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Model: GR-HFC-M11A1

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by Brady S. on 2010-01-23 21:39:35
"I love this thing. The blow back is awesome and it shoots very, very hard, easily in the 400+ fps range.
Pros: Heavy and sturdy with many metal features on the body, insane muzzle velocity; looks great with the silencer. Awesome fear factor to newer players.

Cons: Rate of fire is sometimes too high (1100-ish rounds per minute) for its 50 round magazine. Not terribly accurate as the inner barrel is about 3 inches long. Has a tendency to jam and throw unfired pellets out the breach when firing full-auto.

Recommendation: If you have $105 to throw around and you want to be able to put 50 rounds down range (and I mean WAY down range) in less than two seconds, this is the gun for you. If you are looking for a reliable sidearm, find something else. This is a very special applications weapon, modeled after a gun designed for CQB, especially for clearing rooms. However, most fields would not let you use it in such tight corners as it shoots well over 400 fps. On the other hand, it does make people think twice about trying to rush your flank...
by Manuel O. on 2010-01-18 22:56:05
"Great cqb or rusher gun if you know how to use it....
I got mine off speedy toys for $95.
Very high rof(1200rpm), ok fps.
I use this as my side arm when I play field, or my primary when I play cqb.
Great for taking out 3-4 opponents really quick.
I personally like rushing bunkers or trenchers with this gun =)
The only down side to this gun is that the mag only holds 40rds, and on full auto you can empty it in under 3 seconds so........
Over all great cqb gun.
by tyler h. on 2009-12-20 09:24:43
"this gun is perfect for cqb conditions!!! perfect fps im shooting low 300's on average, still its just a little hot for them to let me unleash what this baby is famous for, full auto. if you purchase this gun, i highly suggest that you buy multiple mags cause you will be addicted to spraying strings of bb's on full auto...+ i reccomend buy the magnesium bolt and metal upper reciever, so that your bolt wont crack...

cons: the front sight is plastic, i just found out that half of my front sight chipped off FML...
also for the handle of the stock to go down, you have to squeeze it together, if you dont, theres a cheap little tiny ass pin there and it will break if u froce it down, me being who i am i broke that pin the first day and now the hand on my stock just flops all the way down FML...
not really any accessories that can be mounted, the only rail system i could find for this was discontinued FML...

i think the cons were just a few things that i found wernt to good, but if you take excelllent care of this thing itll be amazing forever... but for the price, this is way more fun than any gbb handgun out there... and the full auto on thisis orgasmic. BUY THIS GUN!!!!!
by Quintin N. on 2009-09-04 14:06:29
"would this gun be good in woods please answer quickly trying to buy quick
by Justin B. on 2009-04-25 16:29:15
"This is an excellent side arm and not too bad of primary if you get 2 or 3 of them and a whole load of mags. The silencer is junk, but you can get a more realistic aluminum one if you look around. This gun needs a lot of TLC, ie silicon oil before every game, and I'd recommend a little gaffers tape over the ejector port to keep dirt out. I would also recommend the G&P full metal (actual steel) conversion kit. Even in the original plastic state its solid and well worth the price, however the rear sight tends to break (though this isn't a gun you really need to aim).

Both HFC and KWA make more or less identical versions of this gun and their mags are interchangeable, but the KWA mags tend to jam more for some reason.

