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New Ver. High Power KJW MKI Airsoft Gas Powered Carbine Pistol / Rifle w/ Metal Hopup

15 Customer Reviews

by michael p. on 07/06/2015
"I bought this gun from a local AZ shop and love it, but the fps makes it hard to play with. I have used it on a private field and had back to back hits from at least 50yrds away. I've had no problems with this gun as far as functionality or accuracy.

With a fresh mag and .25 bbs it was running the first shot at 550fps and dropped from there but not much.
by Jacob D. on 07/16/2011
"I got this gun a little while back, and I HATED IT! But I was stupid. I realized lately that it suits my style of play better than any gun they sell anywhere else. I ordered three extra mags with it, and it is so light and small, that it allows me to crawl and sneak behind the enemy during firefights (we play 4v4 or 3v3 usually) and demolish them from behind. STORY TIME: One game I played without it, I was on their right side, about 15 feet away very minimal camo (I'm ninja like that) and I was using my pistol. I see the opportunity to show up this guy that is rich so he thinks his gun wins the game. I have my gun cocked (crappy springer pistol _._) and I fire 2 shots at him from this close range, but I don't get him. Lesson here: Get this gun! If I had been using it, it would have ripped through the foliage in my way from him, and got him, and his teammates out. You just can't do that with any AEG, or bolty. The satisfaction of the other team looking around in fear while you creep around anywhere you want, is priceless.

light! around 3lbs.
high fps
small (pro for me)
metal hopup unit
solid magazines
metal internals and metal body except for stock and foregrip
NBB so it's VERY gas efficient
Fun to use and play with

not very accurate for sniping
you need a few extra mags because one only holds 17 rounds
illegal fps for many fields (good for private field play)
dangerous at closer ranges

Final Notes:
Get extra mags
be a ninja!
Don't snipe with it
high quality matrix or madbull .36 are recommended. .40 and higher can break the hopup quickly and wear out your gun.
Good luck!
by Julian F. on 03/05/2010
"GREAT gun! definately one of my favorites. super light. lighter then my gas pistol and that thing is light! has amazing fps. and great accuracy. i use .25g bbs and it shoots like the best gun i have ever had. the only problem is that the mag is so small. i really hope they make an extended mag. other than that its the best gun i have ever owned and i have some pretty good aegs and gas guns. oh, the other downside is sometimes when your down to the last 2 or 3 bbs in the mag, the gun wont shoot, the bbs will just kind of roll out of the barrel. but i dont care because its still the BEST GUN EVER!
by Jackie M. on 09/15/2009
"So I purchased this gun last week and got it today. It shoots incredibly fast and very accurate. Obviously to make it shoot accurate you are going to have to adjust the hop-up because it comes unadjusted. It is extremely light and some parts are metal but most are abs plastic. It uses gas really well because it is a non-blowback(I get about 2 1/2 clips for about 3 seconds of gas). The one downside I have noticed so far about the gun is the magazine. The magazine is good quality(metal and all that good stuff) but the capacity is lacking. I suggest getting this gun and buying extra clips. A 32 inch barrel is available. The gun comes with a 23 inch barrel.
by cezar o. on 06/04/2009
"I bought this gun off a friend of mines. Hands down one of the greatest guns I have ever used. The accuracy on this thing is incredible. Literally using only green gas, I shot a bird half the size of a coke can from ninety feet. The gun is so strong i have been able to penetrate clay pots 1/4 an inch using .20-.25 bbs. Fun gun to have but not the kind of gun you want to be on the receiving end. The only problem with this gun is that the speed it takes to reload is to slow for me compared to other guns I have used. The magazines are amazing too. One fill can last you two reloads each shot being very consistent to the very end. In all I give this gun five stars for price, accuracy, and for gas efficiency!
by mason s. on 09/08/2008
"man i have had this gun for about a mounth and boy is thing awesome and it is very accurate. i mean you dont even have to aim up it just shoots straight ahead. I have no problems with it. overall this is a very very good gun i think that everyone should get this. it is only 90 bucks but some people may think that is a lot but it isnt because this gun is incredibel. overall this is the best gun i have ever got in the world.
by Tammy D. on 06/23/2008
"i Have had this gun for about 3 months and this thing is amazing. Shooting over 450fps right out of the box. The only problem is that the magazine only holds 16 rounds so you run out pretty quickly in an airsoft war. But over all this thimg is awesome.
by Noah H. on 05/31/2008
"I've had this gun for one year haven't had a single problem.its a great gun, very powerful, very accurate and very quite especially with the upgrade barrel.
by Chris D. on 10/12/2016
"Updating my review to 4 stars from 2.

