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WE-Tech 7" Xcelerator Dragon Full Metal Hi-CAPA Airsoft Gas Blowback (Color: Black / Medallion Grip)

60 Customer Reviews

by Mel C. on 08/11/2017
"After watching many reviews about this pistol...WOW, we couldn't be happier with our decision to have purchased it! We were looking for a nice side arm to go with our M901C AK47 Spetsnaz, and we think we found it!

This 1911 variant has a nice solid feel. Weighing in at 859 grams/1.894 lbs w/o mag, 1198 grams/2.640 lbs w/mag it feels like a capable side arm. If you can't shoot worth a darn, you can always pummel them with the potato masher on the end of your barrel! The medallion grip feels secure on bare hands. The matt black finish looks amazing in contrast to the metal barrel. Overall fit and finish would be an 8. I deducted 1 point for the potato masher alignment against front fixed slide and another point for the rattle of the mag in the mag well, it could certainly be tighter!

We opted to use propane gas instead of greengas due to cost per fill vs shot ratio. I have to say that the sound and blowback of this pistol is just amazing! We fired around 50 rnds (31 rnd mag) before having to refill again (ambient air temp was 82) We managed to hit a 2 litter bottle from 25 yards with no problem! My 12 yr old son unloaded a mag himself with relative ease, and couldn't remove the grin from his face. The green fiber optic front sight worked well with the adjustable rear. It was on target and properly hopped-up out of the box...we couldn't have asked for a better introduction to this AWESOME pistol.

So if you are looking for an interesting side arm that performs as good as it looks, you can't go wrong with this choice!
by Bence H. on 06/13/2016
"Excellent gun. Sounds really cool and performs well. Get some extra 51 rd. mags, you will need them.
by Aerich H. on 07/13/2015
"What we have is a neat looking gun that has a long barrel with good accuracy and power. It definitely functions well and the sturdy body you want for rigorous play.

+ Sturdy
+ Power is manageable
+ Longer barrel seems to do wonders for accuracy
+ Great weight and feel

- Breakdown can take a while. 4 different points are secured that need to be removed before you can adjust the hopup.
- The long barrel can be a bit tricky when drawing or holstering

Additional Notes:
= Our team uses a single magazine style and it uses Hi-CAPA mags, so this means that it was pretty easy to coordinate.
= Threaded adapter is a bit of a pain. Nothing major.
= Hopup needs to be adjusted as it is quite a bit off upon purchase.

REVIEW NOTICE: This information is from user experience. Many parts may vary between users.
by bob c. on 06/16/2015
"absolutely fantastic gun. had the black model for a couple years now, and with proper maintenance, absolutely no issues. just picked up the silver model for a bit of ebony and ivory action and i must say, im absolutely happy with it. the pair takes a little getting used to for use, but with the availability of parts, the reliability of mags (regardless of what is said elsewhere, lubricate the seals, and snug up the valves and they wont leak.), and the durability of the parts that are here, these guns are a definite buy. just be aware, they have a semi-realistic weight (little light), so if weight is an issue, put in a little extra practice.
all shots are dead on target. the sights, although a little too large on the front, are very easy to use.
by Paulo L. on 03/31/2015
"I've been using mine going on three years now, and I've encountered few other pistols that are the equal of this one. If you want a reliable, long-lasting, and crazy-accurate pistol, then this is the one you're looking for.


-Ridiculously accurate for a pistol (can consistently hit a human-sized target at 150 ft.)
- Approximately 360 fps when using green gas (that's really the fast you'd want for a field-legal pistol)
-Approximately 410 fps when using CO2 (for when you want to scare the living-crap out of whoever is unfortunate enough to be on the business end of this monster)
-Almost entirely constructed out of steel/aluminum (this beast will take almost any punishment and keep on shooting)
-Long-lasting internal parts (it was a year and a half before I had to replace anything, and even then, it was just the hop-up bucking as those tend to wear out the fastest)
-Relatively low-maintenance (I only need to lube/clean mine every 2-3 months)


-The one thing I'd have to say is that disassembly can be a bit tedious, as there're a number of screws and bolts that have to be removed in order to remove the meat-tenderizer attachment to allow the slide to be taken off (definitely look up a disassembly video on youtube before attempting to do so yourself).