The thing that's really fun about this gun, is just how terrifying it is to the opposition. Unlike an AEG, which usually sounds like a sewing machine, this thing POPS. Loud, fast, scary as heck. One of my favorite load outs is a slung HFC T77 (basically an all-metal, longer, harder hitting version of the Mac 11), this HFC Mac 11 on my hip, a KJW P229 on my on the other hip, and the cruiser version (short) of the Marushin's 6mm "N00b Cannon" Mossberg 500 on my back. You won't find a more intimidating load out. Make sure one of you mates is a half way decent sniper to cover your back and you'll have the other team completely pinned.
by justin m. on 2009-04-07 09:38:20
"this is an incredible side arm weapon. I am a fan of pistols and 1 handed weapons and this is truely one of the best. i have an m9 and its $30 for a 25 rd. mag and its only $40 for 50 rd. for a mac 11. the gun preforms amazing hasnt jammed yet and i have had it to over a year. maintence is simple to preform on the m11. I'd deff. take this gun over any pistol because it has 25 more rds for only an extra $10. yes the gun does shoot all 50 rds in about 2.5 seconds but it has a single shot mode allowing you to have a more accurate pistol. i use this m11 on single shot as a pistol type side arm because i am a sniper. but noone dares rush me do to the fact that it has a 1100 rpm(20 a second)

amazing side arm
single shot acts as a 50 rd hand gun but with more accuracy due to the stock and being able to use 2 hands to stedy the gun
half metal/plastic allows for toughness and mobility
small compact/ easy to carry
incredible rate of fire 20rd a sec
great intimidation agenist enemys

gas consumption ( easy to fix with a propaine adapter)
if using full auto you will need a lot more then 1 mag its $40 a mag which is only 2.5 s5ec. of firing

amazing gun over all durible compact worth every penny. stars out of 5
by alex t. on 2009-03-28 20:45:46
"this gun is pretty insane due to its rapid fire. one thing is that it likes to jam at full auto so thats the only downside to this gun, but its a gun i highly recommend, just takes time to unjam it
by coulton r. on 2009-03-26 21:17:40
"just got this in the mail.(evike thank you so much),ok the gun. Its sweet, the first few clips i went through the bbs were curving up a lot but as i kept using it, it seems to straighten out. And they are not kidding, goes through all 40 bbs in like 2.5 seconds

high ROF
good mag size
came with something to help load bbs
comes with sweet mock silencer
leaves welts
Mostly metal
Looks bad ass

only had it a day but a little bit of the paint on the metal parts has started to come off (not that big of a deal)
by austin p. on 2009-02-16 18:09:13
"i now worship (cant spell eaither) evike for letting my eyes set appon this beauty of a gun thank you
by Alex s. on 2009-01-14 16:26:50
"This is an awesome gun. Even though the FPS rating isn't high it still leaves good welts on the enemy. I recommend this gun to anyone who wants a fast a accurate blow back. The only bad thing about this gun is the magazine size. Still a great deal and a great gun.
by haig b. on 2009-01-14 16:24:43
"i love this gun, this is like the best gbb machine gun out there havnt had a problem with this gun the only thing is most probebly i recomend u get an extra mag because this little gun kills the mag in less than 2 seconds guys so yeah,great gun reliable and fun
by George W. on 2009-01-14 16:24:15
"How / When to use a M11 101:
Pro: This gun has insane firing rate. Will finish your 40 round clip in about 2 seconds. (40 is decent capacity for a pistol). So if you want to effectively use this in a mid size field as your main weapon, you will need a few mags. As a side-arm, a sniper will always need something that can do crazy burst like a grenade launcher or a mac11 when someone gets too close to you. Great in CQB games because of the rate of fire. Great in pistol games because its a definite advantage over any pistol (faster rate of fire than even the 18C).

So, in huge outdoor games: effective only as a sidearm. Backup weapon for sniper or gunner.

In mid-size fields, need a lot of magazines and fast legs. Seen a female player with two of these and a whole chest full of magazine, pretty effective.

In CQB close quarter fields, a good gun to have period. A lot more mobile than an AEG and definite advantage over pistols.

For the reviews that complain about it using gas...any gas gun will eat thru the same amount of gas after firing 40 rounds. M11A1 simple give you the option to "Fire off 40 rounds faster" when you need it.

For the review about accuracy...this is a submachine gun, compare it to a gas gun, not a sniper rifle or AEG. It is more compact than anything in its accuracy range.

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