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Model: GP-WG-CO2-M9-B

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by davin s. on 2016-07-10 07:25:43
Realistic solid feel
Doesn't leak co2
Very high fps
Very high accuracy

Non blowback(honestly though who cares)
No lock on the pistol grip where the co2 goes, but really no big deal

amazing pistol, made many people bleed with this bad boy
by Mason C. on 2016-05-12 16:04:12
"This is by far, the BEST sidearm I have ever had and used on the field. Do not be underestimated by it's polymer material or low price, this gun if freakin' awesome.

accurate, accurate, accurate!
can be used for long range if right weight bbs are used
sights are good and accurate
CO2 goes in handle
not a gas hog
magazines are cheap

slow trigger pull, but no big deal as long as you have a good trigger finger like I do
small clip capacity, but not really a big deal, just buy 6 more like I did
too hot for some fields

To sum it all up, if you are doing to a field that allows high fps side arms, then bring this gun with you. I love mine so much that I painted on it a black base and red tiger claws going down the side of the gun and it still works amazingly well. Best side arm I have ever had.

To sum it all up
by Dennis H. on 2013-03-12 21:41:33
"I got this gun about a week and a half ago, and I love it so far! I hit a peanut on the ground from about five feet away (sounds easy, but it's not...)

- Dead accurate sights
- Co2 is stored in the handle
- Loud (Con for some people)
- Nice weight to it
- Metal magazine

- The package doesn't come with any Co2
- Low magazine capacity (About 15, but when semi-auto that is gone fast)
- Spare magazines are expensive ($15)
- Non-blowback

Overall, for a starter gun (which is what I bought it for), it is perfect. It has a low price and nice build quality. I would definately reccomend buying it, it is an amazing deal!
by evan d. on 2012-08-14 18:49:10
"i got this gun about 6 months ago and ive put about 25 co2 cartriges and 5000 bbs threw it and still works great except for a rare miss fire that happens this gun is very accurate and with a high fps of 450 it would mae a great secondary weapon now for pros and cons

cheap and afforadable
high fps
easy co2 installation
good on co2 (about 60-70 rounds)

non blowback
low mag capacity
grip slides too easily after awhile of use
by Daniel W. on 2012-05-26 20:38:33
"Just used the gun today, great gun. It is powerful all the way through the cartridge. This gun lasted me 3 hrs before changed c02 canister. Left bloody welts every time i shot. Love the gun. I recommend to any one who wants to have a great time. Good for primary and secondary
Shoots Fast(500Fps,Leaves bloody welts)
Easy to use
Good accuracy
Small BB capacity

This Is a great gun and i recommend to all.
by wade T. on 2012-02-21 14:28:56
"It has a good FPS and the m9 is bigger than it looks in the pic and it has a nice weight to it so time for pros and cons

good fps
nice weight
thick plastic
and it co2 which you can get any where
and the co2 is in the grip .

its still plastic
lil to big
hard to get co2 in
the slide dosent move
triger hard to move
by Danny S. on 2011-10-16 20:54:32
"I gotta say this is a pretty fantastic gun for the 40 dollars your paying for it.


* 350 - 400 FPS Depending on the amount of co2 (made a hole in my wall :O ooops)
* Good on gas at about 10-12 mags which is about 150 - 180 shots
* Very reliable safety
* Cheap magazines can be bought at walmart somtimes 2 for $10 or here for i think 1 for $11
* Heavyweight (preference more than a pro or con)
* Loud (also a preference unless your in a battle)
* Sturdy ABS Plastic external covering.


* Small magazine 15 shots (i am pretty fine with this but couldnt think of anything else :D)
* Hard trigger (can be a pro if you tend to accidentally fire alot)
by Zach H. on 2011-07-20 18:18:12
"This gun is absolutely amazing. I have a sniper that is bolt action and shoots the same fps and i payed 75 for that! This gun could be used for both Primary and Secondary depending on what your doing.
Great FPS
15-16 rounds per clip
Scares people
Great Accuracy
All metal inside

Intruction Booklet it comes with is terrible
Can be heavy at times

I dont think even 5 stars is enought i wish i could make a 10/5!
Great gun for a great price!
by John S. on 2011-04-06 19:55:46
great for the price; if u only want to spend $40, go for it! great for the occasional aluminum can target practice and backyard skirmishes

-feels heavy and sturdy (which it is)
-loud (might be a con to some ppl)
-ULTRA MEGA EXTREMELY--and quite unreasonably and unnecessarily!-- POWERFUL (450+ FPS)
***has made me bleed, i have a white scar on my man-boob NO JOKE!***

2 important CONS:

-VERY INACCURATE-- my friend has this gun too and he has the same problem-- the BB curves in all random directions about 3 ft out of the barrel (effective range: 40 feet max)

-TOO STRONG--the little kids go home crying (that is, if i managed to hit them cuz it is inaccurate)
__This amt. of power is nice for vaporizing soda cans and cereal boxes, but not so nice for playing with the neighbors due to the blood (including my own)


Ideal for :
a) those who want an insanely powerful yet affordable sidearm, and r playing with people willing to GET HURT then it is perfect
b) or for those who like utterly mutilating tin cans and paper targets (ME!!)

I hope u enjoy, and keep airsofting my fellow awesome people!
by Edwin C. on 2011-03-12 14:31:23
"I bought this Gun from my Friend Yesterday and after A lot of inspections and test firing it is very nice for the price. This gun is said to hit 370-500 FPS witch is Not true. It goes 320-370. Its fairly simple to Insert the Co2 into the Grip. It has Plastic Externals and Metal internal.

- Good Power
- Good Quality for price
- 15 Round Mag.
- Easy to load Co2
- Nice bold sound
- Metal internals
- I Could go on and on

- Plastic Externals
- Dry fires Every now and then
- A bit bulky

If your looking to Get a good side arm or a cheap gas gun then get this. 4/5.
by Isaac K. on 2011-03-09 22:06:10
"i bought this gun 6 months ago and for a while it was my only gun ( i didnt have a primary) i still got more kills than my friend who has a m14, this gun is fantastic! as a primary or as a secondary.

Pros :
*it uses 1 co2 cartridge for a whole day of air soft (off and on use if you use it every single match and fire 2 clips you might need 2 cartridges)
*good weight and feel
*outrageous FPS
*great accuracy ( i hit a can from about 80ft)
*leaves welts ( i shot my friend at about 50ft and he had the BB actually stick in him!)
*great price

cons :
i would say the gun is a little 2 heavy its hard 2 run with it in my vest holster, but if its in a leg holster its perfect.

this is the best gun i own! im going to buy another and go dual wield!
by blah b. on 2011-01-17 13:46:39
"I have this gun and let me just say it truely is amazing. This thing is good enough to use as a primary (I am currently undefeated using this as a primary in airsoft wars.) This gun is definitely worth the buy and I recommend anyone from beginner to experienced to buy this gun.

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