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Summer Sale! 20% OFF (Exclusions apply, see details)   Use Code: SUMMER2017 Airsoft Tactical QD Barrel Condom Protection Cover (Style: Red Standard)

66 Customer Reviews

by Lincoln G. on 06/07/2017
"Really stands out!
It has a nice bit of shielding on the end so if you accidentally shoot with it on your barrel it won't go out the other side!
by Ben T. on 05/19/2017
"Gets the job done. Good quality material. This is NOT a replacement for the red/orange tip on your gun but if you are risking a black tip in California this helps during transport.
by Andrew G. on 07/08/2016
"Great product and quite useful at certain fields, hasn't broke on me yet and I use it all the time. Buy it!
by Ingo H. on 01/21/2016
"To use this barrelcover for your ak, you wil, have to cut it open in the middle of the side without the evike logo to about an inch before the rubber padding. This way it will go around your frontsight post.
by Graham C. on 06/26/2015
"Great barrel cover! It is made of nice high quality material. It also has like a rubber in pad so that if there was miss fire it won't go through the cover. Overall really great cover and I would recommend it to everyone.
by William B. on 06/20/2015
"Overall this does what it needs to do. The quality is nice, and it keeps the people around you safe from accidental miss firing. This happens, and it's good knowing no one will get hurt.
by Andrew R. on 04/25/2015
"Small hole in condom led to many unwanted baby m4's. Always check for holes!
by Max B. on 04/21/2015
"Excellent quality and price! Keeps my 416 from making some 416Cs. Remeber kids, always use protection and get rid of old covers, no one wants to see a used one laying on the floor.
by William W. on 03/25/2015
"Keeps my AK-74 from making AKS-74u babies.
by Aaron F. on 02/27/2015
"This is a great barrel protector/condom. I had to talk to my M249 about procreation education (the time has come) and gave it this to protect itself and I must say, it has done its job exceptionally well. No offspring airsoft weapons. In all seriousness, this is a great deal for a quality product. Would definitely recommend.
by Austin C. on 02/19/2015
"Does it's job and it does it well, I am definitely getting more soon.
by Jayce D. on 06/14/2014
"This condom is the best! It gets the job done and prevents any incidents from occurring. Now, I am protected, my gun is protected, and the people of the US are protected. Thank you Evike for this wonderful utility.

P.S. They also make great bags if you lost your original case to the E-Swag Ear-buds like I did :(

P.P.S. This has proved very useful in close quater encounters to prevent my bb's from hitting unwanted prople
by Kevin F. on 05/03/2014
"might be cheap but most of the fields in my area require you to have them on in staging it works! fits my M4 awkwardly but it fits!
by Ryan M. on 12/30/2013
"Man, now that I have these i am EXTREMEALY impressed by how durable they are. They fit great on my sniper and when I went outside to shoot it (500fps) with this on, it easily survived. These are great for any gun but will not fit on a few eg. My GBB pistol, some M4s and a few others but they are still great.
by Calvin N. on 12/10/2013
"I had three of these covers and ordered eight more...
List of uses I have found for then...
1) barrel of my G&G shorty modified with slit up back about 1/2 way...
2) barrel of wife's SD 97 sniper rifle modified by removing padding in tip of cover.
3) barrel of WG 1911 nbb no mod to cover
4) barrel of elite force 1911 a1 bb no mod to cover
5) 7" mock suppressor take padding out of tip of cover
6) 4" suppressor take padding out of tip of cover
7) keep my 1600 Mah battery in no mod to cover
8) keep my 2000 Mah battery in take padding out of tip of cover
9) holds six 12G CO2 cartridges take padding out of tip of cover

Will probably order more I can alraedy see where I can use more
Small pouch for allen wrench. small tool bag, scope covers for storage, red/green dot sight storage and the list goes on,
Only your imagination will limit the use of these...And for only $.99
Thanks Evike...