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Matrix Tornado Universal Tactical Thigh / Drop Leg Holster - Black

15 Customer Reviews

by Steven A. on 10/30/2016
"I bought my KWC Desert eagle with this. The desert eagle fit it snugly and has an extra pouch on the top for a spare magazine. It is very comfortable and adjustable to your leg size. If it could hold a Desert Eagle, it can hold any reasonable pistol.
by Brian M. on 09/03/2016
"I received the holster in the mail and the rivet for the thumb snap was broke. I sent Evike an e-mail and received a new holster in a few days. This is a good holster. It will fit any pistol with a light, laser or any add on. It secures good to my leg and once the thumb snap is adjusted to your liking, it works great. I would recommend this holster.
by Vonda K. on 12/29/2014
"Nice quality holds a variety of sidearms is cheap but serves the same function as the more expensive soft shell
by Glen P. on 03/04/2012
"Great holster that can fit a large variety of pistols. Easily adjustable and works well. Only slight wobble when running due to elastic bands on the leg straps, but still very solid. The bottom can be adjusted to be open, making room for a suppressor and even a flashlight (as pictured above).

It fits my M93R with a 35mm wide silencer. I had to modify it only slightly so the holster would not rub against the mag-release, as that would be very problematic while running, and caused me to drop the mag a few times while testing it. I simply cut a valley out where the button is and strengthened it with a two-part apoxy. However, other pistols may fit with no problems at all. Not to mention, it was a straitforward fix.

I'd highly recomend this drop-leg holster, especialy for the price!!
by Tanner W. on 06/03/2011
"This holster is rated personaly from 10 out of 10!!!! Great holster
by Justin R. on 11/04/2010
"This holster is an amazing holster. I started airsoft using a holster with one leg strap and where the holster itself just strapped on to the leg platform and I hated it. This holster is by far one of the best designed holsters I've seen. Adjusting the holster for your pistol is really easy, you only have to adjust about 4 straps. Just place your pistol in the opened holster and you can almost mold it to the shape of your gun. The bottom barrel strap is adjustable but can also be folded away, and yes the thumb break strap is also adjustable and rests over the hammer on my gun. If you're thinking about getting a holster, get this one.

-fits my M92 long version like a glove
-you can adjust the holster for and gun easily, and even the height at which your gun rests
-thumb break is fast and easy to use
-no leg wobble when running with it on
-only 20 bucks

by Ahmed A. on 05/15/2010
"AWESOME holster. Fits both my tm desert eagle and my y&p mk23 socom perfectly. Does not bounce around, and i have NEVER had the magazine release accidentally pressed, which is a common problem for most holsters. I only have one question tho. Will it fit a kwa mac 11, because my loadout is desert tan, and the m11 holster only comes in olive drab. Overall, I would by this 2000 times again.
by armando q. on 03/28/2009
"great holster. adjustable to almost any gun. i own this holster and use it on my sig. my friend has one too for his glock 17. it can adjust to fit a 10 year old skinny kid, or a big burly lumberjack.
by Teh V. on 09/25/2008
"I bought this holster in ACU and it's an amazing holster. I wasnt a fan of leg holsters till I for this one. The straps for the back of the gun are not adjustible but the strap on the inside of the holster for the front of the gun is so you can adjust the gun that way. I have a Maruzen P99 FS in mine with the tac light on it and the silencer in the mag pouch and it fits perfectly after you adjust the holster size.

- Fits any gun
- Great looking design
- Comfortable
- Great holster

CONS: - No instructions on adjusting (no big deal, really not that hard)
- some useless straps velcroed on. (only took off one.)

Overall- if you have the money, it's worth it. You wont be disappointed.
by Jonathan S. on 06/13/2008
"This is a great holster, and the price here is good too. It easily fits most pistols. I've used a Glock, M9, 1911, and a MK.23 in here and they all fit fine. The leg straps stay in place and don't loosen up after a lot of running. It's a good 1 holster fits all.
by Aaron S. on 01/03/2014
"Don't bother with $60+ holsters. This is all you need!

This is my new favorite holster. With 30 seconds of adjustments I can change it to fit either my small Crossman p9 or my large WE dragon 7". Even when I attach my M3 light/lazer and silencer to my Dragon it still fits perfectly! The buckles make for quick disconnections of the holster from your belt which I find handy while I'm kicking back in between games. The snap that holds your pistol in place makes for quick and easy drawing of your gun. My only gripe like everyone else is the leg straps, which are loose, and the grip rubber are facing the wrong way.

Can fit almost any gun with light or silencer.
Excellent deal.
Durable Material
100% adjustable from how it fits your gun to how low you want it to sit on your thigh.

Loose leg strap (only a problem when sprinting).
Rubber grip stripe is facing away from your leg.
by Eric B. on 02/13/2012
"Decent holster but it is a bit wobley when you run with it and the retention system is not the best

- ajustability
- elastics on the leg sraps to keep it securly on leg

- a bit wobley
- retention system
by wade f. on 04/30/2009
"i hate using my pistol. i have tried a few different holsters out and hated them, but man this holster is rad. it doesn't jiggle or move around when running one bit.

the reason i gave it 4 stars is because it says it has those rubber strips on the leg straps. but the one i received didn't. but it still doesn't move around on my leg even without the rubber strips.
the elastic bands near the clip stretch and cause a snug fit.
also when i attached my tac light, i couldn't pull the pistol out of the holster

make sure when adjusting the width of the holster, it is snug. i spent 2 hours looking for my pistol because it fell out.

all in all, i actually like having my pistol on me. great holster
by Keith O. on 01/02/2014
"Nice looking holster.
Bought it for my TM G17 , fits well.
Only issue so far is the straps.
As another reviewer has stated the top leg strap is short .
I have 22 inch upper leg and the strap barely adjust to that size. I have maybe another 1-2 inch if strap. Again not a problem for me but if you have larger legs this might not fit.
Also the leg straps have 2 nice gray rubber strips that are to add traction so the holster moves less. Well some one put them on wrong. The way the holster came the gray strips are on the OUT side of the straps. Looks nice but they should be on the under side in-order to contact your pants.
I will have to cut some stitching in-order to turn them over as the ends have been nicely sewn and you can not remove the buckles to flip the buckles over the correct way.
by Akmal K. on 10/05/2013
"I ordered this holster quite some time ago, around the middle of 2011, and all I can say is, watch out for this. 5 minutes after opening it up, the buckle that attaches to the belt snapped into pieces, so it rendered the holster almost useless. Now, I use it to store my TM 5-7 in my gear bag. It has very thick fabric molding, it WILL protect your sidearm from accidental drops or dust and things of that matter.

Very thick material
Holds a very wide range of sidearms, so far these are confirmed models (M9,1911,Sig 226 and 229, all glock models, Desert Eagle, 5-7)

Very weak buckle material, be easy on it!
Smells like crap out of the box
A bit too complicated for a holster