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Matrix NiMH High Output Butterfly Type Battery with Small Tamiya Connector for Airsoft AEG (Size: 9.6V 1600mAh)

37 Customer Reviews

by Brendan C. on 03/09/2014
"I got this for my G&G GR15 and the 9.6 volt batteries increase my rate of fire. Great battery, I plan on getting more of these in the future.
by julie s. on 06/16/2013
I bought this and it works great. a perfect fit in the elite force m4 cqb plus now my rate of fire is better without any upgrades.

pros: perfect
for crane stock
longer battery life
increased rate of fire and range (I'm pretty sure at least.) for the m4 cqb
great price

by Oralia D. on 06/13/2013
"I orderd an Aeg that said it cam with an 8.4v battery but when i received the package it didnt come with it, i was pretty bumed but i called them and it took less than a minute for them to send me NOT an 8.4v but a 9.6 volt !
By the way the nun chuck video was hilarious!
by James R. on 03/05/2013
"Got this for my Ares Elite Force m4 cqb and I will tell you, the fire rate is greatly improved from the 8.4v and is a nice price for the quality, anyone who has a crane stock and wants a better battery should get this!
by Liam B. on 01/11/2013
"Great Battery it fits good in my m4 witch is front wired and also is a nice fir in my Matrix X36C!
Its cheap good rof with High Torque Motor and long lasting life!
by Dunlin S. on 01/06/2013
"My Mk36k came with a terrible battery pack, so I immediately bought this new pair and a new charger. All I can say is wow. This battery pack is so much better than the last, I was so surprised.
For starters, the new batteries were much more compact yet much more powerful than the last. Also, another bonus was that my gun's ROF increased with the more power. This helped a lot. Lastly, the battery lasts long enough for me to use it for over 4 hours of constant play, which I was blown away by.
All in all, I highly recommend this battery, it performs well under all conditions, (even when in 20 degree weather) and greatly exceeded my expectations.
by Mathew M. on 10/10/2012
"Great Battery, Good Price, Increases RPS, Matrix.
by Ryan C. on 09/26/2012
"Great battery for small crane stocks. Very basic upgrade, but you will surprise yourself by simply getting a better battery.
by Andrew M. on 02/03/2012
"I bought this battery for my JG G36. My gun came with a Crane stock and an 8.4 1500mAh battery and I always had issues getting the battery in the Crane stock. I was concerned that this Matrix battery would be bigger than my 8.4 but it was not even close. This is a nice small battery and it really pushes the ROF up compared to the 8.4. I am very pleased with this battery as it has solved two things. Ease of install and increased ROF. Best money I've spent so far for upgrades.
by Harley W. on 10/09/2011
"Very good battery, I tried this with my GR15 Blowback it had a good ROF, better than my friend's intellect. Because of the high ROF it gave my gun it scared some people into the corners :S
by Tyler R. on 06/04/2011
"Seems like it's giving me a better ROF and trigger response than my old Intellect 9.6
Very good.
by Magoo B. on 03/21/2011
"This is a great battery raised my rps by 4-5 fits in almost all crane stock even my G&G GR15 crane stock. Reccommend for a first 9.6v or an extra battery if you already have one.
by Robert P. on 03/19/2011
"This battery is definately worth the money. It fits perfectly in my JG G36c and it fits well in a M4 handguard. The difference in rate of fire between a 8.4v and 9.6v on both of my guns was tremendous! Buy it and you won't be disappointed.
by David R. on 03/28/2010
"This little thing right here. Let me tell you, is worth every penny you'll spend on it. I installed it on my G&G and the rof increased dramatically. If you are thinking about buying this, dont hesitate and a tip; use smart chargers. They'll increase the battery life tremdously
by Joel G. on 02/18/2010
"I bought this battery for my JG Sig 552. You are hereby warned that this battery is just a tiny bit longer that your average 8.4, 1100 mah battery, and won't fit into tight battery compartments.

That is the only possible con that will ever exist for this battery. I could not believe the difference it made in my ROF. I do not hesitate to say that my little assault rifle now has a ROF nearing my friends SAW!!!!!!

Overall, this is an excellent battery for it's price, just be sure that you battery compartment is big enough, or resort to a battery box.