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Intellect Airsoft Crane Stock Battery - 9.6V NiMh 3600mAh

7 Customer Reviews

by Conner W. on 01/23/2015
"The battery takes time and sometimes even a different type of stock/buffer tube (since some are of slightly different spec) to fit. It fits my CA M15A4 fine but its difficult to get in but extremely difficult to place and be able to retract the stock (its possible just takes a long time).

Besides the fitting issues the battery is a power house (no pun intended) it has easily lasted an entire day for me on a full charge, and has lasted about 4yrs and is still going.

I wont knock off points from the fit because that's almost always a problem for batteries but especially apparent for larger ones, but I'd say I'm quite pleased with the batteries performance.
by james c. on 02/08/2012
"I bought this battery to replace the stock 1500 mAH Shuangbao that came with my JG M4 CQB-R. This IS NOT a plug and play battery for this gun, this gun needs to be modified for this battery to fit properly. The Intellect battery's Dia is .030 larger than the Shuanbao which means I'll have to sand the inside of the stock to get it to slide in easy. Also the stock small dia 16 AWG wiring in the buffer tube needs to be extended into the butt cap for the third leg of the battery to fit and so the stock fully extends and retracts like its designed to. Seems like alot of work but well worth the hassle in the end.
by Catherine M. on 06/14/2011
"First of all, this battery is a monster. I went on a whim and ordered it hoping it would be compatible with the A&K M60E4, and it is in every aspect. It fits snugly in the ammo box for the gun and has a small-type connector. Great power and lasts a very long time.

1.) Very long life
2.) Great power
3.) Fits in the ammo box for the A&K M60E4 (you have to put the stick with 2 batteries in first, then the larger sticks)

1.) Kinda heavy
2.) Not sure about it fitting in most other guns
by daniel c. on 01/05/2009
"my friend got the battery for his C.A. m4 and it ripps. i mean its like a lazer of bbs. i put it on my echo1 m14 and my rof went from 600 to 800 omg i thought my gun was going to explode it was shootoingso fasd
by Juan R. on 03/06/2009
"I bought this battery for the D-BOYS CQB-R and it is a very tight fit into the Crane stock. It will fit, however there is no room for the wiring so you won't be able to put the buttcap back on. You are better off getting the crane battery with the smaller cells, which is 2000 mAh I believe.

I will give the product a 4/5 however since it is an Intellect and I run these batteries inb my other AEGs and they are very good performing batteries.
by Michael G. on 02/15/2009
"- Great battery, it makes a huge difference compared to the stock 8.4 1500mAH.

- Fits in an A&K Mod0 crane stock but barely. Because the center piece is two cells you will usually only get one click in... sometimes two but I wouldn't recommend forcing it to the second click. If you have short arms this battery isn't for you as for your collapsible stock will be fully extended at all times.

- I recommend buying a crane battery with only one center cell.

Webmaster: One center cell is a 8.4V (easier to install) and two center cell is the 9.6V (better performance). We will be adding battery dimensions to our pack descriptions for those not sure about large type / small type differences.
by Jarod K. on 05/06/2008
"this battery is about the size of a brick which is th only problem but because of that i would only suggest this for squad gunners like myself