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King Arms AK GP-30 Airsoft Grenade Launcher Conversion Kit For AK Series Airsoft AEG

6 Customer Reviews

by Paviel G. on 05/31/2017
"Greate grenate launcher, works with taginn projectiles and regular BB showers, the most reliable gp type launcher.
by Jonathan S. on 11/29/2010
"This is a collector-grade copy of the GP-30 Russian/Warsaw-Pact AK-series under-barrel grenade launcher. Re-designed for use with 40mm Airsoft grenades, this copy has all of the features of the real thing with all of the fun of airsoft.

If you want to store batteries in it, OK; but why waste a great weapon? Keep a vest full of gas grenades and go to town!

The launcher does take a little practice to use effectively: Being a muzzle-loader, it's a tad quicker to load than 'conventional' grenade launchers. The buttons' functions are not immediately obvious. One is the quick-release (takes the launcher off the rifle and does allow you to use the launcher like a pistol) another is a safety and yet another releases the spent grenade from the barrel. You can get the functions down in about five minutes.

I recommend this launcher for realism, function and fun. For a little more realism, mount it on the AK-74/100-series as his is the most up-to-date version of the launcher.

This launcher does NOT use the MosCart VOG-25 round. That grenade is for the BG-15 series 30mm launcher.

While this is a short-barreled launcher and should be used with the shorter grenade versions, it will accept any 40mm gas grenades.
by Alex B. on 10/20/2010
"Awesome launcher. A must have for awesome AK build!

Well, if you are looking for a launcher for your AK to fire grenade shells, this is by far the best looking.

The M203 types are for M4

Besides the leaving you no choices, this launcher is well built, great detail, very high quality and works like a charm!
by Mikhail K. on 11/29/2008
"Well, It says that it's a Grenade Launcher/Battery Holder. So it's probably both.
by Peter P. on 03/03/2013
"Prety Good.

Attention Getter! Everyone was looking and taking pics (especially when you have a bandoleer of 40mms)
Great Authentic look
Easy to use
Takes any 40mm

Weight (which is offset because you have use the handle as a fore grip)
The mount!! Mounting this thing wasnt easy, and after a big game it became loose and wobbly
Make sure your AK's cleaning rob can come out since its needed to come out to properly mount it

Good first impression, my first grenade launcher so I hope to take a deeper look at it can get this great addition even better
by derek p. on 01/31/2010
"I have one of these on my TM AK. Its a solid, heavy piece. Will most likely not be too comfortable for the average player due to how front heavy it makes the gun. (mine has a full stock) The trigger and grip assembly tends to get loose.

It can shoot any 40mm airsoft grenade. The regular length shells reach right to the end of the tube so long ones will stick out. Since there is essentially no barrel length the BBs will have a wide spread and not travel as far as a regular m203 or M79. ( I have a CAW wood M79 as well)

It CAN hold a small battery, the white cap it comes with looks like the front of a VOG25 grenade and holds the battery in. It cannot shoot grenades at that point because the battery goes in the barrel. Making it quite possibly the heaviest battery holder on the market. You would be better off using a battery bag or an AN/PEQ 2 to hold your battery.

Overall a good solid GP30. Looks great, heavy as a boat anchor, preforms as expected, terrible for battery storage.