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WE-Tech Full Metal Silver Dragon X-Celerator Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistol w/ Split Competition Slide

18 Customer Reviews

by Ryan M. on 12/28/2013
"Great gun for anyone who wants a cool looking GBB. This gun is well built but the one I got had a lose outer barrel and a loose screw that fell out the day I got it.

good FPS
Mostly metal
nice mag size
looks awesome!
fairly gas efficient with Co2 mags (2 1/2 mags)
sounds awesome

loose parts
doesn't fit in some holsters
not very accurate at longer ranges (but it's a pistol so it's pretty good)
Overall this gun is a great gun for a great price, and some of the cons were probably just with mine
by Mary B. on 12/25/2012
"Best pistol i've ever used. Very heavy which could be a pro or con to anybody. Sturdy metal feeling to it and it fits nicely in your hands, the slide lock is a little to far away though but i just use my left hand for it now. magazines have a high capacity and they feed great. The accuracy and range of this pistol is amazing, about the same as some of my friend's aeg's. And they don't use cheap ones too.
by Carlo M. on 11/19/2012
"Wow! I have to say, this gun really blew me away. The second it came out of the box I loved it. I received it two days ago and finally fired it today and it felt awesome! It's already pretty accurate and definitely has a satisfying FPS out of the box but you could still upgrade if you want to. (I personally don't think it is needed but that's just my opinion.

Heavy (Some see that as a con, I don't)
2 Piece slide
Accurate out of the box
Very reasonable FPS

None so far!
by Quentin F. on 08/30/2012
-Weight (probably 3-4lbs)
-Fps (easy 350fps if you're using good greengas)
-look of the pistol (friggin' beautiful gun)
-30rd mag (more than most mags hold)
-color ( this might be a pro for me, but if you drop while you're out in the woods you can see it easier than a black pistol)

I have only ONE complaint. ONE! and that is when you dissaemble your gun the right saftey might fall out. but if it does, just snap it right back in place and the problem is solved. So biggie.

In conclusion...for all of you who are considering buying this pistol, i say go for it. You won't be disappointed. I love it and i'm sure you will as well. I hope this helped anyone who is contemplating purchasing this awsome pistol. Dueces!
by jeffrey s. on 01/10/2012
"I use this as my side arm and it is great Fun to shoot accurate no problems with the mag yet full metal has a 14 mm threading

Great side arm
Fun to shoot
Well built
The two pice slide makes more accurate shooting
Never jammed yet

One side of the safety lever fell off when the safety was on but for some reason it doesn't fall out any more
The front slide may get loose so make sure it is always tight
by Alex M. on 11/30/2011
"great gun !! this was my firs "real" airsoft gun and it is amazing the split slide gives a great cycle rate.

this gun has gotten me out of many tight situations while airsofting. the one complaint i had was that the outer barrel wobbles a little bit but you dont notice while playing. This gun is accurate! it has a good range and good hop up making it possible to hit someone out to about 100 ft.
by Andrew B. on 12/26/2010
"Overall: Really great gun for $100.

Solid look and feel - nice and heavy
the gun has a great look - the stainless steel outer barrel is really sweet looking
shoots very accurate - almost as far as my MK36
Blow back is really fast and hard
No leaking so far - using propane
Grip feels real - perfect texture - nice rubber "nap" l

Left side of safety switch fell off twice now after heavy shooting. it's joined with other side but didn't see adhesive - will try gluing. Should be an easy fix - just don't loose it first.

The finish was just OK - there were a few marks and such on the "SILVER" paint already out of the box. I could see this wearing off a bit after more usage. Would have been nicer to see a plated finish or natural metal.
by nick g. on 03/06/2009
"This is my first gas gun and i love it my friends love it and it has enogh wieght to simulate a pistol and is light enogh to run around with it is a good starter pistol. I would recomend to anyone
by Tyler W. on 02/02/2009
"This is a great gun. I got mine two days ago from a store but it's this same model. Shoots great love the look, really heavy and full metal. Built very solid a little, very little shaky but all guns are. Plan on buying a flashlight and co2 mag. Great buy and price.
by noel v. on 01/28/2009
"this gun is f'in awesome I have this gun as a sidearm to my echo 1 g36c and it has never failed me. im considering buying another one of these or maybe the black counter part after im done upgrading my g36 completely. pistol is a must have sidearm and you can't go wrong with WE tech.
by Sniper A. on 08/16/2008
"This is a very very nice pistol. Full metal construction with very hard kick and great power. It also have the highest capacity among gas pistols. The portion of the slide that moves is only half of the upper slide making it much faster blowback than most gas pistols. (This custom work used to cost over $200 on the slide alone on a Western Arms!)

WE's first releases two years ago had slight differences, not sure if updated their images but I just got one from Evike recently and its the most updated version of WE silver dragon.
by Mike K. on 07/01/2008
"This gun is a beast, it is heavy because its full metal which is awesome. the only real external plastic parts are the stupid orange tip and the grip. another great thing is that the orange tip is EASILY removed and replaced, so u can take it off in a battle or for display, but keep on the goofy onange tip otherwise. the slide catch screwed up on mine, but that just meant the slide wouldnt lock back, but thats not a big deal. this gun's power is above average for a gbb gun, and using co2 in it cranks the fps up to around 340 fps. this is by far the most accurate pistol i have ever used, and can hit a coke can around 50 feet away. the upgrade options are vast, with scope and laser mount rails easy to find right here on evike. the recoil is very fast and hard with the short slide, which makes it that muck more enjoyable to fire. somehow the slide on mine broke into 2 pieces in an intense skirmish when i fired a whole 39rd co2 extended mag as fast as possible, which is pretty freaking fast. as long as you dont fire too fast, and keep it in bursts, this gun should last a very long time.
by D. M. on 06/11/2008
"I got mine from and there is no problem with it. It is sick looking and never failed on me. The new version WE had a lot of reinforcement parts, always buy from because they only have the newest version in stock. The only problem with Evike is that they run out of stock sometimes and items goes on back order. But it is worth the wait since I know I will only get the good stuff. I recommend shopping only from big shops for airsoft goods, everything will be brand new and new version.
by Jarek H. on 06/10/2008
"this gun is very high quality, never had it fail on me. looks very nice, does NOT leak, it's just overall a very high quality gun
by Tim S. on 01/26/2013
"Had this gun for a few days now, it's my first GBB (I also have a CO2 NBB)

Good kick
Looks fabulous
Full metal
You can get an extra mag for free here
Good accuracy, range and FPS

Hard to get the propane in sometimes
The stickers that it come with are very hard to get off. (while cleaning off silicon oil that spilled on the gun along with getting the sticker off, I made the mistake of using a sponge and there's scratches everywhere on one side of the slide)
The lock for the slide isn't too good