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WE-Tech Full Metal 1911 GI Full Size Airsoft GBB Pistol

69 Customer Reviews

by Eric Z. on 10/09/2011
".... Let me get this straight. I have shot this as my friend's gun. I am in no way a M1911 fan because it just doesnt look right to me. But I must say one thing: this gun is good. It has decent recoil, heavy weight, and is very realistic. This gun has some bad points: it's gas consumption and small mag capacity. The thing is, I can't give it a bad rap for it's magazine capacity since it's realistic: the real version is single stack too. In fact, that's why airsoft started the hi-capa series, to adress this problem. But the gas consumption is what strikes me. On a 70 degree day, I was able to get around 20 or less shots. That's 1 and 1/3 of a mag. This is one of the reasons that I'm staying away from WE's attractive pricing to go to KWA's NS2.

All in all, this gun is WAY good enough for me to give it a 6/5, although this review system is screwed up: it only lets you put a 5 star maximum:(.
by richard z. on 09/18/2011
"Awesome Gun: I've had this gun for almost a year now and no problems. I have a couple higher priced GBB Pistols and this is still my favorite.Solid as a rock,Great accuracy,and looks and feels so Real. You won't go wrong if you buy this one from Evike,I did and they have a customer for life.

Pros: construction

Cons: Haven't found one yet.
by Russell C. on 09/10/2011
"This gun is so good im getting a second one soon!

this handgun is my most prized possession in my armory, its authensity and reliability are amazing. it fires a little over...maby 260 fps and the accuracy is so amazing i was able to shoot my opponent about 30 yards away and he had the sniper, (either im really lucky or he really sucks)
anyway this handgun is a steal for the price and if u dont have one than youre really missing out!
great job WE!

1 great weight
2 very strong
3 authentic (subtracting the trademarks of course)
4 great fps and hurts lika mofo
5 price

yea right xD
by Justin H. on 09/01/2011
"cant go wrong with this 1911...hard kick, full metal, acurate and great feel. also we were able to turn mine automatic in about 5 minutes, dont do it though its a gas hog. no problems from mine and i use it...ALOT...great gun for 90 bucks.
by Walt B. on 08/07/2011
"this gun is amazing! I have had this gun for about 2 weeks now and it works great! The only thing wrong with it so far is that the slide catch sometimes doesn't catch when i pull it back manually but i tinker with a lot so it might be a user problem and probably an easy fix. I can get about a mag and a half worth of gas out of this gun (recommend getting a second mag if possible). the gun is pretty accurate with .25s, field stripping is a breeze to access the hop-up but might not be so convenient on the field for quick adjustments. as for durability goes i have dropped the mag a few times including one in the dirt and it still worked fine with no gas leek at all. i haven't dropped the gun itself fortunately and i hope i never will. this is a great gun and i would recommend it to anyone.
by linda m. on 06/11/2011
"Absolutely great gun! I would definitely recommend this as a sidearm.

I bought this as my first gas blowback, and I'm absolutely in love! So far I've used it in combat 3 times, and I've racked up quite many kills. It's great for clearing rooms in buildings when you have a large M16 that would otherwise get in the way. Its very powerful and realistic. The gun is welly balanced and has a nice old style look to it. It includes a padded WE case, the gun, and orange tip, AND a threaded orange tip for silencers.

I suggest getting a holster, and the holy cow that includes an extra magazine.

I would really suggest this as a first gas pistol! Great for colt lovers!
by Erik T. on 06/07/2011
"I have been airsofting for about 3 years now. Now when I say this I mean it. This is a superb gun. The quality is of what you would expect of a 200 dollar gbb. This thing is smexy beyond belief. Shoots smooth and strong, many aftermarket parts for it (can virtually never break on you), magazines are fairly cheap, has a threaded barrel, all metal construction, nice paint color that doesn't scratch easily, accurate, able to shoot fast (as fast as you can pull the trigger), working safeties, nice dovetail safety that works great, nice hard recoil and fps while conserving gas. Can easily shoot off a full magazine with the slide catch working, then shoot of another whole mag before it runs out, feels very sturdy, very easy to dissasemble, and has a great range. This was the pistol I have waited for, and it is very cheap. This gun is amazing. You need to buy this gun. I already bought 4 extra mags for it. It will not fail you. I am one happy camper with evike's service. Gun gets these scores

Material it is made out of 9/10
durability 10/10
preformance 10/10
upgradeability 10/10
looks 10/10
Trust me you want this gun.
by LEAH M. on 05/18/2011
"this gun is awesome! got it about a mouth ago for $90 on sale this is real metal not cheap metal this has realy good kick back shoots like 380fps with a 20g and 410fps with a 12g 10/10
by Nate P. on 02/17/2011
"I just placed my order for this gun, spare mag and a lanyard. Can't wait to get it to add this beauty to my collection. Awesome price and i give Evike 10/10 for service :)
by Chrissa S. on 02/08/2011
"te only problem i have with the gun is the gas 7$ a can? that stuff is expensive
by tony t. on 01/20/2011
"put it this way one of the best cheapest gas pistol i ever own, love this gun its solid and just plane and simple looking. if you just want a gas gun the price you cant be, amazing accuracy, this gun is a must have in a airsoft collection i would recommend to anyone for a side arm very reliable in the battlefield!!!
by taylor r. on 01/13/2011
"I really love this gun !! I got this with a propane adapter which is cheaper than green gas or red gas. For any one looking for a great gas gun for a undear priced price than have at it. again I LAOVE THIS GUN!!!!!!! buy it it will rock ur world.
by Will T. on 01/02/2011
"Great gun! ive had this since the summer and its the best pistol i have ever owned. it is dead accurate and powerful. I would suggest green gas for this even though it can take propane.
by Jorge O. on 12/11/2010
"Got this in the mail a few days ago. It came in a plain black box well protected by the foam. Inside was just the nice M1911, one magazine, and a spare orange tip thats threded for silencers. No manual though?

-Full Metal
-Nice realistic weight
-Very comfortable
-Smooth kick
-Silver barrel
-Price $80
-Not a gas hog

-I wish i had another one to dual wield :)

Overall an awesome affordable gas blowback pistol. Goes nice with the Thompson M1A1 i have.
by Ben I. on 09/29/2010
"I am really considering getting this gun. I am just wondering if it will take the holy cow special $3 clip. Also i am wondering what would be a good replacement wooden hand grip, if any.