First, the hop up is still semi-worthless. Therefore, I wouldn't advise using anything heavier than .25s or .28s in this gun or you're going to be sacrificing range.

But - You can get some seriously good accuracy if you're using 5.98mm bbs. Yes, they are hard to come by, but the stock barrel, remember, is a pistol barrel, and by no stretch a tight bore. You might even get the hop-up to work a bit.

Also, the scope rail is 20mm, not a standard rail, so attaching sights is either going to require some brute force or some finese.

Finally, it's incredibly light and packs a good punch. Continuous maintenance (lubing up) of the carbine and the magazine are a must, but there are not many moving parts (so it's difficult to break). Therefore, be prepared to learn how to take them apart and put them together...a lot. YouTube is there to help.
by Nicholas K. on 10/01/2012
"This is a really good gun. It is fun to use, and very light weight. Don't let its weight fool you though, it is very durable and the barrel does not scratch easily. It is very solid and has no wobble. It is very accurate w/ the extended barrel upgrade, and very powerful, making an excellent sniper rifle. It's not very loud as far as gas guns go , mainly because it's non blowback. The magazine takes a refill of propane before it's out of bb's so keep a bottle handy. I'm very pleased with this gun.
by joshua s. on 02/11/2009
"i just bought the kjw mk1 gas sniper rifle package and except 4 having 2 install scope, am very pleased. it shoots hard and has accuracy. i hit the bullseye 3 times in a row! you dont want 2 get shot with this gun within 20 feet. i would recommend this gun highly.
by Jason B. on 05/28/2008
-Light and durable. Probably the most ideal sniper rifle in the market to be used as a side arm.
-Magazine is very affordable for a high power gas sniper.
-Easy to repair. have KJW full parts support
-High power (~500 FPS on mine with green gas and 0.20g)
-Very accurate.

Heavy trigger pull.

-Evike's tech told me to just fill it 80% and now it works great and I never have to buy a new o-ring again!
by Mark A. on 06/18/2017
"I've had this gun now for two weeks. On the first day out it was shooting hot, and I was fairly impressed, until it stopped feeding each round. I would get one shot, and then it would shoot air. I would have to reload the magazine after each shot, a lengthy and fiddly process.

The second week, after some tinkering and lubing, and after I had installed the sniper barrel conversion kit, I find out that the trigger mechanism wasn't resetting the barrel after each shot. Now it needs shaking after every shot, as one of the other reviews had said "shake action". That wouldn't bother me so much if it was still pooping hot but now it's shooting at a mere half of what it did on week one.

Myself and my field mates have been searching the internet all week for an answer for the feeding problem, and while many have shared the experience, none have shared the solution, expect for a discontinued product that may or may not actually address the issue.

Don't buy this gun if you want reliability. Don't buy this gun if you want quality. Don't buy this gun if you want a Marksmen rifle.

Buy the it a gun if you know exactly what you are doing. Buy this gun if you don't mind that YouTube doesn't have all the answers. Buy this gun if you think I'm just sour after buying a lemon.

Also the magazines spill all their BBs for like, no reason. Learn to refill them under fire.
by Jimmy B. on 05/28/2008
"I do not like this gun very much at all. The only good thing about it is that it's very powerful and doesn't weigh much. The magazine leaks gas after about ten refills, and I've to repair this gun numerous times. And you have to buy special BBs or the accuracy will be terrible because the BBs don't weigh enough. It cost me $40 just to get 1000. I wouldn't buy this gun again, but just remember you get what you pay for. So I would save my money for a better gun with lots of good reviews.
by Christopher D. on 06/20/2015
"Sadly, this gun has been a headache from the start, and have spent well over 30 hours trying to get it in working condition. I had high hopes and had bought a few mods to try and eventually make it a competitive DMR.

High velocity means no leading moving targets
Accuracy is very good
It's extremely light
Gas efficient

There are a lot of cons though. If you expect a 100% working gun out of the box, do not buy this gun.

Issue #1: The barrel does not move back to the "loading position" after you fire from time to time. The only way to remedy this is to "shake" the gun until you hear the barrel click back into place. In other words, the "semi-auto" appeal is gone as the gun is actually "shake action."

Issue #2: The hop-up is extremely weak. You could throw a .20g bb in here and have the hop-up turned up the whole way, and you still wouldn't see any curve. Therefore, your shooting distance is based purely on the exit velocity of the bb. In other words, you can not use this as a sniper.

Issue #3: The Picatinny rail on the top of the gun does not fit standard sights. It's actually too narrow. To remedy this, you have to rig any sight halfway onto the iron sight and halfway onto the rail. Not a terrible issue, but still enough to cause a headache.

Issue #4: Evike tech support has been unable to address every issue I have brought up. Buyer beware.