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Y&P High Power M9 Airsoft Gas Non-Blowback (360~400 FPS)

18 Customer Reviews

by Daniel T. on 04/20/2018
"I got this gun this January and have used it in a couple games. all and all it works well for the price.

I was surprised by the weight of this gun and the trigger pull isn't bad in my opinion

extra mags are $20 a pop ( if you get 2 you just bought the gun again )

shoots over 350 fps, not field legal at my cqb field, however it shoots well at my outdoor fields and I will continue using this as a back up gun for milsim games

i give this gun five stars because the're isn't anything like it for such a cheap price
by Alex H. on 11/18/2017
"$35. Let me repeat this. $35. Full size and weight m9. It looks great. Easy to use. Feels great. Put about 400 rounds through it at targets 25-75 feet. Pretty consistent, could easy hit man size targets at 75 feet. Pistols have never been my thing. Didnít have any trouble with it. 3 reloads before any noticeable gas loss. I was using .20 and .25 bbs. Probably going to stick to .20 because they are cheap and will only be using this to clear buildings because of MED. if your looking into getting your first pistol or a cheap, reliable, efficient one this is the one to get. Buy two for the extra magazine.
by LIAM R. on 06/13/2017
"$35 Gas pistol that works reliably. Nuff said.
by Brian F. on 03/21/2017
"I got this gun last week and I thoroughly enjoy the hell out of it! It is a great beginner's gun, especially good as a sidearm.
Tip from me: use .25 g bbs. This will bring the FPS down to CQB-field limits. On the plus side, gives you better accuracy and range.

Quiet (compared to other sidearms I tried)
Able to go through two almost three mags before reloading green gas

Trigger pull is long (can be seen either pro or con)
Magazines cost $20
by Dru W. on 06/25/2016
"this may be my first handgun but I have fired others and this gun hits like a beast and goes great with a riot shield good sights good fps and good range for a hand gun though it doesn't take CO2 it still uses its gas resposibly
by Eric D. on 04/02/2016
"my first gas gun, i used electric and spring before. this pistol shoots better than my rifles, accept for my new one. it is double action but has a long trigger pull.
shoots high FPS
holds lots of ammo
make a loud bang
accepts propane
has good weight
long trigger pull
non painted sights
large hangle
by Leonard R. on 11/26/2014
"I had this pistol for 4 years now and I love it so heres a few pros/cons.

.nice mag
.easy saftey (to the side)
.mag copacite

. you need to mags! (my falt just wanted to tell you)
.need painted sights

in all my first green gas pistole still works amazing i recamend this pistol to anyone.
by Paul B. on 10/20/2010
"Great gun. Shoots hard and leaves bb sized dents in wood. Takes propane and all the other gases except co2. Only downside is that mags are kinda expensive. Other than that great gun!
by lee j. on 03/14/2010
"I just got this gun and I am AMAZED! It's my first gas gun so now my expectations are set high.
Very realistic in weight and looks
high fps
durable, I dropped this gun on the ground like 10 times already and nothing's broke

no blowback
reload often, but that comes with every pistol
yeah, that's about it.

I use evike's green gas and for 8 bucks a can, gas guns are a lot cheaper than I thought!
by Gary K. on 03/12/2010
"This gun can compete with any pistol.. buy 2 of these for the extra mag and backup gun. I had to shot about 10 full mags to get this gun working right but have had these for awhile and can get almost 5 full mags before reloading sometimes more but thats a good ave. finish while u are playing does not matter feels good could be better... feels good in ur hands some plastic grip for the price mags extra guns u could spend like 300 plus to fill a vest with 5+ mags not many negs way more pos I have the money for hight price guns and i definatly choose this.
by Doug C. on 03/11/2010
"ok, first of all, i want to tell evryone that i love this gun. it shoots about 436 fps, and, i dont know its just kicks ass. i fought 6 other guys with snipers, with only this gun, and i pwned everyone. this is the best deal u will ever get in your life. buy it, now.

pros:good weight-(not too heavy or light) perfect accuracy with .20s, and you can cock it!!!!! so cool and realistic

cons: its green gas and u have to load it every two and a half mags, but its performance more than makes up for that!! :D
by justin m. on 01/28/2010
"exelent gun! for $35 you get a solid one peice gas m9 yes its abs but it will never break and if you break it then wow....... it has a 22 rnd mag and due to its desigine when you release the mag from the gun you dont loose the one thats in the chamber the mag its self shoot s good 85 rounds or so before needing to be refilled though i simply refill ever time i reload the mag for more fps which is about 380 give or take great for a pistol

pros for this gun compaired to a blowback

mag hold 22 rnds 25 rnd standard
gas capasity shoots about 85 rnds 30 gas capasity
abs (but wont break ) metal
fps 380 300-350
rof up too you limited to speed of the slide finishing
price 35 $100+
overall life of the gun 10/10 5/7 out of 10

the price amazise me if you want a fancy looking gun but a block back but ive owned 3 and there no wear near as good as this or any nbb pistol these are cheaper more reliable all around better the only thing is its doesnt look as "realistic" because its doesnt slide back over years of playing you realize looks dont matter and proformance is what matter when you get to that point buy yourself one or two of these youll love them
by Sam B. on 03/27/2009
"Very Good Gun!

This Gun Is Very Good. Shoot's Well, Very Good Accuracy.

You Should Get It!!!
by Efren I. on 03/15/2009
"Excellent Gun.

-Using propane, this gun is able to shoot about 90 rounds without having to refill it with gas.
-The FPS on mine was about 370-400 (better than most blowbacks)
-ROF is limited to how fast you pull the trigger (duh)
-The accuracy simply wowed me after adjusting the hop-up
-Dual-wielding these are fun. Get a dual cross draw shoulder holster w/ these and you will look crazy!-- though evike doesn't sell them =(
-No point in buying another magazine for this because +$10 will get you another gun

If you're a practical person like me, BUY IT. If you're more concerned about "airsoft fashion shows" and have plenty of $ in your hands, go buy a fancy blowback.. haha
by Nicholas T. on 03/05/2009
Great price - for a good gun.


GREAT FPS using propane. shot harder than my friend's JG m4 (330fps w/.23)

Very accurate up close once you adjust the hop-up. tested at 80ft

Seems sturdy and durable

Doesnt feel cheap like lightweight plastics

Price - only $30. pick up 2 of these instead of a clip and you have a whole back up gun

EFFICIENT! - shot 68bbs(4 clip reloads) with 1 fill of the mag w/ propane.

Trigger pull - no it is not heavy unless you are a little kid.
You have to pull all the way back and let go all the way, do not short stroke it will not fire.
would have been perfect if it had a metal frame/finish.

No attachment rail like the other low price 1911.

reason to purchase over other close competitor guns. namely 1911 NBB, and other GBB guns.
Cost-Benefit ratio is very high for this gun.

The 1911 NBB is good, but you can get this gun and a pouch for the same price. but I would get either only a $10 difference.

You can get a 2 M9 NBB Pistols and a ($10)leg pouch for $70. This gives you an spare gun if one were to break, the fun of dual wielding, and an extra mag. A GBB pistol that shoots with similar FPS and range will cost $100+, without a holster,and extra mags.

If you want a gun to shoot high FPS, accurate, and be gas efficient get this. BEST VALUE available.

If you want cool sliding action get a GBB, and pay the extra $100 to get the same power/accruacy... note that the blow back action will throw off your accuracy grouping a bit cause it moves.