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Model: GP-WG-CO2-M9-B

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by Ricky K. on 2011-01-16 18:05:48
"I bought this gun at the store a while back. It looks realistic and has a good feeling when you hold it. It weighs a little heavy. I was able to put a flashlight and laser attachment on the bottom with ease. It's fun to use in backyard games. Makes a great sidearm with no cons. It's FPS is good for it's price. Overall, good bang for your buck.

-Good feel.
-Good FPS.
-Great for price.


Great sidearm for a cheap price. Makes a great first CO2 powered sidearm.
by Carole G. on 2011-01-15 21:14:23
"WOW!!!!! This gun is absolutely amazing... Its almost full metal and is heavy and feels great I LOVE IT!
by Cameron J. on 2010-12-29 13:14:35
"This gun is an amazing buy, I highly recomend it..
-400ish fps w/ new co2 cartridge
-mags are about 7 bucks at wal mart, so i bought 3 more :P
-uses almost no co2
-great look and feel
-all mmetal internals; easy to lubricate too

-no hop up :/
-mine leaked gas when i only took it apart half way, but i pulled it all the way apart, lubed it, and now the leak is gone
-mid cap mags (theyre cheap though so buy more)

over all great gun, i would try and substitue some hop up though, idk how but definetely worth more than 40 bucks and great for beginners and pros
by Donald H. on 2010-12-26 19:14:02
"This gun sounds very good for $40. I hav recently ordered it and i hav read every reveiw that has been posted to make sure i hav made the right dicision and so far i personaly think i did. I have a L96 sniper and i hav been looking for a great side arm and i think this is the perfect one if people are looking for a decent cheap but very well fps and qauility like i said earleir i havnt got the gun yet but if ur still shaky about getting it GET IT and u wont regret but i shouldnt be sayin tht cause i dont even hav it yet but I hav a great feelin bout this one.
by Colin M. on 2010-11-13 22:42:35
"I bought this gun recently. Overall, its a good gun.

The body is entirely plastic. Not weak, and with a decent color tone, so it doesn't look fake and is probably sturdy enough to last if taken care of.

There is a rail to accept a laser/flashlight on the bottom of the gun. its plastic, and probably not the most perfect fit (idk, havent tested it yet) but its good that is has one as after-market mounts are expensive.

The internals are entirely metal (except for three parts: the mag holder/release, the safety, and the part that provides resistance to the barrel reset spring, which i will discuss later).

It has a good weight to it, but that is due to two weights, a large one located underneath the barrel in front of the trigger assembly, and a smaller one found above and behind the grip, in the triangular guard which would prevent your hand sliding up and getting hit by the blowback on the real steel version. These appear and feel to be made of lead, so i would avoid handling them.

I cannot speak for the exact fps, but I can say that at 25 feet this gun is capable of penetrating and cleanly exiting a coke can. At a few inches, it can penetrate the bottom, which puts it at about 385 minimum muzzle velocity (.2 gram bbs- poor man's chrono). Basically, very powerful.

If you squeeze the trigger (the pull, by the way, is really long- i would estimate an inch to an inch and a half) halfway and then release it, a bb will roll out of the barrel, or two will fire next time. cool for shotgun effect but really bad for the gun to do so.

The grip is off-colored (it is dark grey and the gun is black) and really fat. Once you start using it, it won't feel fat, but initially it is a bit bothersome.

Accuracy is decent, and better than I expected (.2 gram bbs). Obviously, you cant expect superb accuracy out of a pistol, especially a $40 pistol, so its not bad for the size/price. After about 70 ft you will not hit the target you are aiming at, as the bb will curve away, and not in a general direction. Sometimes it curves right, sometimes left, sometimes up, and sometimes it just drops. But under 70 ft the gun is capable of hitting torso sized targets (although the shooter might not be good enough to do so).

I fired ten clips (150 bbs), and took it apart. put it back together, fired 10 co2 cartridges (about 1000 bbs), and then took it apart again to look for wear.

This is what I found.

First, do not trust the safety. If you have the safety on, do not assume that it will work. About 1mm of wear on a plastic part that is contacting metal already will cause it to fail. You shouldn't put 100% faith in the safety on any gun, of course, but this one in particular is iffy at best.

