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New Version Mad Bull Airsoft Black Python 6.03mm Tight Bore Inner AEG Barrel. (363mm)

15 Customer Reviews

by Ann G. on 05/02/2016
I put it in my G&G Cm18, and it made my accuracy and range increase dramatically
Be weary though, you might have to remove the stock flashhider and fit on a suppressor depending on your original barrel's length
by Matt K. on 03/01/2014
"Got this inner barrel just in time before Operation End State 2 for my VFC HK416C. All I can say is wow. Extending my inner barrel from the stock 255mm to this 363mm, plus the 6.03, I saw a huge improvement in my accuracy at the 100-120ft range. My FPS went up as well, from 350 to around 355/356. Needless to say I am very impressed by this inner barrel from Mad Bull, and am definitely thinking about purchasing more of them for my other guns.
by François N. on 02/13/2013
"I installed this inner barrel on my SRC HK-416, my airsoft now shoot's constant 350FPS and my accuracy increased dramaticly, i have grouping of 2.5 inchs at about 180 feet.

now my airsoft doesn't jam in the canadian winters

this is the best 30$ i ever spent on my upgrades

don't hesitate to buy this inner barrel
by marcelino c. on 02/08/2013
"excelent barrel, it increases fps slightly. my accuracy increased dramaticly, shoots consistently straight evey time. these barrels are probaly the best bang for the buck.
by Sharon G. on 12/29/2011
"It works great with my Dboys SCAR and the Matrix 190mm mock suppressor. It increases accuracy and range and maybe FPS, altough I haven't been able to chrono it yet. More accurate than stock 6.08mm, and jams less than 6.01mm. For $30, it is an inexpensive upgrade to your AEG.
by Melinda M. on 01/20/2010
"Put one of these in my Classic Army SCAR Heavy replacing the stock barrel. My rifle now shoots frozen ropes and I am not even kidding. Ball after ball falls in the same spot. Definately a underrated barrel and a awesome upgrade for a cheap price. I combined this with a G&P max acuracy Hop up bucking and my gun is performing awesome. This should be your first gun upgrade a tight bore barrel and this one is very nice performing for a great price.
by robert w. on 09/10/2009
"I am so amazed by this barrel at first i was going to get that Prometheus barrel but it was to expensive so i had got this one and all that im going to say is dam this barrel is the best that i have seen and it makes my gun so much more accurate and upped the fps i can hit over 150 adjusting the hop up but over all this barrel is so worth the money

GET THIS BARREL IT IS BEAST 5/5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Matt R. on 02/08/2009
"Just teamed this baby up with a systema hop up bucking in my JG m4 S System and after a few "break-in" clips its rockin! This barrel is nicely finished and much lighter than the stock tight bore barrel that ships with the JG. It is slightly louder but it is VERY accurate. I wanted a Prometheus barrel, but figured I'd start with the Mad Bull and see what happened. Well I no longer want a Prometheus! I can put five shots in nearly the same hole at 35 feet (indoors) with this barrel, and can hit man size targets at 200 feet pretty easily. I dont have any more drifters when shooting, as the bb just drops down to the target rather than away from it! My fps was bumped a little as well and i got about 20 to 30 feet more distance. I tip my hat to Mad Bull for bringing this level of performance in a product at such a lower price than most of the competition. Thanks EVIKE!!!
by Gilberto T. on 12/26/2008
"I just installed this barrel on my KWA m4. I must say that it has shown a significant improvement in terms of range and accuracy. Very sufficient, and cheaper than the other barrels, but very effective. The stock KWA barrel was simply not cutting it. An excellent barrel. I also noticed a significant improvement even more when i switched to .25g bbs. Very nice!
by Alex L. on 10/11/2008
"This is a barrel for the M4A1 carbine.... it goes right up to the flash hider and is the perfect fit and length inside the outer barrel. I bought this for my KWA M4 and I have to say the accuracy has improved a S*** load!!!! Gives the gun tighter groupings and better range.... An overall buy if you have a stock M4 or M4 tactical variant rifle..

Dimensions: 363mm long (goes right up the egde of the flash hider)
Width: 6.03 mm (perfect width)
by Dennis W. on 06/25/2008
"Evike is madbull's authorized dealer. So these barrels go from madbull to evike, then to other retailers. Thus, they only have the new version on most items they deal direct.
by Zach S. on 06/23/2008
"and i know that i spelled probably most likely going to get this for my echo 1 614...i have a mad bull tight bore barrel in my AK right now and they work great.
by Patricia M. on 09/23/2010
"pretty good barrel it has noticeable accuracy difference then my stock G&G barrel. not by much but once the bbs get past about 100-125 feet you'll see the difference. for $30 you cant go wrong but still, it's not the best. dont get my wrong though, its really good.
by Vinson L. on 05/10/2008
"One of the most recommended upgrade for your gun

- Cheap price great deal!
- Mad bull engraved on the barrel
- Light weight

- Scratches easily
- the barrel may crack if you try to trim the length
by Igor D. on 11/07/2015
"For some reason it doesn't work for my setup.
I have a KA P90 with stock hopup and "Mad Bull 60 Degree Shark Hopup Bucking"
and I have 2-3inch spread on 14 feet distance. And with stock 255mm barrel it is less than 1 inch. This is very frustrating considering that I've spent $60 (with purchasing mock silencer to cover the barrel) for that upgrade,