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Airsoft Season! SAVE 18% with coupon code: SUMMER2018 (Exclude MAP and SALE Items) "Remove Before Pew" Tactical Airsoft Barrel Cover (Color: Red / Standard)

70 Customer Reviews

by Walter D. on 02/14/2009
"Awesome little guy


Low Price
High Quality



Does the job and does it very well.
by chris d. on 01/24/2009
"Great product. Quality material. Worth all 99 pennies. I love it.
by Erik .. on 12/26/2008
"Terrific little thing, it's also small unlike those 99 cent pistols so when evike packages these they won't sratch up your gun during shipping. I don't use mine for safety purposes since if I have my gun pre-cocked i just put it on "safe" or i leave the safety off and don't have it pre-cocked or the battery in. I use it to hold a speed loader which fits snuggly in it. It's easy to find a mounting place on guns for the elastic strap, too. Hope this helped :)
by brian i. on 12/04/2008
"lol its called a condom because in vietnam and stuff they had to take care of there guns so to keep dirt from geting in it a good way was to put a condom on it :)
by Aaron B. on 11/15/2008
"really good a lot better than the orange caps. i got this cause my orange cap broke when i forgot to take it off and shot it. it looks cooler too.
by Lori T. on 09/13/2008
"i love it!!
the hard plastic at the end really protects your barrel.
it looks very good
and the elastic band is very durable
by Evan J. on 09/12/2008
"if u ask me its kinda disturbing to call it a condom. seriously... w/e maybe im being a little childish but anyway, yes this is very useful for airsofters. safety has always been a thing with me ever since my cousin shot me in the head with a gun that had about 350 FPS from about 5" away... ouch that hurt.
by Jared L. on 07/19/2008
"If you play airsoft at paintball and airsoft public fields, you're going to need a barrel plug. This thing is reinforced in the front and is as high quality as any paintball barrel condoms. The cord is very long and can stretch from barrel to handle on my G36. Good buy for a buck...
by William L. on 07/18/2008
"I have two of these for each of my guns, one blue one red, so if I lose one I have a backup. Keeps grit and dirt out of my barrel when I'm transporting my guns. Very useful. A must have for all airsofters.
by Howard H. on 06/30/2008
"Way better than the crappy plastic cap ones that sometimes come with guns and fly off after one shot. These are pretty much required to play at most fields so pick one up here at evike for several dollars less that your local field will most likely charge you.
by Andy P. on 05/17/2008
"These are definitely a step up from the ones provided with most guns. Unlike the small barrel covers provided, this one is able to be cinched up, allowing you to fire numerous times without your bag flying off or being damaged. I have personally made a number of these in my father's upholstery shop, and for the cost of materials, etc. this is definitely a good buy.
by Nicholas M. on 05/11/2008
"Buy this for every gun you have. It covers your barrel for when you may axidently shoot and protects from anything getting in your gun while in storage.
by Colin P. on 05/02/2008
"Works great for its purpose, i have bought about 3 of these for me and friends and never failed me once!
by Josh S. on 05/02/2008
"Does it's job, and looks good. I actually did shoot a short string of bbs into mine with my 335fps G36c, with no damaged sustained to the cover. It stays in place as long as you have a place to attach it to.
by Alex G. on 08/10/2017
"Does not fit AK model, but it's $2 so whatever. Works well on other guns though.