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MadBull Airsoft Stinger 3 Pack Set - 24 Shot BB Grenade Shower

5 Customer Reviews

by Josh H. on 08/30/2010
"Pretty good grenades to say the least. 24 rounds is enough for my girlfriend to use and to get rid of a small squad or a golf cart full of enemies. She hates my CO2 shell cuz it has some bad kick when fired and it's too big to slide into her MP5 pouch. Small enough to fit into Mad Bull's short greande launcher. My friend fear them more than the hand grenades I have if that says anything. Have had much trouble yet. The buttom did get jammed once but I fooled around with it a little and fixed it.

Small (good for someone who's trying to keep the load light but still have good fire power)
Lighter than my CO2 shell
Fires 24 rounds at a pretty good distance (for a grenade at least)

The button got jammed once but never again after that
by justin m. on 01/28/2010
"there seems too be a big fight between these and the king arms granades idk about the king arms i never used them but i have used these madbull ones and they are great the do hold gas and idk about the kid a few comments under me me i was shooting over 75 feet with a mad bull 18 rnd granade you can choose these or the king arms but i only go with what ive tested the smaller the amount of bb's used in the shell means the straighter and further they go the more bb's you use they dont go as far so make your choice on what your using it for i personally cant imagine shooting a 180rnd shower at someone and missing n wasting 180rnd thats just me i would recomend these i have used them they didnt leak gas had great power and were built very well
by dane k. on 02/15/2009
"These shells are good, even though they don't hold many bbs they go far (well...far for grenades). There also more powerful then the larger shells because there aren't as many bbs to push out. There also made by madbull, and madbull makes some pretty badass stuff.
by Julio V. on 12/29/2008
"I have two of these 24 shot grenades and really prefer these over the larger 120 shot ones. The larger ones hold the same amount of gas, but are pushing 5x as many bb's so you dont get a good spread or distance. The 24 shot nades have a good spread and great distance and I've never had a leak or malfunction after a year of use! Plus they are short and fit into most pistol mag pouches.
by william s. on 10/10/2008
"...crap dont buy them. theyre only use is as a paper weight. not worth the $ the other guy said. go spend the $20 less and get the 3 pack of 60 shot grenades.