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WE-Tech 7" Xcelerator Dragon Full Metal Hi-CAPA Airsoft Gas Blowback (Color: Black / Medallion Grip)

60 Customer Reviews

by Timothy K. on 11/15/2011
"Okay so i just got this gun about a week ago and its by far my favorite pistol. Its heavy, very intimidating, it has a 14mm threaded barrel and its accurate. I play at in indoor cqb field and I have used it as a primary with a tracer unit at a night game. I know that sounds ridiculous, and some of the people thought it was, but by the end of the night they all knew who i was. It don't have a problem with it fitting in my holster, the only thing is it sticks out slightly far.
by Cody S. on 06/18/2011
"This is an excellent pistol. the bottom rail is a convenient mount for lasers and flashlights. the only issue i have found is trying to find a holster that will house this beast of a gun. other than that it is a great sidearm or even a primary in CQB games. this is prime quality one would expect from WE-Tech.
by Jake K. on 05/31/2011
"I bought this gun because 1. It looks cool (yes thats important to me) 2. it seemed to be durable. My personal opinion of this gun is that it is amazing in everyway and I love it. if you dont own this, or are thinking of buying this. Stop hesitating. buy it, im glad I did :D
by ryan k. on 03/16/2011
"i got this gun almost a year ago and I love it. the only problem I had was I accidentally dropped the mag it came with and the cover on the bottom broke. all the guys I play against are more intimidated by the way it looks and the way it sounds. I would deffinatly recomend it to another player, that I don't play against. it fires accurately and fast. I would like to make a comment directly to evike for finding something to assist with mag loading, the attachments for quick loaders don't work. I am using a twisted up paper clip to pull the spring down for bb loading.
by Alec X. on 01/20/2011
"HOLY CRAP THIS GUN IS AMAZING. trust me, its worth the money. buy it and pay the 119 bucks and support evike into getting more of these crazy awesome guns.

the only con i had is i bought this, but i didnt notice the holy cow special in time, so... dont screw your life up and get the 3 dollar mag.
by Sean D. on 12/29/2010
"Just got mine yesterday and its amazing! Quite long compared to what I thought. shoots hard and pretty straight right out of the box. mine didn't come with a manual though so not sure about disassembly yet. kinda bummed about that. fantastic gun for the price especially since you can get an extra mag for one $3 right now!
by Thomas N. on 12/21/2010
"My Xecelerator came today. Out of the case, my first reaction was, 'Wow!'
The first thing I noticed was the long barrel and the railings, which made me consider installing an M203 on this pistol for creativity. It's full metal, as stated in its name, and has a very nice texture to it and will most likely accommodate with your hand as soon as you hold onto it. The magazine that this gun came with feels like it would last for awhile. The fiber-optic front sight is cut a little imperfectly, but the gun itself is made to compensate. Overall, 5/5.

Note that my pistol came in a case that was better than a $25 case, which is why I love Evike. The case is made to fit one pistol, and two extra magazines laid back to back.
by Adam M. on 12/02/2010
"Best pistol money can buy "PERIOD!". i own this gun in black and white and i can honestly say its the best of the best and ive shot many airsoft pistols but this takes the top spot on my list. a bit pricey but you get what you pay for.

PROS: crazy accurate

awesome weight

stylish look

nice kick

CONS: a bit pricey but no big deal

CO2 mags are pricey but worth it

In conclusion, if you buy this pistol i promise you wont be sorry
by Billy H. on 09/16/2010
"I am just wondering if that is a rail on the bottom of the gun that you can put flash light and laser attachments? I am pretty new to the airsoft world so excuse me if it seems like a dumb question. It looks like it is but the discription didnt' say anything of a rail system unless I over looked it.
by Mitch C. on 04/27/2010
"I received my 7 inch Silver Dragon today. It is a really heavy gun with a lot of kick. It looks and feels great. It does take a good amount of gas to clear all of a 30 round magazine, but it fires really hard and surprisingly far. I am very pleased and will probably order a Black Dragon to have the set soon. A great gun, I highly recommend it to those who want a strong handgun with a good capacity that just looks awesome.
by Logan S. on 04/14/2010
"Bought this gun a few months ago, used it a few times in skirmish games and it works really well.

accurate (I use .23s, dont have to its just what I have)
nice feel, mostly metal
31+ round magazine

heavy (not really a big deal unless you are young or small)
very big, doesnt fit in a regular holster, had to cut my holster to fit the gun (too long for a leg holster, about 2-3 inches stick out the bottom and hit against your leg)

Overall a great gun, I trust it always when the situation arises
by weston b. on 03/10/2010
"I just got this pistol in the mail yesterday and I love it! It is a very large pistol, and it feels great. It is the best pistol that I have ever owned!
by KIMBALL Y. on 10/25/2009
"I own six gas pistols (seven if you count the pistol grip m79 grenade launcher as a pistol) and this one is my bread and butter favorite. It is insanely accurate and is fear by everyone when I play with it. It is very well built, sturdy, strong, and solid in construction. Combat tested, it has been through the rigors and made me a believer. It has been dropped, thrown, slammed, kicked, and still continues to work as it did when it came out the box. It uses gas very efficiently and sounds like it does so with power. I average close to 380 FPS without any modification to the pistol.

It is too freaking big, you will not find a holster for it. Since I carry 6 pistols on me for a game, so this was a concern. The only holster I found to accommodate this monster of a pistol is a shoulder holster. WE-TECH magazines are HUGE, they will not fit in most pistol mag pouches.

As for this pistol, I might get another one.
by kirk f. on 01/18/2009
"I have used this gun now for months, and I love it. I used to be a HFC gunman almost exclusivly but no more. WE has suprised me and taken my team by storm. All my officers use WE and for myself I use the dragon. Fires straight and true and rocks every shot. It handles open field events far better than most GBB pistols. proper cleaning keeps it going and is very easy to clean and maintane.
by Zack K. on 12/08/2008
"Does it come with a co2 mag??

Webmaster: The pistol come with a green gas magazine like most gas blowbacks. There are CO2 magazine available that you can buy. It use standard WE / Tokyo Marui Hi-capa 5.1 / 4.3 magazines.