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The Box of Awesomeness (Edition: BOA released in 2013)

19 Customer Reviews

by Pearce L. on 12/11/2013
"I got the WE Tech Hi Capa 5.1 Expert. Love it, thx evike for the box
by Brad N. on 10/15/2013
"I got the aps m4 full metal!!!!
Retals at $250 and I got the blue shirt, I couldn't of meen happier the box weighed at 12.8 lbs
by Carson J. on 10/15/2013
"Got mine yesterday came with

JG BAMF M4 (had a broken mag, but It seems like it may have been a shipping issue, either way it seems fixable) ~$180


IPhone 5 Case ~$25 (It usually is $80, but I notice its on sale for $25)

The BAMF M4 seems really solid, and is a sweet gun, probably something I will keep, It does have a full metal body and gear box, so its a little heavy, but very solid. The MP5 is very light weight, I was skeptical about it at first, but it does have a full metal gear box, and is very quiet. It came with an 8.6V battery, and is rear wired with a non adjustable box. I like that its different from almost every MP5 that I have seen, and I don't think I will not have a hard time selling it for what its worth. Of course the coffee, patch, spork and m16-pen came in the box as well.

So overall I paid $157 (with shipping) for about $325 worth of goods, Im pretty happy with my BOA.
by Ashley P. on 10/12/2013
"Alright, so I got a few things
1) JG BAMF M4 $130-$180
2) Aim Point Matrix MP5 $100-$150
3) Evike Phone case- $80
Total- $355
Thanks Evike!
by Kevin K. on 10/10/2013
"What did I get for 17.3 pounds o' stuffs?

-1) H&K UMP Competition Series Airsoft AEG Rifle with metal gearbox by Umarex: ~$155
-1) JG "B.A.M.F." Spec. Edition Full Metal M4 (:D) ~$180-130
-1) 11th Anniversary Tee-L (D: not my size) ~$10

Total: ~$295-345

Since Im probably keepin the BAMF, i made about $170. Not too bad, but the UMP wasnt too great, cuz umarex externals in general feel cheap, and the UMP was DEFINITELY not new. Same w/ the BAMF cuz it had a few bbs left inside (the actual receiver, not the gun) and some parts were chipped (thank god not the receiver). Good buy overall, can't wait till next one.
by Liam R. on 08/08/2013
"This was pretty sweet, i got the elite force M4 (no RIS) and i guess im pretty happy with it, i also got 2 sporks, an evike patch, 3 green triangle thing patches, the gangnam patch, a zombie killer patch, the coffee and the coffee patch, a kony patch, and a no sb1315 patch! Pretty cool, i wish i could have gotten a G&G though
by Joseph L. on 08/06/2013
"awesome awesome awesome awesome
by kristian k. on 05/17/2013
"15.9 pounds.... I got the g&p silver bullet along with 3 patches ,a bag of matrix bb's and 5,000 elite force .20's. I was extremely happy and still as ,well first the gun is g&p so its a winner in my book,the gun is silver which may upset some ,but for others like me that want a gun that turns head is great.For a metal gun this gun is pretty light.The only con i find ,which is more of an in-convenience then a con is the fact that the wiring is deans which is great but i need to buy a battery and adapter which i will be buying shortly.The only sad thing is i cant get another box cause you gave me all i wanted.Again big thanks to evike and cant wait till the next one.
by Kevin R. on 05/17/2013
"Got my box of Awesomeness. Had a beautiful Magpul Masada inside. Mmmm! Only downside to the whole experience; What no coffee!? (Note the sarcasm)
by Doug L. on 05/17/2013
"Box of awesomeness, you have been awesome!

I received my box yesterday and it did NOT disappoint!

Box Contents:
H&K UMP Competition Series Airsoft AEG Rifle with metal gearbox by Umarex
Bravo Red Dot 551 scope
MLD Kicker Patch
Zombie Killer Patch
Pirate Patch
Elbow pads
USPS 11"X17" bag half full of BBs!

The gun alone is worth more than the box was, though it was a fight to get a box ordered, now i know why so many people covet these things!

Today will be my first day with the H&K in the field and i will let you know how it does in some forest combat situations. Impressions:

H&K UMP by Umarex
-H&K LICENSED=H&K IDENTICAL! (minus the "cal .6mm BB" aft of the left side rail)
-Sturdy construction
-Metal gearbox (V3 internals)
-Upgrade ready
-LiPo compatible
-400rnd Hi-Cap mags!

-Charging handle DOES NOT WORK... (broke off)
-Stick type batteries
-ABS body (saves weight but feels "dainty")
-Safety selector has tough time setting to "safe", other positions it locks into easily.

Bravo Red dot 551 Scope:

-Looks and feels like a real Eotech
-Bright red dot that is able to be accurately dialed in
-RIS/Weaver/Picatinny compatible mounting
-Red/Green reticle options

- Ghost reticle when viewing on most brightnesses and colors
-Says "for airsoft use only" (not all have this on it, can be painted over) Not a big deal.

Awesome PVC construction and great color!

Elbow pads:
Smaller than i require for my forearm and bicep, but GREAT protection! I'll be trying these things out today as well


NEXT TIME Evike does a box of awesomeness, get your hands on one whatever you have to do! These things are not just "awesome", they are the shout out to the customer and the beginner/intermediate/advanced gamers that are out there. If nothing else, you're starting out or looking for a step up in competition, these will get you there and say "Thanks for buying from us, Evike". Also, throwing in a "freeship" code makes the box of awesomeness the no-brainer that it should be!

Airsoft on!
(and remember, wear eyepro and mind the safety tips, it's our responsibility to keep airsoft fun and safe!)
by Mario E. on 05/15/2013
"WoW crazy awesome "Box of Awesomeness"
I got the PKM for $130.00, I could not ask for more.....
BTW - my son and I stopped by the store and their salespeople are also awesome, very informative, helpful and extremely knowledgeable..... Way above any other store, crazy selection of anything you'll ever need...
Thanks EVIKE
by Josh K. on 05/14/2013
"What I got:

Aim Top/Matrix
9.6 battery
551 holo style red dot sight
6x Hicaps (1 matrix, 5 JG)
OD sling
2 Zombie Patches
1x bag of .2 bbs

I wanted the VFC 417, but this was a great deal for $130

Cant wait for the next one :D
by lawrence k. on 10/14/2013
"Just got mine today. The shipping was very fast but I'm pretty disappointed by the guns. I got the Matrix AIM Top M4 and a G36. I haven't shot the G36 but neither of the guns seem that great. I can't say I really want to keep them, so I will be selling them on ebay. I think they're great for a beginner and I just wanted something cooler. I guess that was my fault for taking the chance and buying a mystery box. These guns, if I can sell them, are worth more than I paid so I can't complain about that.
by Christian L. on 10/10/2013
"^^^^^^^^ got the same thing, Raptor and 5 hi cap mags. Not too pumped about the AEG seeing as I just got a polarstar but it is still a great gun and will probably be used in some CQB games in the future. Thanks Evike!!!
by Felipe F. on 10/08/2013
"Just got mine! A APS raptor, it's good except the sight was sticking out of the box and ripped wires... Still worth it, just a weeee sad.