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New Version Mad Bull Airsoft Black Python 6.03mm tight Bore Inner AEG Barrel. (509mm)

15 Customer Reviews

by Eli O. on 05/21/2016
"The barrel is great, really helps range but and accuracy for aegs but it will slaughter your accuracy of you run it in a hpa gun
by Eli O. on 05/21/2016
"I got this for my p* jack and it ramped up the fps really well which obviously increased the range by a lot, however I do not listen to experienced techs who told me it would kill the accuracy of my p*. It did, severely, I got the best accuracy with a madbull hopup and an angel custom h-hop nub with a jg stock barrel, the build quality is really nice and the barrel looks and feels good, I'm sure it's great for aegs but don't get this for a p*, now that I have experience, I recommend the wide bore orga barrels like the techs told me in the first place
by Michael L. on 09/21/2014
"Good product, Improved the accuracy of my G&P M16 by a lot. if combined with a maple leaf bucking, you will notice a huge difference in range and accuracy compared to the stock barrel and bucking.
by Brett T. on 07/14/2014
"Several HopUp Units later... I finally get to see the barrel put through it's paces along-side my M4 Magazine Well Conversion and new MAG M4 Mags. I'm rocking a JG G36(NOT to be confused with a G36C or G36K), and I just put this 509mm inner barrel in, and so far no catches or snags. Even on Full-Auto(not sure how many rps, but A LOT) it just pumps them out easy. Not to mention my groupings are looking a lot better.

Fantastic buy for anyone who needs this barrel length! You won't regret it.
by john l. on 01/17/2014
"This barrel is perfect for any dmr built, used it in my m4 dmr and gave me consistent groupings, it is also very light weight.
by Will B. on 05/09/2011
"Great great great barrel. Mine came in black, which is super slick looking. It gave my gun a bit of fps increase and a definite range increase. Highly recommended.
by Martinelli M. on 02/11/2009
"My Augs stock barrel was horrible. So i received this barrel yesterday and installed it. The accuracy of my gun increased dramatically. After i installed the M140 i was shooting about 490. Now it's over 500 fps! The problem w/ teflon coating is that it is a layers. And it's possible that a certain part of the barrel might fade away not making the barrel consistent. I highly recommend this barrel!
by Amro S. on 01/27/2009
"AWSOME.. this barrel is great it boosted my FPS from 410 to 480.. and it makes great accuracy. Buy this barrel its great.
by Pat C. on 11/28/2008
"Great barrels, have a 509 in my ICS m16 and love it (needed the one piece outer barrel to complete it so dont think this is the only thing to improve accuracy and range) and i also have a 650 in my aps2 sniper which is amazing now, easily hit a 5 inch wide tree (suburb area, small trees in the parkways) from 200-225 feet away, as long as there is no wind.
by kyle b. on 11/25/2008
"These barrels are not i repeat NOT teflon coated they are anodized as the person below me stated. anyways on to my review. i put this baby in my KWA M16 and it works beautifully. i also put in a systema bucking but i compared it to the stock barrel with the stock bucking and i tried it with the stock bucking and wow it makes a huge difference. the groupings are extremely tight and my gun is now more accurate than most of my friends with snipers. the stock barrel will shoot about 60 feet before the .25 bb's curve and it isn't very accurate at all. with this barrel and the stock hop up it is accurate for about as far as i can see the bb. the groupings are simply amazing with this barrel. when i tried it with the systema bucking it was even more amazing. if you buy this barrel i would advise tossing in a better bucking aswell unless ur current bucking is pretty good.

one more thing is this made my gun like 2x as loud. i don't know why but since i put it in my gun it is just alooot louder. so if you don't want your gun to be loud i wouldn't advise getting this barrel im not sure if that's true for all guns but i know it made mine louder.
by Daniel H. on 09/18/2008
"Actually these barrels are anodized, not teflon coated. Madbull's website even details how the V2 inner barrels are made and that they are anodized. Anodizing is pretty wear resistant and hard, it is a common finish for aluminum components. It is a sort of crystalline compound (actually aluminum oxide) that can be harder than steel, thus making these barrels far more durable than any brass barrels (while brass has a lower coefficient of friction, it is rather soft). These barrels actually ought to last a very long time considering how soft airsoft bbs are. I have a V1 Madbull barrel in my M733 that has seen plenty of use but still looks brand new. The V2 barrels have a better bore finishing technique that makes them more precise then the V1 barrels. I only wish they made a 470mm one for G3s to fit my CA M14 Scout
by Spencer D. on 09/07/2008
"Ok i got this barrel in the 363mm (M4A1) version, and oh my god...... it had a huge difference compared to my stock CA barrel. My gun shoots much farther, has a little bit more fps(10-15 fps more). The BB grouping is I wrote a review on the 509mm because my friend got this on his m16 and he just destroys me in range, so im just gona extend my barrel and put one of these in. I would strongly recommend this over any other brand of barrel. (Altho the promethius looks good).
by Aidan W. on 01/06/2015
I had a stock A&K Masada that preformed slightly better than a normal AEG. Once I installed this inner barrel though, the range and accuracy had made a vast increase. This is a must for MR based airsoft guns. Now since the rest of my AEG is stock (running at roughly 380FPS with .20g bb's) I can reach pretty far out, but with the lower FPS and lighter weight bb's, the barrel is not able to preform to its true potential. AKA you will need to upgrade your spring/hop-up. Also, this is my first inner barrel, so I don't know if this is the "one", but wow is it fantastic.

Increase in Range
Increase in Accuracy
Good for higher FPS/g bb's

I got nothing
by Jordan D. on 02/05/2014
"This is a good barrel, but not as good as I expected. I installed it into my CA M16 which had a stock 6.08 inner barrel. The new barrel did increase the range by around 10 feet and the accuracy is twice as good now. The downside is that the gun is twice as loud now. However it's worth the investment if the small improvements are a big deal to you.
by Paul M. on 08/29/2008
"I ordered this and when i first got it, the barrel itself was severly bent, so i shipped it back, and evike again has not ceased to amaze me, they sent me a new one within the next week. when i got the good one in my gun i noticed a HUGE difference, FPS, distance, accuracy, and even the sound. im giving it a four only cause of the bent problem but other then that i'd recomment to any player