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Matrix Full Finger Tactical Gloves (Color: Black / Small)

60 Customer Reviews

by joshua r. on 04/18/2009
"i just got these gloves 2 days ago and tested them out today by takin a point-blank shot by an m4 and it felt like someone just flicked my hand....they do run a bit large though but excellent gloves i definetly recomend these especially for 12.99
by Michael Z. on 02/27/2009
"Just got my gloves and they kick ass, I wasnt paying attention when ordering and got the XL ones, but they fit me like...well you get the idea. Theyre perfect for my large hands and really comfy, the strap almost goes all the way around my wrist, but wearing a pair of black sweatbands or long sleeves will help take care of that. Thinking of maybe getting another pair and taking off the thumb and forefinger to make shooting easier, anyone else ever need to do that with their gloves
by Terry J. on 02/20/2009
"*edited by webmaster* Please do not post demeaning comments!

but yea nice gloves I have to admit they work good when using My Matrix M14 spring sniper I always get kills
by thomas l. on 12/01/2008
"I just got these gloves and there pretty good,the plastic/rubber is a little cheap but the glove is nice and padded i havent used it in airsoft yet but expect good things and im a big duy so wen a glove fits its rare to ima give this a 5/5
by Jon F. on 10/29/2008
"i was waring these gloves once and we were attacked by zombies so i wipped out my m9 and right when i put it up to a zombies face it bit my hand .... luckly i had these strong protective gloves on and it saved my fingers from falling off....... they may look rerarted but the are protective
by Andy H. on 09/30/2008
"This glove is comfortable and it is the only glove out there that has a "shield" that will actually absorb all impact of bb from your knuckles and other parts of your finger. (Well, unless you get the Oakley gloves that are government issued, which is impossible to find and cost $100)

As far as gloves goes, it is the best one for Airsoft. I do a lot of close quarter simulations, building entering and movement training, and these gloves stopped all the beating on my fingers once and for all.

Gershom, the "look" is really an opinion of yours.

For indoor / cqb this glove is great because you'll need it. For outdoor games, you can wear something thinner or don't wear gloves at all.
by Duc V. on 09/14/2008
"These gloves are really fit, and they get pretty flexible. The gloves are indeed black. The rectangle cutouts look sloppy, but that doesn't effect performance. I recommend slicing off the trigger finger if you need that extra flexibility. The gloves aren't bulky. 5/5
by Aidan K. on 09/13/2008
"Thanks a lot man, but he still doesn't believe it.
by Aidan K. on 09/13/2008
"My little brother thinks that the plastic on these is GREEN. Please write back so that I can convince him that they are BLACK!!
by allen q. on 09/09/2008
"these gloves are GREAT! If your playing indoor these will protect your knuckles and fingers. I played indoor 2 weeks ago WITHOUT these gloves and my knuckles got hit 3 times. 2 weeks later my fingers still hurt.

Get these gloves it will protect your hands. They feel really sturdy
by James W. on 08/14/2008
"Surprisingly sturdy gloves! I actually expected them to more like an armored sports glove and not the tactical treat they are.

They passed the pocket test, and I wasen't sure they would after actually seeing them and putting them on.

Pocket Test - I can dig the car keys out of the bottom of my jeans pocket with minimal effort.

I might still cut the trigger-finger off, but time will tell.
by Pierce B. on 08/04/2008
"These aren't as bulky as the picture makes them out to be. They fit extremely well and are very protective, if you have larger hands, shooting a 1911 with these on can get finicky. But otherwise great buy!
by donovan e. on 07/02/2008
"These gloves are comfortable and can take a hit from any type of airsoft or paintball gun.
by Aaron H. on 07/02/2008
"Absolutely love these gloves, works well to protect bb's going for your hands. Very comfortable, easy to fire gun while wearing.
by Bin Q. on 06/27/2008
"If you are running a close quarter, get these. It hurts like a ***** to get shot on your knuckles if you know what I am talking about. Not really necessary for outdoors. Get the nomex or tac force for outdoor games.