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AIM Sports Pistol & Rifle Quick Release 3 Watt / 330 Lumens Combat Flashlight w/ Filter Set

15 Customer Reviews

by caleb c. on 03/31/2018
"All I can say is this light is amazing! Hands down for the price the best.

-very bright
-strobe will blind you 100%
-easy to take on and off
-looks amazing

-you donít have it
-you still donít have it
by caleb c. on 03/31/2018
"All I can say is this light is amazing! Hands down for the price the best.

-very bright
-strobe will blind you 100%
-easy to take on and off
-looks amazing

-you donít have it
-you still donít have it
by Carlton A. on 08/03/2013
"Best flashlight ever!

150 lumens!!
Works like wonders on pistols and rifles

I lost mine when I was playing at an abandoned hospital
You don't have one yet!
by marvin c. on 10/31/2012
"very nice light! works real bright as well! highly recommond it
by Landon M. on 01/28/2012
"It looks and works amazingly i use it at my local indoor area on a AEP glock and my 1911. no cons come to mind full metal very bright from a fun size flashlight. and the ability to change the color is a neat feature. I think its a great buy


full metal
bright from a fun size
lens colors
looks great
cool markings
by Jan B. on 03/02/2011
"This flash light is great. Mounts great onto any rail. It looks sick on any rifle or pistol. The battery life is pretty good and the multiple lenses is a nice touch.

looks sick
multiple lenses
tactical look
really bright


buy this for sure. Great flashlight

(also most people dont realize flashlights illuminate the path of your BB so you can see where your going. Great tool in the field)
by Logan B. on 01/15/2011
"Great Flashlight got it for christmas. Veryy Bright perfect for indoor courses that have dark rooms or hallways and also great for nightime play. I have my light on my G&G COmbat machine and its just awesome . Nice job NC star
by Jonathan L. on 05/07/2009
"This fits nicely on my KJW 1911 Tactical. It is really bright and feels solid and durable. One thing to note is that it may and most likely will scratch the metal off the rail where it is attached, as it has on mine. Not the whole rail, just the tiny bits (front and end) where the light sits securely. Not a big deal as it is expected with metal-on-metal friction.

Just a though: On a 5.1 model it sits about a 1/2 inch from the tip of the slide. It probably looks better on a 4.3.
by Alex C. on 03/11/2009
"Excellent light. Very bright, and makes any gun look intimidating. Pretty small and compact for a light. Only con is that it may be hard to turn on for lefties, and if pressure is applied in your holster or your gun tips while resting the light may turn on (may not). Unlikely, but something I noticed. Definately reccomend, 5/5 all the way.
by Tyler S. on 12/31/2008
"It is very small and yes, extremely bright. It will fit on any pistol and it looks awesome on any gun.

I had it on my MP5 until it stopped working. Then I traded it along with some bb's to my friend for his Tac 9 Sniper. He put it on his USP it looks awesome.

But it is definitely a great buy. Super bright, easy to use.
by Nathan T. on 12/15/2008
"dude the rail standard is 20mm not 12...
Otherwise this flashlight is decent, and worth the moeny
by aaron g. on 11/28/2008
"is this small enough to fit on a pistol????????????????????????????????????????????????
by Jason C. on 06/27/2008
"Yes, the G36C have rails everywhere. This light will fit on any 12mm standard gun rail.
by Owen M. on 05/17/2008
there now with that said i dont have to go into detail about the performance. The body is phenominal it has a good solid feel for the price. They ( the manufacture) could ask for a lot more for this light.
the only gripe that I have with this light is that the one that I got the switch is a little tempermental and needs some fiddling, yes fiddling with the switch before it turns on completely. I have had mine for almost a year and I still have the battery that it came with! Overall : one solid piece of work, nicely done.
by Joshua O. on 02/18/2017
"I got this flashlight and I must say that it is a fantastic light. It is very bright, easy to detach from your pistol and it looks and feels great. I would def recommend this light. Fits perfect on my TM Hi Capa 4.3 and it also fits on my WE G17 pretty well also. Overall I would highly recommend this light for any pistol user. Great quality for a awesome price when compared to other pistol lights like TLR's and Surefire lights.

Pros: Bright, has both strobe and normal light function, comes with lens colors, durable, lite
Cons: The toggle switch is takes a bit to much force to toggle off and on in my opinion. the lens colors obviously do take the visible light down a bit when used unfortunately

Colors according to visable light when it's on:
1st: Yellow
2nd: Blue
3rd: Red