04-18 08:39:18
"These are a good set of knee pads for what your buying you have to keep in mind you are only spending 20 dollers here and what you get for that is a pretty fair product. They arent the most comfortable pair but they keep your knees from getting mangled which is why you buy knee pads in first place. the plastic strap rings are the only real problem ive had with them but it was a quick fix i bought a few 3/16'' quick links good as new i dont see me ever snaping on of these off after taking a kneel. all and all its perfect for the price.
by Jon S. on 2009-10-04 16:21:35
"These are okay. one of them broke but that was probably because i was crawling through thick brush for like 30 min. They are a bit uncomfortable, but i got used to it, and it does get the job done.
by Tracey S. on 2009-02-16 20:41:51
"These are a perfect fit and work absolutely amazing. They do get a little uncomforatable after you kneel for about an hour but other than that they work good.

One of my straps the velcro did start to rip off but nothing a little dental floss cant fix :P
by Jerry C. on 2009-01-08 20:07:43
"These look great and do the job. They are a bit uncomfortable (when kneeling for awhile) behind the knee. Mine haven't fallen apart at all so far. 4/5 since they are uncomfortable when kneeling.
by John V. on 2008-10-16 11:54:23
"Their ok...Not very confortable but with a great design to them. The problem is that the straps are too short and they have to stretch out in order to fit around my leg. I only use one now because the other one just feels horrible and tight. I really liked how the coverage is set up. I can go prone on one knee without any pain or hesitation.

If it were just a bit more comfortable. Oh and just so you know, I weigh around 160-170 so don't think that I have these huge legs cause I don't.
by Dave L. on 2008-08-16 10:01:53
"Very good knee pad! A must have! A LOT better looking than skating board knee pads. If you want the military look you gotta get these. The knee pad are very durable, in fact, they are being used by military personnels now since Condor is now taking military contract. The knee pad is a redesign of the Blackhawk knee pad.
by Robert G. on 2008-08-14 22:19:02
"Very dissapointed with you condor. These look great at first and I was so sure they would do great because of them being name brand Condor. WRONG. They are extremely uncomfortable, I bought 20$ skating knee pads and painted them green and they work way better. Another thing is there very unreliable. You see those eight little crater like things? Those are what hold the pad to the knee armor and they fall off with use. The knee armor is terrible and over time and over my last few operations they have been really falling apart. Although I have just beat the heck out of these knee pads, I will say they have supported my falls, slides, and matrix moves I've made over the past while. MAYBE, decent.

by Joseph C. on 2008-07-05 21:06:52
"3 words- THESE ARE GREAT. I got these a few days ago and just tried them out at an OP today. Now, being from New England the Woods i played in was a little rocky. these held up great, never slipped and did thier job. BUY THESE IF YOUR LOOKING FOR KNEEPADS they are simply the best i can find to date.
by Vinson L. on 2008-05-10 18:39:14
"These are tactical airsoft knee pads that is required for airsoft if you play outdoor or even indoor!

- Great deal for two pairs
- Different colors for matching clothing/tactical equipment
- Feels extremely comfortable
- Good quality( even used on real rocks and didnt even break)


Displaying 1 to 10 (of 10 reviews)