Reviews: Airsoft Universal Smart Charger for 7.2V-12V NiMh & NiCd Battery Packs by Tenergy - Advanced Type


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Model: CHARGER05

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by Tou-tu T. on 2012-04-25 20:48:37
"great smart charger, got it for my 8.4v batteries and it charges way faster than regular charge.
will recommend this smart charger to anyone.
charges my 8.4v 1500mah in less than a hour. (without chrono)
don't waste your time, save time by buying this smart charger great for the price!!
by Derryl D. on 2012-01-16 11:27:41
"This smart charger is awsome! Especially for the price. It took literally less then 20 mins to charge a 9.6v battery.


You don't have it!

Get this smart charger!
by Armen M. on 2011-12-28 21:12:37
"this is a great charger it charges my intellect 9.6v 1600mah butterfly type battery fast and also my 8.4v small type 1100mah battery really fast! a great buy for the price. and its good in the long run because those cheap chargers will ruin your battery.
by Karen h. on 2011-12-28 20:31:14
"great charger. charges my 8.4v and 9.6v in 20 mins.

by Nate E. on 2011-12-23 19:25:14
"Amazing charger! Charged my 9.6v 1600mAH battery in 1hour and 10 minutes. I totally Recommend it.

FAST charging
Batteries last longer and perform better
Charges up to 12v
Only 30 dollars

by Alec K. on 2011-11-29 23:29:22
"Great charger for a great price, a definite "why wouldnt you buy it?"
Unless you have a lipo, in which case you need a lipo charger.
Bottom line: get it. It gives a full charge in less than 2 hours for me.
by Trenton B. on 2011-10-08 05:34:47
"this is an amazing charger, i can charge a battery in 20min. also even shuts of when done. i would very recomend buying this for ur gun rather than having to replace ur old battery when u over charge it because most replacements ar $30.also fits lots of batterys.
by Hunter W. on 2011-09-13 12:30:01
"Awesome charger. works very well and takes a lot of stress out of charging batteries. BTW, evike shipping is awesome, got it in 3 days and i live here in miami
by Dallas T. on 2011-08-13 09:07:00
"I love it. I got it yesterday and it charged my 10.8 in like 20 minutes. I recomend to EVERYBODY!!
by Andres R. on 2011-08-11 18:00:50
"Great smart charger! Charges your batteries much more faster then standard wall chargers. It comes with a large type tamiya plug but also come with a spare small type to large type adaptor. It will stop charging your battery when it is fully charged. A smart charger is highly recommended for your batteries because standard wall chargers will eventually break your battery(or at least that is what I hear). Overall good smart charger, although $30 seems a little pricey for a battery charger, but still worth it.
by Thomas M. on 2011-06-10 21:52:35
"Charges fast and delivers a good charge. Highly recommended.
by Charles C. on 2011-06-04 14:46:08
"This charger will not charge LIPO battery's... That question shouldn't even be asked.

This is a awesome charger, for a good deal!

Displaying 37 to 48 (of 89 reviews)

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