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by Junro C. on 2008-06-15 19:12:32
"Another thing to add: Magazines for this rifle is half the price of a Tanaka AICS (Which is probably the best sniper rifle around, but upgrading it and buying spare magazine will cost you)

Not sure why someone would need to upgrade this...if this rifle shoots any harder it will be a pallet gun and you can't use it for gaming.

Don't spend $1000 on a pallet gun, Wal Mart sells them for $100. Keep it a nice Airsoft sniper with maxed out power.
by Junro C. on 2008-06-15 19:09:48
"This is the sniper rifle of Airsoft. It is using a Tanaka system and it has the hair trigger pull trigger and light cocking feature already included in $200. A friend's tanaka cost him $1000 to get to this performance and he is now very jealous of this KJW.

The rifle is light, easy to carry.
The rifle is super accurate, probably the most accurate airsoft rifle and the only gas rifle with this power, range and accuracy under $500.

The magazine holding only 11 rounds is an issue, but not a big issue because this is a very accurate sniper. Every shot should count.

Never had problem with my mag, but if you have a leaky mag you should contact evike, they offer warranty on all KJW products.
by Yanni R. on 2008-06-01 20:27:18
"First off my review is going to be very different from the others because i was not happy with this gun. I must say that this gun does shoot well when it WANTS to, and is able to make a hit at a long distance. But i have had many problems that make this gun almost impossible to use. First problem i had was that the clip that i had broke within a week. The clip failed to hold any green gas and due to the lack of parts sold for this gun i could not fix it. I then bought a new clip, which actually worked....for 3 days. After getting the gun to fire the clip kept feeding two pellets for every shot. Now with the clip being so ridiculously small already, i could already tell this wasn't going to work. Then the other problem that aroused was that i could not keep a pellet locked and loaded, for the reason that it would just roll out the front. I would cock it, then try to move up, and when i would take a shot nothing happened. My last statement is that really think twice about this sniper, and also look for a sniper with a bigger clip and better reviews.
by gabe c. on 2008-06-01 16:04:43
"hey people, i have had the m700 rifle for about two years.It is a very great gun. My fps clocked in at about 510 and that is before it was upgraded.their is only one flaw that i could think about this gun is that parts get a little hard to find for this gun because it is very high grade and because it is very rear.(o-rings)But this gun is a very goog sniper rifle,it hurts,its reliable,its durable,and very sharp.i have been doing airsoft for about eight years and from the experance i have this is a great gun.If you are thinking about getting this gun you'll be very proud that you did
by Junro C. on 2008-05-17 04:38:16
$400 cheaper than the Tanaka AICS
More compact than the Tanaka AICS
Shoots 500~600 fps
It is the highest fps gas rifle today
Spare magazines are cheaper compare to Tanaka
Very accurate. I can hit a nickel 70 feet away with 0.28 gram matrix bb

Shoots too hard to use in most fields with fps limit
by Matthew W. on 2008-05-15 21:03:22
"KJW could stand to put a little more time into the inner barrel, valves and bolt system. Compared to the Tanaka version, this M700 is pretty shoddy. It definitely does the job and it's a great deal for the price...but to be an effective sniper rifle against AEGs, it's needs some substantial upgrades.
by Airsoft A. on 2008-05-06 14:26:27
"Probably the hardest shooting gas sniper rifle in the market today. Easy and light bolt pull, and nice finish.

Displaying 25 to 31 (of 31 reviews)

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