Reviews: Special Force Quick Draw Tactical Thigh Holster w/ Drop Leg Panel (Coyote Tan / Right)


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Model: Holster-SF-R-Tan
Location: L7-009

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by Dan T. on 2013-03-31 17:20:05
"It does its job but with some flaws. It does fit most small type sidearms (i.e. m1911, gseries, m9), but for those usp users like me, they are a tight fit. I personally don"t like the drop leg platform. I took the holster off on my and threw it on my pistol belt.

-It does it's job.
-Fits smaller sidearms.
-Comes with a pistol mag pouch.
-Can take holster off platform.

-Fits snug for USP users(actually pro to me because I was able to just take off the clip without it falling out.)
-The buckle typically takes two hands to clip together(if you can do that with one I praise you.)(Again, you can take it off.)
-Platform is kinda trash because the straps are either suffocating your legs or letting your holster swing around.
by sam p. on 2012-02-04 09:44:55
"This holster does the job it needs to do but it flops around a lot. I always get multiply people telling me my holster is going to fall off.
by Brenton R. on 2010-05-15 20:01:36
"great holster, its made with realy nice quality nylon and feel great, when i first got it i was a little sceptical because it was only twenty dollars but when i got it that all went away and mine has these peices of rubber weaved into the staps on the leg to help it stick and not fiddle around on your leg.

great nylon fabric
Fairly quick draw (depends mainly on you)

i personaly am not a fan of velcro on the mag pouch

by Brian O. on 2008-10-13 13:50:11
"I am in love with this holster. It is the first drop leg holster that I've used and I am very impressed. nice hard inner shell protects the gun and allows for a fast draw. Only issue I have with the holster is when running, it tends to twist all over my thigh.
by Dave M. on 2008-07-10 19:14:32
"Fantastic holster. Has room for an extra clip and secure the gun nicely. Would have liked a velcro quick release but if you tighten the buckle tight enough, when you open it, it pops and its quick to get out. Another problem I run into is the front sight of my KJW M9 hooking onto and holster when attempting to draw. But I think thats a universal problem with most holster. But back to the review, this is a great holster. Keeps everything sturdy, and tight. 5/5 *
by Howard H. on 2008-07-01 02:28:45
"Good Holster for a great price, It has a huge range of adjustability for the strap that goes around you thigh but the height can only be adjusted by a few inches but the height should be fine for most people.
Will hold almost any medium sized pistol, no Desert Eagles or MK23's but yeah Highly recomended holster.

Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 reviews)