Reviews: Prometheus 6.03 EG Tight Bore Inner Barrel for Airsoft AEG (285mm)


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Model: BRL-PROM-285

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by Austin L. on 2014-08-26 15:45:27
"These are definitely fantastic barrels; they have an impressive polish and are very stable. They are fairly heavy, so if you want your gun to have more weight in the front, here's part of your solution.

But never again will I buy them. The grouping difference between this and a Modify hybrid 6.03mm is not noticeable until you shoot at 250+ feet, and the difference is hardly noticeable. Of course, that doesn't mean that this barrel is bad at all, it just means that the Modify hybrid is completely underrated. If you play field (like me) and want your gun to shoot the best it possibly can, then get this. If you're one of those guys who has three or more guns that you constantly use and want to upgrade their inner barrels without breaking your bank, get Modify hybrid barrel.s
by Grant L. on 2013-02-18 13:47:46
"I love Prometheus and Angel Custom barrels! It's a standard to have them in all my guns.
by Alfonso B. on 2008-08-30 21:20:01
"Always buy prometheus barrels. They are definitly the best barrels around, no quesions asked! They have no break in period and are very, very accurate. This short ass 285mm barrel shoots almost as consistant and accurate as a sniper barrel that's around (550mm-600mm)

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)