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The Box of Awesomeness (BOA released in 2013)

12 Customer Reviews

by Pearce L. on 12/11/2013
"I got the WE Tech Hi Capa 5.1 Expert. Love it, thx evike for the box
by Brad N. on 10/15/2013
"I got the aps m4 full metal!!!!
Retals at $250 and I got the blue shirt, I couldn't of meen happier the box weighed at 12.8 lbs
by Carson J. on 10/15/2013
"Got mine yesterday came with

JG BAMF M4 (had a broken mag, but It seems like it may have been a shipping issue, either way it seems fixable) ~$180


IPhone 5 Case ~$25 (It usually is $80, but I notice its on sale for $25)

The BAMF M4 seems really solid, and is a sweet gun, probably something I will keep, It does have a full metal body and gear box, so its a little heavy, but very solid. The MP5 is very light weight, I was skeptical about it at first, but it does have a full metal gear box, and is very quiet. It came with an 8.6V battery, and is rear wired with a non adjustable box. I like that its different from almost every MP5 that I have seen, and I don't think I will not have a hard time selling it for what its worth. Of course the coffee, patch, spork and m16-pen came in the box as well.

So overall I paid $157 (with shipping) for about $325 worth of goods, Im pretty happy with my BOA.
by Ashley P. on 10/12/2013
"Alright, so I got a few things
1) JG BAMF M4 $130-$180
2) Aim Point Matrix MP5 $100-$150
3) Evike Phone case- $80
Total- $355
Thanks Evike!
by Kevin K. on 10/10/2013
"What did I get for 17.3 pounds o' stuffs?

-1) H&K UMP Competition Series Airsoft AEG Rifle with metal gearbox by Umarex: ~$155
-1) JG "B.A.M.F." Spec. Edition Full Metal M4 (:D) ~$180-130
-1) 11th Anniversary Tee-L (D: not my size) ~$10

Total: ~$295-345

Since Im probably keepin the BAMF, i made about $170. Not too bad, but the UMP wasnt too great, cuz umarex externals in general feel cheap, and the UMP was DEFINITELY not new. Same w/ the BAMF cuz it had a few bbs left inside (the actual receiver, not the gun) and some parts were chipped (thank god not the receiver). Good buy overall, can't wait till next one.
by Liam R. on 08/08/2013
"This was pretty sweet, i got the elite force M4 (no RIS) and i guess im pretty happy with it, i also got 2 sporks, an evike patch, 3 green triangle thing patches, the gangnam patch, a zombie killer patch, the coffee and the coffee patch, a kony patch, and a no sb1315 patch! Pretty cool, i wish i could have gotten a G&G though
by Joseph L. on 08/06/2013
"awesome awesome awesome awesome
by lawrence k. on 10/14/2013
"Just got mine today. The shipping was very fast but I'm pretty disappointed by the guns. I got the Matrix AIM Top M4 and a G36. I haven't shot the G36 but neither of the guns seem that great. I can't say I really want to keep them, so I will be selling them on ebay. I think they're great for a beginner and I just wanted something cooler. I guess that was my fault for taking the chance and buying a mystery box. These guns, if I can sell them, are worth more than I paid so I can't complain about that.
by Christian L. on 10/10/2013
"^^^^^^^^ got the same thing, Raptor and 5 hi cap mags. Not too pumped about the AEG seeing as I just got a polarstar but it is still a great gun and will probably be used in some CQB games in the future. Thanks Evike!!!
by Felipe F. on 10/08/2013
"Just got mine! A APS raptor, it's good except the sight was sticking out of the box and ripped wires... Still worth it, just a weeee sad.
by Mark S. on 08/06/2013
"The awesome part of this box was the coffee, evike spoon (i love these things), and the m16 hand guard.

I received a bushmaster m16

Honestly I think the trades look kinda dumb 250$ for two lines of words? I would rather stick a magpul logo sticker on it and call it "licensed". The battery is huge like massive but it is only a 8.4 1.3 amp battery. Now if it was a full metal receiver instead of polymer, some more metal internals, and if it came with a 9.6v. Better looking trades and some sights for people that might not have any optics etc. I could see this rifle being priced at 200$. But ditch the dumb charger and the battery and stick a 7.4 lipo. Lipos costs less than half the cost of a ni-mh battery.

But I did love the hand guard and classic army blue inner barrels are usually good. The hand guard is the best part of the m16. No offense evike but 250 is a joke i would chunk out another 50 and get a kwa m4.

This rifle is very well worth what i paid for it about 134 but if evike recently put this on "sale" for 115 making the true market value of this 115 + the patches and coffee make it worth the 134 i paid. I will probably sell it to my friends for 135 again just like i did with the aim top mp5 i got from another box of "awesome.

1/4 lbs coffee which i always love getting coffee, Guns & coffee patch is cool

kony 2012 patch? zombie hunter ehh ok i guess. Gangnam patch, I personally would like a more original patch from evike. Like The guns & coffee or as seen on evike tv.

A small bag of madbull bbs. It would have been awesome if they were .43g. But i'll keep it for looks

With a 28% of getting a bushmaster i still got it, i guess lady luck was not on my side. But honestly i buy these boxes to sell them to someone else. It could have been better but it also could have worse like getting a broken gun or well the bushmaster was the worst so there is nowhere else to go but up.
by Luke N. on 10/10/2013
"Got a g36 and a bushmaster m4. Both abs, the m4 is pretty sorry. It only shoots 200 fps w/ .20 bbs. Disappointed...