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NEW Battery Option Limited High Performance Airsoft / RC battery charger.

11 Customer Reviews

by josh m. on 02/07/2013
"Bought this charger years ago and it has its moments(from using it all the time and traveling) but still works only buying a new to retire the old one best charger on the market ive even charged li-po batteries with it and had no problems
by Lucas S. on 02/22/2012
"I've had two of these chargers over the last 5 years. One died because I just used the crap out of it, the other is still kicking. The cooling fan does seem to be a little weak and noisy. Sometimes needs some high velocity engineering (a good smack,) to get the fan spinning right, but I love this charger. My brother has one that is 5 years old and it still works just fine. I will get another when my current one finally kicks the bucket and another after that one too.
by Ry H. on 08/19/2011
"Amazing charger. I needed one of these to replace the standard charger that comes with a gun. This thing charges batteries fast and stops when they are totally charged. No chance of ruining batteries with this unless it is your fault.
by Arturo P. on 09/14/2010
"Does it drain the battery before charging it?................................
by Sean D. on 04/13/2010
"I just received this charger in the mail and I was instantly impressed by the extremely nice packaging. The directions were a bit hard to follow but I eventually learned and I put a brand new 9.6v 1600mAh in it and it charged it very quickly. The charger has a fan on it which can get a little annoying but I guess its better than a steaming hot charger. Though it may be a little pricey for a charger, this is a really good investment and I highly recommend it for anyone want a fast, reliable charger.
by Jacklyn M. on 03/10/2009
"Greatest Charger in the WORLD!!! It chargered my 8.4v 4500 mah battery in like 15 minutes. So much better than other chargers.
by Dave L. on 12/12/2008
"Great charger. It charged my batteries in just a couple minutes each. 9.6 and 8.4 volts. Way better than a five hour wait.
by Mike V. on 12/06/2008
"will it work for 9.4v batteries in a peq2 version?

Webmaster: Yes, it will charge all NiMh and NiCd cells up to 12V
by Kyle S. on 10/26/2008
"Will this charger work for the Matrix High Output 9.6V 1500mAh Ni-MH Small Type Battery?
by Benjamin H. on 10/22/2008
"this is an awesome battery charger, its quick, and very reliable. i had one before, but i sold it when i sold my last gun, but i got another one because there that good. its a great price, and it comes with a charging chart so you can charge any kind of rechargeable airsoft/rc battery.
by Colin P. on 05/02/2008
"Works great for a dead battery in between matches to charge. Never failed me so far.