That being said, this pistol is truly worth every penny. Once you learn how to maintain it, this pistol can be a fantastic sidearm for every airsofter from the brand-new beginner, to the well-experienced veteran.
by Logan L. on 12/23/2014
"Trust me, this gun is even more impressive up-close than it is online.

So I wanted a long-barreled pistol for 2015 airsoft games, and it came down to three guns: ASG 8-inch Dan Wesson revolver, WE 8-inch artillery Luger, and WE 7-inch Dragon. The first two options seem impractical for field use, since one shoots hotter than a sniper rifle and the other uses a drum magazine. Then, there's the Dragon; I didn't know this thing existed until October. The design reminded me of the custom handguns from Hellsing or Devil May Cry, but what really jumped out at me was the availability of compatible parts.

This particular model has a reputation for shooting in excess of 350fps, which I like. While it won't have any applications in CQB, it's a perfect pistol for medium- to long-range combat. The split slide allows the gun to shoot as fast as you can pull the trigger, so it's a great choice for dual guns. Spare magazines are affordable, and 30-, 38-, and 50-round magazines can be used with this gun.

The split slide may be lighter, but the gun itself still has strong recoil. That adds to the realism and fun of this pistol, so don't let it be a deterrent.

I'm going to order the black version ASAP. Be sure to take advantage of Evike's Holy-cow door buster. This will give you a spare 30-round magazine.

- Full metal (except for the grip)
- High rate of fire
- Intimidating
- Loud (a con for some, but I want my presence known.)
- High rate of fire
- 350+ fps
- Accurate
- Standard mags hold 30 rounds. Extended mags hold 38 or 50.
- Tons of spare parts for sale on
- Enough rail space to fit any laser sight or flashlight.
- Threaded barrel adapter included - not necessary, but still a nice extra.

- I'm pretty sure the front sight isn't really fiber optic. I'll have to look for a fiber optic cable segment to change that.
by Gina G. on 12/16/2014
"I got this gun back in April of 2013 and it still works.

pros: gun is still worth 5 stars even with some problems.
The gun is still very accurate.
It is very upgradeable which u tried but this product is not worth it ( it was just bad, loss of gas and sealing)

Since the gun is so big I ordered a fore grip and 2 hicapa 51 round magazines.

The front screws that keep the potato masher like compensator get loose and easily lost, and the bottom screw might, (but electrical tape can fix it if you twist a long strip of it where the sticky side is the rope and wrap around it and then wrap some tape around compensator.)

magazines are still a pain some times but get extra O-rings for the bottom fill valve.

I still HIGHLY recommend buying it, just remember O-rings and buy KJW HICAPA magazines they are better than we.
by Slater L. on 10/18/2014
"this gun is awesome! one of the best pistols I've ever had. get one or two extra mags its very fun to go pistol only!!

350+ fps

gas eater
if you drop the mag the gas hinge will come loose and release gas even after you fill it up, if that happens just get a new mag...its not the actual gun.
by Steven W. on 09/28/2014
"Well guys i have had this gun for a few years now I got it for x-mas in 2011 and i have to say that it is my favorite gun i use it as my primary right now. This gun has had everything i could put on it including a grenade launcher, red dot sight, Noveske Airsoft Amplifier flash hider "made the gun much louder like it needed it", lasers, and lights. The only down side for me was when i first got it like most people parts were loose and i had bbs roll out of the barrel. But when you take the time and adjust the hop-up and tighten all the screws it becomes an amazing pistol that if you take care of it, it will take care of you. in about 4 years I have had 2 springs i have replaced and a few mag lips break, and besides that i have had a few screws strip from being used but besides that this gun still shoots 350 fps and i am accurate enough to hit people on the other side of the field. if you want a gun that you can use every time you go to the field or as a massive secondary it is well worth the money and dont forget about the holy cow deal where u get an extra mag cause you will need it.

