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MadBull Airsoft 6mm Grenade Gas Cartridge for Airsoft Grenade Launchers. (48 rounds)

4 Customer Reviews

by Aaron C. on 11/27/2017
"TLDR: I got one of these along with two other brands of grenade, and this outperformed the others in all the best ways.

I was wary of putting down so much money on something a simple as a grenade when competitors products are going for a good sum less, but the other reviews on this convinced me to give it a try. There are 3 things I was looking for in my grenade, power, capacity, and reliability. This one met my expectations on all three counts. For the sake of comparison, I will mention my experience with the other grenades so you can understand why I was so impressed.

Power: I was using the same can of green gas and .20g bbs for all 3 grenades. I guess this one has the best reservoir, or maybe it just channels the gas more efficiently, but this grenade shot more BBs further than the other two every time.

Capacity: Out of the grenades I tried, this and one other actually held what was advertised. Most importantly, the bbs weren't falling out the ends of the tubes. Even with me running, jumping, and climbing all over the place, only a couple bbs ever fell out. The third grenade would lose at least a third of the bbs before I actually used it. I know because I had a pouch with a bunch of lose bbs before using the third grenade, and half of the tubes were missing a bunch of bbs. So I count that against the capacity.

Reliability: This is the category where this grenade really shines. Over the course of several games, I learned what to expect from this grenade, and it was the same every time. The others weren't nearly so consistent, sometimes shooting shorter than I had expected, or only propelling a few bbs any decent distance. It failed to fire once, but I think that the firing pin on my launcher is a bit short, and it fired on the second trigger pull, so not the grenades fault.

Overall, if you are willing to spend money, this is for you. It worked perfectly out of the box, and is very consistent. Just remember to re-arm the grenade between shots. Its super easy, just push the firing plate all the way down until it won't go any farther (1 inch or so), then let it back out. Otherwise it won't hold gas.
by Alastair M. on 03/26/2010
"i just got this grenade in today and i can tell you it is astounding. i let my dad shoot it and the first thing he said was "Bloody Hell!"
it is louder then i thought and ways about a pound
the one thing you dont wanna do is forget to press the reset button before putting the gas in.
all the bbs shot into my hand
overall great product
by Joe K. on 03/26/2010
"This in one of the good starter shells because it's got good capacity, good weight, full aluminum metal stuff or something like that,good size, and i think this my shell only or its designed that way but mine when fire it puffs out smoke stuff (green gas) and it also has spiraled smoke and the bb's spiral too! It's really jun to shoot to look at, and great spread/ accuracy.

Cons: scatches way to easily, took me awhile how to get all 8 bb's in each hole until i found out u put in 8 and push it down. Very good but im going to get one of the powerful high power shells. this is good for now, came with my launcher in about 4 days!
by Robert G. on 09/16/2008
"This is the base foundation for all airsoft grenade. Very simple: buy it and you will not be disapointed. A++ Mad bull is best for grenade shells