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Matrix Full Body 3-Piece Concealment Ghillie Suit Set - Woodland/Green

45 Customer Reviews

by Sara W. on 03/30/2015
"Really good, sorry not much else i can say. It's awesome and fun. Im 6ft even, 220 lbs and its still pretty big. trust me size and fitting isnt an issue

looks awesome
comes with a gun wrap

the strings will pull out pretty easy, i collect them then add it to the gun wrap

Really good is my beginning and end statements
by Morgan-dean L. on 01/21/2015
"This is a very nice ghilie suit, even came with a gun wrap! Blends well in the 40 acre woods I play in and is very light weight and cool (temperature wise and awesomeness) compared to other ghilie a I've used.a few bad things though is the bag is not the same one in the picture, it is much more cheap looking and is ripped easily.... The ghilie has "pocket holes" in the jacket and pants so if you fine one don't think you've ripped it because it's right on the seam. All in all this is a great ghilie for the 56$ I paid for and if your a sniper-in-training or an expert I reccomend this
by John P. on 12/11/2014
"I really like this.. I bought it for my son and he loves it he plays in a 100 acre woods and it blends in perfect!
by Skyler B. on 07/03/2014
"I think this was a great buy! I have recently started my airsoft career about six months ago. I am 15 and may not know much, but I know something nice when I see it. I have chosen the sniping path and I thought why not buy a ghillie suit. Here's what I thought.

-Keeps you hidden
-Easy to put on
-Easy storage and easy to take with
-Fun to use

-Doesn't look like any of the pictures, more stringy than grassy looking from up close
-Becomes a little heated after awhile(bring lots of water)

All in all I give this fine piece of camouflage a 5/5 because it's perfect for what I need it for and for where I live.
by Brad B. on 08/30/2013
"I just received it about a week ago and it's just so great to have if you like playing outdoors in the woods or need that extra camouflage if you have a heavy weapon.

-It really is MAX COMFORT
-easy to put on
-doesn't "shed"
-really hides you well
-covers your entire body
-Doesn't rot or grow mold
-perfect if you need to hide somewhere if you have a heavy sniper.
-It fits me perfect. I'm 5ft 6" weighing in at about 135lbs.
-also comes with camo for your gun
-covers your face with a nice woodland camo mesh.
-prank people :)

-you can trip on your own camouflage if you don't have high enough boots lol
-Bad for cqb (obviously)

No more cons!

Overall this is excellent! The pros dominate the cons by far. And I think you will be happy. BUY IT! It's worth $70!
by Carter D. on 08/30/2013
"The Ghillie suit is a great product and I extremely recommend purchasing it... I got the ghillie suit when it first came out and never regreted it. I used it on halloween, hid in my small front yard, and noone saw me :)
-very comfortable

-it doesnt great very hot

-great camoflauge

-comes with a "ghillie strap" to cover your gun

-looks awesome

-easy to put on

-good for scaring and amazing kids on halloween


-knots up

-get bbs stuck in it

-dry leaves get stuck in it

-okay visibility

-okay breathing room (just dont sprint to much)
by Jakc B. on 08/30/2013
"i got this about a year ago and let me just tell u its AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! I'm a sniper and this hides me extremely well( i use the TM VSR-10, fully upgraded). the only problem is that it is nearly impossible to climb trees in it. :(.


amazing camo for snipers

perfect blend to surroundings

very comfortable

great look


can't climb trees
by michael s. on 03/01/2013
"Good ghille realistically no this is not milspec real ghillie suits are made of burlap (jute) and are made for the exact situation at hand HOWEVER this is a great ghillie, make sure when you open it to spread the strands out gently, make it crazy and kind of messy looking to blend in well and a sniper always rolls around in his surroundings a few times, tossing leaves and sticks all over to catch dirt, leaves etc and terrain to fully blend in. Remember if you wear a ghillie suit right it is the ultimate tool but you stand out like a sore thumb if you don't want to get down and dirty. Definitely worth every penny but remember to roll around in the ground to pick up debris, twigs and the like in order to blend in. trust me its worth every penny but remember your limited on gear you wear underneath such as spare mags etc so pack a lightweight vest (i took a molle vest and wrapped fishnet around each pouch and the vest and did jute all over to make a ghillie vest but definetely lightweight and works well!
by liam m. on 11/05/2011
"I got this 2 weeks ago and i love it i'm 6" feet tall and 140 pounds and the XL/XXL fits me really well i love it playing airsoft very practical very nice!
by Devin W. on 01/05/2011
"I got this yesterday and tested how hidden i am with it and it was great my brother that i had look for me was 2 feet away without seeing me. So over all a great buy. I love it alot its very comfortable, but it sheds quite a bit. if you need a good ghillie suit this will be great. 5/5
by Lyman M. on 09/30/2010
"It is awsome!!!!!!!!! It is actually something that fits back in the bag it came in. You can even reverse it and have just camo. (tomarrow is turkey season can't wait to try it.
by Matt O. on 09/25/2010
"I'm about 5'6 and 130 should i get a medium or a large?
by Joshua O. on 09/19/2010
"hey im 18 and 6 feet tall what size would i need?

plz reply thx
by matt s. on 09/19/2010
"if im 6 ft but only 134 what size would i need. also what else can i add to help me blend in with the area
by Tammy H. on 09/19/2010
"Hey I have a question, what size should i get if i am 110 pounds and 5 ft 1?

thanks for your help!!