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Summer Sale! 20% OFF (Exclusions apply, see details)   Use Code: SUMMER2017 Airsoft Tactical QD Barrel Condom Protection Cover (Style: Red Standard)

67 Customer Reviews

by Calvin N. on 12/05/2013
"I hope this review takes....
I first ordered three of these found they are good for other things and ordered eight more and will probable order more in the future...
First they are small not like the camo ones on other site for near $5.00 each...
They are RED for safety YOUR SAFETY,,,
They will fit a M4 short or AK if you split them up the back about half way that way they will go around the sight...
They will fit over a barrel extension if you take out the padding sown in the end....
They are also good for putting extra batteries in and other things...
They are small but can be used for many thing...
And for $.99 cent you can't beat them...
$.99 cent or your safety which is more important???
by Marion R. on 10/28/2013
"Really nice quality for a $0.99 barrel plug
by Sabin P. on 10/11/2012
"They're actually very nice. I wouldn't "test" them by shooting through them, they're not meant to hold a full auto burst but that accidental shot.

To the guy that says he uses them for his real steel, LOL.
by Ross H. on 08/07/2012
"great product! These are required at my local field and they charge five bucks apiece so great deal evike!
I have a few of these now and will buy more whenever they go back in stock.
by Christina G. on 07/25/2012
"This is a great barrel cover bb's wont go threw so yeah.
by george b. on 05/06/2012
"I have about 8 of these now and they are great.

-quality is actually very good! (for the price you wouldn't expect much but i was surprised how nice they are)
-use them for my airsoft, pellet, and real steel guns.
by Danny F. on 03/28/2012
"This cover is a great value! I also use them to protect my expensive muzzle brakes on my real firearms.
by Peter B. on 02/18/2012
"All that really needs to be said is that bb's wont get through this and it can double as a dead rag that conveniently hangs around your neck.
by Kevin G. on 12/12/2011
"Great barrel Cover. i havent bought one myself but if you play at any sort of arena definatly go and buy a few. most arena's charge five bucks for a cover that is not as nice a quality as this. i throw em in my bag so i allways have a few and for 99 cents you cant beat it.
by Dave H. on 12/05/2011
"Great barrel cover. I'm glad they enlarged them from last year's, they fit nicely and they're adjustable! It's a steal for $0.99
by antonio G. on 11/28/2011
"ok first this is a grate gun barrel i got one with my first gun i sot it many time and it did not rip second i used this a a dead rag once the game start i take it off and i put it in my pocket when i get hit i wave it around
i give this a 10/5
by liam m. on 11/07/2011
"very nice the field I play at charges 5 bucks for a barrel bag this one is heavy duty and best of all has evike
on it
by Damon J. on 10/21/2011
"the barrel cover cant fit over a AK front sight but you could just put a barrel extension on and it would work fine. but you cant argue a bout the price either and i have one for my mp5 and it works great.
by Trenton B. on 10/08/2011
"Bought this for my ak47s. My metal one(bought on evike) doesn't quite fit over the sight like in the pic so i just put the clip around the sight and it works. I've even accidentially shot with it on. My other ak is plastic and it's front sight is back so it fits snug like in the pic. I would recomend buying about 1-2 more than you need so u have extras.
by Clint C. on 08/07/2011
"Perfect fit for all my aegs. Extremely cheap price compared to buying one at your local field. Great stuff