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KWC CO2 Powered Airsoft Full Size Hard Kick UZI Submachine Gun

21 Customer Reviews

by Tommy M. on 10/28/2017
"This by far is my favorite airsoft gun. It's loud, it kicks HARD, and it get's people excited. It's such a fun gun. There's really not anything bad about the gun besides how expensive the magazines are that it uses one 12g of CO2 per magazine fired. Overall, awesome gun. If you have the money, but it.
by Jared O. on 12/28/2016
"It's heavy, mean, mighty and tough, not much bad I can say about it other than awful gas consumption, but who cares, the speed loader it comes with is one of the best out of box loaders I've ever had. It eats bbs, lube and gas but it's all worth it when rocking full auto. If you want a nice counter weapon against the try hard, high rps, spray and pray speedsoft queers, then this is you bullet box.
by Dan G. on 07/19/2015
"This UZI ROCKS!!! When I first received it there were some issues; the barrel hadn't been fully seated into trunion (hop-up), and the two halves of the bolt were loose (held together by 2 small allen/hex key screws) causing weird miss-fires, jams and excessive CO2 consumption. After reseating the barrel and tightening the bolt screws, it became an ABSOLUTE BEAST!! I seriously freakin' love this UZI! Yes, it's LOUD & FAST!! (And yes the body + trigger group are plastic, which seems to be very well molded and hi-quality)

BEWARE: the Guarder upgrade parts will NOT work on this version which fires from an open-bolt. They're for the previous closed-bolt version. The bolt & air piston are completely different.
by Evan W. on 05/09/2014
"I got it about a week ago, sawed off the folding stock and taped down the grip-safety with electrical tape. Works great, I get almost two magazines on semi-auto. It's a bit strange, though, the magazine will start to act like it's running out of gas, swap out that magazine, and fire a different one. By the time you're reinserting the old magazine, it's firing like full-charge again, and able to empty those last shots left in it. Very strange, but negligible, considering that it can empty the full magazine anyway without that occurring.

Also, Matt is a liar, or he was misinformed. The entire body of the KWC Mini-UZI is made of an unusually durable plastic, and it feels very nice, despite it being so. Though, all of the internals and key-external parts are constructed of metal.

Make sure that you liberally apply 100% silicon spray on this gun's internals, and everywhere you can get it on the magazine, every nook and cranny. What an excellent GBB, though, it's not as fun as KWC's Desert Eagle, it's miles more reliable than it.

One last word, make sure you buy a lot of Co2 capsules! (Non threaded ones!)
by steve m. on 03/23/2014
"This gun is AWESOME! i live in New York so it can get very cold and this performs in cold weather beautifully. I have been playing airsoft for 7 years now and have love Co2 guns, and this is my favorite one i have owned or used. I highly recommend this gun. i have had it for about 6 months and have used it a lot and have no problems with it.

weight(could be con)
gas efficient
easy to remove orange tip

sling point is a bit small but shouldn't be a problem just thought it should be noted
weight (could be pro)
fps could be a little high for some cqb fields but is great for out doors

All in all.... Get This Gun!!!
by Marion R. on 10/28/2013
"I love it :)

good quality
high fps 420-350
high fire rate
good for indoor and outdoor use
strong recoil

receiver is made out of plastic but for me it's not really a con
extra mag is kinda expensive but it's all worth it
co2 only goes for about 1 or 1 1/2 mag
by Jennie C. on 08/25/2013
"Best Airsoft Purchase Ever!

-High RoF
-40 rnd Clip with fast spd reloader
-High FPS
-high quality
-realistic kick
-funnest airsoft to shoot- you dont even need to play airsoft to like it
-uses regular 12g CO2

-somewhat inaccurate, but its an uzi
-clips burn through fast
-extra mags are expensive (but worth it)
by Charles M. on 03/28/2013
"This is a GREAT UZI!
0.3g BBs recommended due to high FPS. makes it more accurate.
Dont over tighten the CO2 or you will have one heck of a tiime getting it off.

Hard Kick !
Great feel really sturdy
Easy to work on and maintain
High FPS!
High ROF!

by Dominick M. on 01/18/2011
"I haved owned and sold.. and still own quite a few airsoft guns.. I prefer GBB over AEG and this gun is the closest to realism I have fired. Simple to break down and clean and a hard kick. Uses a lot of gas as others have said, however; with the fps and range simply carry a handful of extra mags and you have 200+ rounds before having to pop out and insert new gas with a reload.

Seems everyone wants to fire it and amazed at the "kick".. this along with my old Maruzen Tec-9 is my favorite and I think this just made #1.
by Nate H. on 10/13/2008
"i have red alot of good things about this great review on red wolf but does it have hidden barrel threads?
by Chris K. on 09/12/2008
"I just recently got this gun. The body is incredible and it has some POWER! The accuracy is not that good right now but i havent messed around with the hopup enough to get it working to its full potential.

I suggest you get a lot of CO2 and BB's because this is a mother to use, so much fun..And also get a lot of HFC silicon spray, you're gonna want to field strip it and lube everything a're gonna want to keep this gun maintained
by Matthew E. on 07/07/2008
"This is a good sidarm or a primary weopon i use to own it before i did a trade with a friend of mine not good if you use 12 gram BBs in it use 20 gram BBs.
by andrew o. on 06/23/2008
"really nice blowback i would recoment the greengas converter because the co2 goes for about 1 mag
by Samuel B. on 08/28/2017
"only con is that its not left hand friendly
by Adam B. on 06/02/2016
"Ok so i bought one of these awhile back and have since then sold it but while i had it, it was a great gun super fun for backyard 1v1 or 1v2 or pistol mayches at my local field its biggest con is the price of mags so i only had one mag limiting me to smaller matches and fast aggressive play the second and probably only other flaw is the kick i love it but if you open the gun youll see why it kicks so hard it has a massive block of metal for a bolt so it takes alot of pressure to kick it back and reset the trigger and i didnt find this out til playing a 1v1 with a friend in some colder weather the loss of pressure resulted in after each shot i had to rack the bolt hard as i could to reset the trigger because the bolt wasnt kicking back hard enough to reset it on its own. over all i love the gun for fun plinking, backyard 1v1, or pistol matches where only gas guns are allowed in warm or hot weather but as far as actual match applications its a little pricey considering the cost of mags and can be less than reliable in cold weather but if you have the money for 3-4 mags at 40$ a piece and play in warm weather buy this gun its awsome and if you have the money and just want a side arm to a sniper or gun specificly for cqb matches and pistol matches its great for that to just try to avoid cold temperatures overall 4-5