Full metal
350+ FPS
meat tenderizer on the front
comfy grip
accurate to about 75 feet
adjustable rear sight
intimidating look
upgrade parts

take down is harder cause u have to remove the compensator before u pull off the slide
really loud "And even louder if you get a Airsoft Amplifier Flash Hider :)"
hop ups a pain to get to
leg holster is hard to get cause of the length and bulk of the pistol
by Josh P. on 07/31/2014
"I recently purchased this pistol to be a compliment and as an eventual replacement for my Tokyo Marui Glock 17. I am a member of Virginia Tech's airsoft team and needed something with a little more kick for the many tournaments we travel too.

This Hi-CAPA model was more than I expected in the FPS department. Ive used it almost daily over the past month and never had an issue with it. If you are looking for a strong pistol that can shoot very far distances then this is the gun for you. One thing you need to remember though is this is a large pistol. It is almost double the size of a Glock 17. If you are looking for close quarter combat or prone style in the woods pistol combat it will be very bulky and cumbersome to try and reach and get it out of your holster without very much movement. This pistol is built for power and speed and has the double mag capacity of 30 rds for it. You do not have to be afraid about ripping your trigger finger on it either. I successfully emptied the 30 round mag in 6.2 seconds without the pistol skipping a beat. This thing is loud and countless people will want to come check it out and be jealous of how far you can hit targets. The hop up will need to be adjusted upon opening as it is slightly off.
by gina g. on 07/18/2014
"I got this gun about a year ago and it still works fine.

Loud:scares my friend who has an Uzi and shot me in the arm with it and he was really scared when I pointed it at him.

Really upgradeable which is good that there are plenty out there.
IT shoots really far with the barrel, you could easily hit a human sized target from 120 feet

Magazines can be a pain(GET KJW HICAPA MAGAZNES)
The O ring can easily fall out after Lots of use.
They don't make 7 inch 6.01 barrels( but you could try to get a long one and cut it?

I would but it again but I would buy upgrades.
by clint c. on 05/10/2014
"I came on here to look for a compatible clip for my exelerator that i had for 2 yrs now Which i love and couldnt help read some of the reviews.

Almost all and any metal on metal screws will cause vibration making them come out and become loose which is why the gun wobbles.

A simple fix would be to buy (Thread Locker)medium strength maybe $7. take out the screws and put this on the grooves and put back in. it acts as a sort of glue strong enough to hold but can be taken out if need be.
by bobby c. on 03/12/2014
"had the gun for a year now-worth every penny. yes, it wobbles when you first get it as some have mentioned, but put a little work into it, and it wont. can upgrade it to the freakin max. a little work, and its jsut gorgeous. just wish the red colored after market parts where in stock more often.... but thats just me.

has a good bit of kick, and can take propane and co2 (which, i gotta say, is HUGELY under utilized or mentioned in the reviews....). has some good weight, but being an owner of a real steel 1911, id have liked to have a touch more steel on it than aluminum, the weight is nothing as is.

only issues are the outer barrel is a little loose and took a little creative work to make a new part to remedy that, and the whole tenderizer/bayonet front has to be unscrewed before you can take the slide off for work.

all in all, i say buy this, and then customize the hell out of it, it is so very worth it. and look quite badass with a riot shield in the other hand lol.
by bobby c. on 09/27/2013
"this gun is fantastic. very sturdy construction, rate of fire is basically as fast as you can pull the trigger cause of the split slide.

maintenance is very easy, just have to take apart the front end first but still, very easy.

noticed some reviews mentioned problems with the weight, its only an issue if you cant hold a real one. lol.

overall, with all the parts available, id say this gun is more than worth the money. only real complaint i have is that holsters are not easy to find that work well with it, the longer barrel makes it stick out and the sights can catch.
by matt w. on 09/25/2013
"This weapon is beast the only thing better is duel wielding it. I thought guys would duck and change route before ha. I just got my second and played at the house with friends and my kids. They rushed at first then ran the other direction. One came around the corner of house with shot gun blazing wound up on his butt trying to get out of the fire. He had welts from head to toe and quit rushing completely. I love this sport. GET one have fun GET 2 and intimidate the competition. Stay safe airsofters.