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Intellect High Output 9.6V 2000mAh Ni-MH Custom Type Battery (For PEQ box, M4, AK47 and AUG)

20 Customer Reviews

by Vinson L. on 05/10/2008
"Great battery for the price and performance

- Cheap pricing
- Great quality brand
- Holds 2000 mAh
- 9.6voltage NiMH
- Nun-Chuck design

- Wires easily get ripped off from battery, just have to solder back on
by Evan O. on 07/16/2012
"Great battery. Fits in my KWA CRQ front hand guard perfectly. Not to mention it gives it an amazing ROF. If you have $25, need a nun chuck battery, and want a great ROF on your gun, get this battery!
by Holden g. on 06/17/2008
"hey would this be good for a jg m4 system(tan) or sould i buy a differnt battery
by Andrew K. on 06/17/2014
"I bought this battery thinking it would raise my rof and increase performance. I was wrong. This battery is awful. The first one I got didnt charge, so I got a replacement. The second one worked, but at full charge my gun had a lower rof than my 8.4v battery! That is ridiculous! Don't buy this!
by Kenn L. on 03/27/2014
"Worst battery EVER. The first one I got couldn't even charge on my intellect smart charger. I put it on a trickle charger for an hour as sometimes they need some juice to actually charge. Well that didn't work. I got a replacement through customer support, which was great, and this time it could charge. Guess what though? It can only pull the piston back and then nothing happens. I used another battery and it worked fine. I only pull 320 fps, so why can't this battery work? 2/2 batteries that are junk. I got the battery a couple months ago (I would smart charge it every month to maintain the battery so there's no way the cells died on my account) so I'm afraid that it's too late for me to get some other compensation, but steer clear of this battery.