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Matrix Full Body 3-Piece Concealment Ghillie Suit Set - Desert

11 Customer Reviews

by Trevor B. on 01/02/2017
"Good suit but when you get use your fingers to spread out the strings because the are stuck together. It's easier to store the suit inside out. The only bad thing is it takes a little while to get all the little sticks out but it is worth it.
by isaac h. on 11/08/2015
"I just got this suit and used it at a game. It picks up sticks, branches, leaves, etc. This can be a down side for movement but who is really going to try to move fast in one of these. bBy picking up all of this stuff it helps to blend into the surroundings.

Not to hot

Jute comes off the suit kind of easily

over all it was worth it for the price
by skylar g. on 07/24/2014
"i have the tan in the mail and the green in the closet , there is nothing in this world i enjoy more than beeing less than 5 feet from someone who thinks there sneeky , that is the most fuffiling kill in airsoft so silent they are like where did he shoot me from , so good
by jake b. on 05/14/2012
"this ghillie suit is awesome

great blend
great look and very comfortable

the only problem i have is that all the strings get bought on branches making it extremely hard to move in the woods
by Patrick D. on 02/27/2012
"this is a very nice suit, its not hot, its not "ichy" its the perfect suit for me and it blends really well
by Brandon T. on 03/06/2010
"no, its actually not hot at all, it adds a layer of protection for you, but because it keeps you so shaded and its sewn together by netting, it vents you very well. so to answer your question, this is a very nice ghillie suit and no, it wownt make you hotter than if u were in BDU's of something
by Nicholas N. on 09/05/2009
"I hear that it's REALLY warm inside these suits.
Is this true?
by David S. on 07/07/2008
"OMG this is pretty much an invisible suit if you lay down in the woods you are unseen.This is a little pricy but when you think of it it is actually better than what the picture makes it look like , I suggest this suit for anyone =]
by Esteban F. on 02/15/2016
"I had received one of these suits for christmas one year and I loved it until . . . the yarn started grabbing every piece of nearby cactus. I do live in a desert environment with lots of cactus, so this suit shouldn't have this problem if you are in a woodland environment. I cut up the suit and wanted to use the mesh material to make my own, but instead I think I am going to purchase another and cut out the front. This is because the front is quite unnecessary and picks up whatever you have laid upon in its tangled yarn.

Blends in very well with my dry environment

Made of yarn (Not Jute/Burlap)
3 pieces (I would like to see a hood sewn into the jacket, not a separate boonie hat)

I would recommend this product for beginner to intermediate players (maybe pro if you ditch the pants cut out the lower front portion, using the jacket as a cape almost, and cutting out the front of the boonie hats ghillie where it looks like a beard)
by Steven A. on 12/07/2014
"Very good suit. Kind of hot. Sticks to EVERYTHING. So, it picks up sticks, leaves, pinestraw, and anything else you might come into contact with. Perfect for dry, tall grass fields/woodlines. If you use the hood, don't use steel mesh goggles, it's really hard to see.
by Jon F. on 01/13/2009
"i got it about a year ago
it comes in three parts pants, shirt, and face mask
its ok it gets caught on a lot of briers and sticks and stuff
yea it should fit good for a 5ft somthin person mabey even a little bigger im like 4 11' and its kinda baggy but its good