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New Version Mad Bull Airsoft Black Python 6.03mm tight Bore Inner AEG Barrel. (455mm)

6 Customer Reviews

by Steven R. on 02/27/2013
"Bought this about 5 months ago and have had nothing but good things about this barrel.
Except unless you're careful, this barrel WILL get bentb unless treated properly. I was rough on mine and I would still consider and buy a madbull before another brand.

Light weight
Excellent grouping
Looks and feels amazing

Treat it right or you will bend it like me

Otherwise excellent product
by Jeramie C. on 05/11/2010
"Amazing barrel! I have spent way more on Prometheus barrels and didn't get the performance that I get from this one!
As an airsoft mechanic, I have tried many different inner barrels and the Mad Bull Black Python is by far the best one I've found. I will never use anything else in my guns and will always recommend these to my customers.
I now have them in 3 of my guns...ICS AK74, SRC AK ADV, KWA M4 Free Float CQB. As soon as I find one for each of my WE HI-CAPAs the will get them too!
The Mad Bull red fishbone bucking works very well with these barrels. Be careful though, some guns don't "like" the fishbone buckings.
by Derek H. on 07/26/2009
"I got this wonder barrel for my aftermath ak-47 6 months ago along with a systema bucking. It is an amazing combo. The range and accuracy is incredible.

- Tight groupings (using ksc perfect .25g with no wind)
@ 65ft 1.5-2in
@ 120ft 3-4in
@ 200ft 8-10in
- Increased usable range
- Very lightweight
- Cool looking Mad Bull logo engraved on the side of the barrel
- Nice smooth black finish
- Very CHEAP!!!

- Seems as if it could bend if treated roughly

The service i got from evike was impressive. This upgrade should be the first upgrade anyone does to their gun. It is a steal and i recommend it to any one who wants a great barrel for an even better price. Thanks Evike.
by Andre V. on 04/06/2009
"Great barrel for price. I bought one for my AK and i saw way tighter groupings and more range and more fps. GET THIS BARREL!
by anakimm C. on 05/14/2008
"This barrel does soooo much for my CAm15a4 for only 29.99
My .2 grams can touch targets out to 120+ ft no problem
the barrel also up my guns fps from 330 to 345
On auto fire the grouping of bbs is so tight i hit my cuzin on the same finger 5 times with the pull of a trigger.

Overall, for 29.99 you get a lot more than you would buying all to other internal upgrades...
oh yea its its easy to install too
by Jarod K. on 05/06/2008
"an amazing barrel, increased the accuracy of my jg m4 s system exponetialy, but i did have to get a barrel extention to cover it up.