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HFC Full Auto M11A1 / Mac 11 Airsoft Gas Blowback Submachine Gun w/ Mock Silencer

26 Customer Reviews

by Hudson S. on 11/12/2016
"Im not sure if its just me and this being my first gas blowback but im having some trubles with that I fixed.
im still having problems with the simi duble shooting even triple shooting and some times it goes full auto when its on simi. With the full auto Sometimes I will let go of the trigger and it keeps fireing untill the mag is out or it runs out of gas. Im not sure if I have not been keeping the gun oiled up properly but other then that its a really good gun.

Oh ya also the gun is a little bit small to be a primary and a little big to be a secondary and extra mags are needed and costly.( $40
by David E. on 06/10/2016
"After owning mine for a few months, the HFC Mac-11 is a very nice weapon to add to your CQB load out. It sprays pellets like crazy and mine has yet to encounter any jams after 2000 rounds through it. Don't expect very much accuracy as far as a small grouping. This thing will pepper a chest size target at medium to close distance. I use green gas and the power is great, sucks if you get snuck up on with this thing though bc those 50 pellets drain so fast that you are toast and can't react! Bottom line keep it in your hands, not the enemy! My findings are that this is a great cqb weapon that will make you smile when you drain your first full auto mag whether you hit what your after or not! Give one a try, it's a great price for what it can do.
by Miguel C. on 03/10/2014
PROs- :)
rof kicks a*s (spray and pray!)
good kick
can hit some one at about 80--100ft w/ .20
hop up makes it more accurate when adjusted
good as a 2ndary
good weight to it
iron sights work well on it
mock suppressor makes it louder

CONs- :(
the stock can break easly if you have never used it and does not come with
stock gets wobbly
instructions how to use it
the handle feels cheep and is some what small
no ris rails for it (at least none that i can find)
mags cost a lot $$$

OVER ALL - this is deff a gun you want in your arsenal, it will put fear into the brown eye of your enemy. ( because my friend pooped his pants when i ambushed him with it)
by Jodie B. on 01/10/2011
"this gun is awesome! The rate of fire is insane, the fps is good for a smg, and this thing sounds like a beast with the green gas. you gotta use like the smoothest bbs u can find cus the mag cant feed the bio-degradable stuff. the bad thing about the green gas is that it dont last long in the cold. on the flip side it expands in heat.

great rof
adaquate fps
heavy and realistic

clip holds 40 rds and empties in 3 seconds
takes 4ever to reload
jams w/ rough bbs

I would highlyrecommend this gun. its the funnest gun i have to shoot.
by Gerald B. on 12/18/2010
"The Feel: The feel of this gun is that of very weak spring gun plastic but once the mag is inserted it instantly doubles the weight.

Performance: This gun is INSANE when firing on full auto, however if you are skirmishing with it I highly recommend Single shot. The range is 75-80 feet (Without Hop-Up)

Mags: Mags will add up fast so i recommend 1/2 extras because you dont want to stand more on mags then your gun. $40 a piece

Externals: The 'mock suppressor' actually does work to maximize the range because its inner diameter is 8-9mm (A BB is 5.95-6mm). I was planning on taking the Rail and scope off of a cheap spring m-11 and putting a vertical grip on it
by Mark S. on 06/11/2010
"It would be good in the woods because its compact so its easy to run with and put through bunkers.
by Brady S. on 01/23/2010
"I love this thing. The blow back is awesome and it shoots very, very hard, easily in the 400+ fps range.
Pros: Heavy and sturdy with many metal features on the body, insane muzzle velocity; looks great with the silencer. Awesome fear factor to newer players.

Cons: Rate of fire is sometimes too high (1100-ish rounds per minute) for its 50 round magazine. Not terribly accurate as the inner barrel is about 3 inches long. Has a tendency to jam and throw unfired pellets out the breach when firing full-auto.

Recommendation: If you have $105 to throw around and you want to be able to put 50 rounds down range (and I mean WAY down range) in less than two seconds, this is the gun for you. If you are looking for a reliable sidearm, find something else. This is a very special applications weapon, modeled after a gun designed for CQB, especially for clearing rooms. However, most fields would not let you use it in such tight corners as it shoots well over 400 fps. On the other hand, it does make people think twice about trying to rush your flank...
by Manuel O. on 01/18/2010
"Great cqb or rusher gun if you know how to use it....
I got mine off speedy toys for $95.
Very high rof(1200rpm), ok fps.
I use this as my side arm when I play field, or my primary when I play cqb.
Great for taking out 3-4 opponents really quick.
I personally like rushing bunkers or trenchers with this gun =)
The only down side to this gun is that the mag only holds 40rds, and on full auto you can empty it in under 3 seconds so........
Over all great cqb gun.
by alex t. on 03/28/2009
"this gun is pretty insane due to its rapid fire. one thing is that it likes to jam at full auto so thats the only downside to this gun, but its a gun i highly recommend, just takes time to unjam it
by coulton r. on 03/26/2009
"just got this in the mail.(evike thank you so much),ok the gun. Its sweet, the first few clips i went through the bbs were curving up a lot but as i kept using it, it seems to straighten out. And they are not kidding, goes through all 40 bbs in like 2.5 seconds

high ROF
good mag size
came with something to help load bbs
comes with sweet mock silencer
leaves welts
Mostly metal
Looks bad ass

only had it a day but a little bit of the paint on the metal parts has started to come off (not that big of a deal)
by Trevor Z. on 12/17/2014
"I thought this would last me a long time. Sadly, after returning the first broken one after about two weeks, my second one broke the day before warranty expired, and I just got a Glock Roni kit.

VERY fast ROF.
Solid construction

ONLY feeds very precise .20 bb's (.25's don't feed at all, don't try)
Breaks easily
Weak polymer construction
Jams a lot
Quite innacurate

I suggest you save up some money and get something better. At least get the KWA M11A1, not this junk.