Second, this is where to expect part failures:
Safety (as previously mentioned).
Magazine holder/release- this part is held in place by about 2 mm of plastic, and the spring provides some pretty stiff tension, so I can definitely see the plastic rod that holds it in place breaking or the spring getting out of place and making the clip useless.
Hop-up (or what I am assuming is the hopup) and barrel contact- the barrel moves forward about 3/4 inch each shot, and is propelled backwards extremely quickly once the co2 is released and the bb is fired. The hopup drops down from above the barrel as it moves forward and is rapidly and powerfully forced out of the way (angular contact) as the barrel quickly slides back. eventually, this will wear down the hopup, or the top of the barrel, or both.
Screw threads- the screws are all metal, obviously, but the threads in the gun where they screw in are plastic. This could be especially problematic with the screw in the very front of the gun, which holds the plastic part in place that provides the spring tension which resets the barrel after each shot. The tension that is permanently on if from this rather large spring could eventually break the plastic around the screw, which is where the tension is focused as it is the only screw directly attached to this piece.

That sounds pretty negative, but flaws can be found in the designs of just about any airsoft gun, even the more expensive ones. Overall, i would recommend this gun for the price.

good power
accurate (no curve) to 70ft w/ .2's
almost entirely metal innards
mounting rail built into frame

Fat grip (not bad) and off colored grip
general unrealism-plastic and such
plastic safety internals
plastic magazine latch/release
barrel+bb holder/hopup will eventually damage each other
plastic screw threads

Overall, the pros outweigh the cons considering the price, so I give this gun a 4/5 and a high recommendation.
by Kenneth R. on 2010-09-29 14:44:28
"hey i just ordered this gun and it looks and sounds sick. ive herd from friends who have it or are getting it thats its a great buy. if any one has some advise for the gun plz post sumthin. thanks.
by gail m. on 2010-09-27 20:41:05
"This gun is amazing for the price. I got this in augest of this year and i just had my party and we were airsofting at close range and this thing makes you bleed. My buddy has a m4 and the fps on it was 390 and the pistol hert more then the m4. The only thing wrong with it is the low mag capasity and it does not have blow back.
by Joseph T. on 2010-09-23 07:20:17
"This gun is an excellent addition to my armory. It holds CO2 for weeks at a time and still fires a good seven to eight clips. When testing firepower, we had my friend line his foot up with the barrel of the gun. One pull of the trigger put his foot out of commission the rest of the game. I suggest this gun to anyone looking for some nice firepower on a budget.

- Strong/High Powered
- Very Very Good on CO2

- Accuracy is not the best at mid range.
by David B. on 2010-09-22 18:16:27
"Okay so some guy said this fit his C11, which is a BB gun not an airsoft gun and I own the C11 and I know it shoots metal BBs, this gun does shoot plastic airsoft BBs not metal right?
by Gaven S. on 2010-09-21 17:16:31
"Idk if you made it to this review but if you did pls take your time to read it. First of this gun looks great and is very comfy in your grip. i have used it yet but i shot a few rounds i highly recommend.20gram and it is almost rite on target. it is very powerful and basicly to powerful for cqb but a great sidearm. the co2 goes in nicely and last a good time.(compatible to a crosman mag from walmart)
accurate with .20gram
looks great
has alot of power
uses cheap mags
hasnt yet misfired or jammed
co2 is easy fit, you dont have to fight it

for some it is too powerful
no real complaints so far it feels durable not to heavy or lite i love it soo far
and if you made it this far i highly recommend this for a side arm.(pls note it is to powerful for most fields) but great for backyard with friends or somthing. i hope this helps
by Jeremy N. on 2010-09-14 18:55:08
"This gun is insanely great. i played with several friends yesterday and used this is my primary weapon

- nice weight
- good sights
- uses co2 slowly (about 150 shots per co2 thing)
- pretty accurate (ive hit them about 80 feet away easily)
- great for the money you're dishing out!
- really loud (might be a con for you) and sounds intense

- The mags are annoying to load (maybe im just special)
- mostly plastic
- some problems with mag (it dry fires sometimes)

But otherwise, this gun is absolutely fantastic, and at $40, it makes a great secondary weapon. Feels, sounds, and looks awesome.
by Brian S. on 2010-06-09 18:33:49
"I've had this gun for like 3 months now, and I've had absolutly no trouble with it, and was thinking of getting a second and being a pistol player in battle. My friends were so impressed with it that they're getting one now. Wal-Mart clips for the C11 do fit in this gun, and are all metal. This gun has great accuracy at about 50 or so foot, and great power, is a little big in the handle if your moving to it from a spring pistol but overall worth the money easily

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