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Airsoft Season! SAVE 18% with coupon code: SUMMER2018 (Exclude MAP and SALE Items) / Tenergy Version 2 Airsoft Smart Charger for 7.2V-12V NiMh & NiCd Battery Packs by Tenergy - Advanced Type

102 Customer Reviews

by Chad L. on 11/01/2015
"Fast charger its perfect i like the temp sensor feature
by Joshua R. on 10/18/2015
"I think you already know by now; this is a great charger.

My Brief Description:
This charger has the potential to charge all Ni-Cd batteries and Ni-Mh batteries. It comes with two different charging extensions, and a default large type connector. What makes it better than your standard Airsoft charger is it's ability to detect a battery's charge, helping to fully charge your battery AND significantly reduce overcharge damage. This charger is a MUST to all AEG users, and if you decide you don't like airsoft anymore, it's a wonderful utility to have for charging things like RC batteries. You really can't go wrong with this one.


Interchangable charging ends.
Battery life detection
Damage detection
Braindead operation.


One time I was charging my 9.6v, 1600mah butterfly battery by intellect out of box. In a matter of about 15 minutes (I was using the lower power setting) the charger indicated full charge. I'm not entirely sure if this was a malfunction or defect; maybe the battery came with a little bit of juice, but I feel it's worth mentioning. Even if it is a constant issue though, this charger does protect from overcharge, so it's nothing to worry about.

Again, amazing charger, and it isn't MAP controlled, so slap your 20%+ off coupon on this thing (If it's not on sale right now) And buy it, you won't regret it.
by Louis A. on 10/04/2015
"Like the others have said, just go ahead and buy this now. Without it, my AEG was useless, getting 15 shots with the wretched wall charger. I would have been really demoralized without the transformation this did for me.
by Jeremy M. on 09/20/2015
"Charges super fast and efficient! Definitely a must for all types of airsofters!
by Shannon w. on 09/20/2015
"Awesome charger, charges my 9.6v NiMh in 20min flat! Afterwards it lasts way longer than the standard charger (which sucks) and takes 1-2hrs to charge!!! 5 stars
by Kenneth R. on 07/22/2015
"This is the best nimh nicd charger on this website! It charges my 9.6 and my 8.4 in like 30 mins! It also never overcharges my batteries.. VERY RELIABLE!
by Braxton T. on 06/08/2015
"I bought this smart charger about 3 months ago and it is amazing!! i lost the adapter but bought a new one on for like $4.00!!!!

Ronnie E.
-- I lost my adapters but i used the alligator clamp adapter and hooked it up to a small tamiya i took off of an old Trickle Charger and it charged them until i bought the adapter again,,
- Shuts off after batteries are completely charged
- Has settings for 9.6v and lower and one for 9,6v and higher
- Has many adapters for all sorts of hobbies other than airsoft
by Christine G. on 10/24/2014
"It's a life-saver.

I've had this thing for a little over a year, now, and let me tell you, if I still had a wall charger I would have gone through a fortune's worth of batteries, due to my moron-like character... One time, I left my 9.6v Matrix battery charging on this thing for two weeks straight. My battery is still working like it's brand new. So yeah, this thing only puts what is needed into your battery. Oh, and you can change how fast it charges: 1.0 amps or 2.0 amps. (Of course, I always have it on 2.0 amps.)
by Maria B. on 08/20/2014
"I bought this charger and absolutely love it! It's low cost and fast charging time makes it ideal for starting airsofters.

Pros: 1. Low cost
2. Fast charging

Cons: NONE.
by Chris F. on 06/28/2014
"I love this charger! It works fast and the way it works is simple and easy to understand. I haven't had any problems with it. I like it better than my Lipoly charger. Comes with everything you need to charge all kinds of NIMh & NICd batteries

Works fast
Very well built
Easy functions
Comes with all attachments you need
Price is great for it


5/5 This thing is great especially for the price!
by Noah M. on 05/28/2014
"Great charger takes no time at all to charge batteries! I would definitely recommend this charger to anyone! This is a must have!
by Kathy P. on 02/20/2014
"Only charger I've ever bought, and I'm glad I did.

Does not damage batteries.
Comes with an adapter for other batteries.
Durable- I accidentally dropped it down a flight of stairs. Still works.
Charges my 9.6V 2300mah battery in about half an hour.

There are no cons.

If you use an electric weapon, you NEED this. DO NOT BUY ANY OTHER CHARGER (Unless you have a Li-Po battery, as this charger will blow them up).
by Dakota P. on 02/12/2014
"It's a charger, it charges batteries, and it does a good job. The End.
by Samuel O. on 01/17/2014
"Best charger out there! Fast, quick charge! Charged my Matrix 8.4 volt 4,000 mah battery in an hour! Great charger, just get it!
by Chris H. on 01/03/2014
"No problems here. Get this.