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WE-USA Metal 1911 Railed Frame Heavy Weight Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistol - Gold Plated

12 Customer Reviews

by Andy T. on 01/11/2017
"' I am Castor Troy!'

Very nice piece, this is by far the best looking pistol in the world!
by Isaac D. on 08/25/2012
"love it, the writing on the side is barely noticeable. seems to be a true gold plating dont see any signs of paint but im not a jeweler but seems legit, beautiful gold luster, and i already had the black version of this gun( same furnishings) and goin dualies with a gold 1911( or switching the slides so its black on gold and gold on black looks BA) is just a great feeling... i would almost suggest gettin both this and the black one strictly for that reason HA, make sure you get plenty of mags cus my trigger finger definitely loves the extra bling. operates great, nice strong kick, single stack mags came with flat black with the MEU bumper mag, chronoed in at 290-300 w/.20. yes the single stack mag hold less ammo/ gas but its a much nicer feeling than the hicapa(personally)... let me put it to you this way, i got a $600 akm and i havent touched it since i got this, its just too nice, i would buy it before its gone, im definitely glad i got mine
by Matt R. on 03/19/2011
"All I can say is WOW! This gun is fantastic! I mean, if you like the look of the classic 1911 (and who doesn't?) then you will see that this beautiful piece of weaponry is simply stunning! The gold is much brighter, and thankfully not as reflective, as the picture shows, and that really brings out the silver of the shell ejection port! Since Evike sells full 1911 slides, you can also mix and match colors, such as a black and gold 1911, or even a silver and gold 1911!
Aside from the looks the, this gun does pack quite a punch. It's green gas (No CO2 magazines availabe as far as I know) but it is much stronger and more accurate than my CO2 pistol. It hits your average sized piece of paper (8 1/2 by 11) at 30 feet litterally 9 times out of 10!
To conclude ill give you the usual; Pros and Cons.

Looks great!
Very accurate.
Relatively powerful.
Relatively light (its full metal, but still very slim).
Normal easy 1911 fieldstrip.
Looks great!

Magazine only hold 12-15 rounds because of the single stack.
Price may be a little high for some.
by ellen c g. on 03/15/2011
"I love my WE CQB full Metal 1911 24k Gold Plated pistol. Every time i us this gun everyone is in awe & wants to shoot it. Its been a great gun. I do recommend to also purchase a extra Mag only because u don't have to stop to reload you already have a extra mag ready to go.
by Brian B. on 12/10/2010
"Best gun ever got from this website. It's good with the holy cow special with 30 rounds
by Jon S. on 10/08/2010
"Awesome gun!I was in a war and I had no more ammo with 3 guys left my team was eliminated except me and I just ran with my marathon pro and hit them in the face with this gold!
by Jared W. on 09/25/2010
"This gun is great, i bought it the other day and got it today.
down to earth truths about the gun?
- shoots accurate up to about 30 ft with range of about 70
- decent blowback
-you get what you paid for
- it looks cool and the gold plating will take a bit to scratch so its very durable 8/10
- powerful and accurate, its near perfect at 30ft within 12in
- mags hold a good amount of gas.... for coments on the mag only shooting half the mag is false.. this means they do not know how to fill the mags!!!!!!!! listen to whisp the gas makes as it goes into the mag... when it stops your mag is full.
- realistic weight and feel. grip feels great.
- detail is near perfect.. gold top and bottom, in and out all the main parts of the pistol are gold besides all the small components which are all black.


- plastic tip in the mag that pushes the bbs can break, then your mag becomes usless. easy way to avoid this is simply be careful when you load the mags by keeping a good amount of pressure on the spring while you load it because if you dont it will go flying up the mag and boom its junk!

you dont have it yet!!!!!!!!!!!! buy it !!!!! nothing will brake as long as you take care of it.
by Caesar D. on 09/16/2010
"Love it!

Initial feel and look- It is SHINNY GOLD plated. Better than I imagined.
Performance Summary- Sturdy pistol with realistic kick and fast rate of fire. Something you can expect from a high quality WE gbb

Con: too much attention on the field
by Wallace M. on 09/07/2010
"This is the bling bling gun from my favorite movie face off!
Got it for that reason last weekend at Evike's sale and the gun performs surpass my expectations.

Flawless finish - heavy weight with lots of details
Great performance - accurate and powerful

Shinny? If you like it black, get it in black.
by Andrew c. on 11/28/2014
"got this 6 months ago too anyone who's concerned that the gold will scratch I use this every time I got out for competition dropped it countless time and scratch's are barely visible

Pros:-gold plating will make everyone jealous
-great recoil spring almost like shooting a real small caliber handgun
-simple breakdown/readjustment
cons-black paint comes off fast
-safety's fall off I lost both of mine
-stock mags need an adapter because of mag well depth
overall great pistol if you can fix /avoid these issues
by Nick B. on 10/05/2010
"IF you are looking for looks, this is the gun. But if you are looking for power, then get a tsd. With this gun, you are paying for the gold more than anything. On a tsd, you are paying for 370-500 fps power.

So it just depends who you are, wither you prefer looks for more expensive prices, or power but not as beautifully golden.
by Josh P. on 09/29/2010
"Hey I was just wondering what is this gun made out of? im assuming its just paint or brass, and if its not spray paint will it tarnish?