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WELL Full Size M16A1 Airsoft Spring Rifle

12 Customer Reviews

by Jack H. on 04/07/2012
"This is my first airsoft gun. I got it a couple days ago and fired it at least 70 times. It is awesome.
HUGE magazine capacity (475 rounds)
Comes with safety glasses, no need to buy your own.
Inner barrel is full metal.
Carry handle has 2 sight settings.
Stock feels solid.
Plastic (what I was expecting for a springer)
Overall, a great gun to star out with. Highly recommended.
by Jennifer M. on 03/09/2011
"This is the best spring rifle i have, not to mention the only one. to the review below mine, this doesnt have automatic firing, or semi-auto. as you can see you are in the spring section of rifles so you have to cock the gun. its ok for a first airsoft gun. the stock is removable. you dont have to put on the thing that covers the barrel(forgot what its called) and the barrel is metal. MUST BUY!!!
by Brandon I. on 09/15/2010
"Hands Down favorite gun I own. I have a Full auto gas M4 but it's just not the same. I love the Vietnam style and era weapons so if if your into em this gun is perfect!
by Josh L. on 05/01/2010
"Excellent rifle. Good for backyard skirmishes or just shooting some empty soda cans in the backyard. I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who is on a tight budget or whatever the case might be.

Durable ABS
Shoots hard with .20 g
Good Accuracy
Good Range

by Nic N. on 04/12/2009
"I love it!! Its not super powerful but it is very accurate within its range. for $25 it is a great deal.

Semi Powerful

The Front Grip is a little wobbly
It isn't that powerful

Otherwise Great!
by brendin r. on 07/11/2008
"this gun is amazing as hurts like helll. i would deff recamend it to anyone, if your experianced or not.
by Devon F. on 08/14/2012
"I still have this gun when i got it i had to put it together but mine came with a metal barrel and was very very accurate for a spring rifle if you are going to buy a cheap spring rifle for a backyard war i highly suggest this
by dan T. on 01/03/2012
"I had this gun along time ago and it was really fun at the time. I would play little 3 on 3 capture the flag games with this and it was fun. I've had VFC M4s, GBB M4's, Spring M4s, a Sig552, Thompson SMG, MB03 Sniper and a lot of gas and springer pistols.But this one of the most fun for backyard wars. Well like small backyards. Not for me cuz I live on 3 1/2 acres and I have full on wars there its awesome!!!
holds a lot of ammo
Cool Looking

Plastic (what do u expect for a springer though...)
thats it i definitely recommend it tho.
by Heysem I. on 09/24/2010
"Hi guys,
My mind is not clear about the firing system. Automatic firing is available or not?
by Evan H. on 11/28/2009
"This gun is pretty good, let me say that the FPS is 300, it's more like 290-320 FPS. This gun is all ABS plastic, but the inner and outer barrel are metal plus the gear box aswell. Its pretty accurett, decent range, powerful. I would recommed this gun to short to mid range snipers and beginers. pros- light, accurett, powerful, looks like metal, tight bore barrel,easy to cock,metal gear box. cons- NO hop up,large,bad at CQB.
by pro a. on 10/11/2008
"one of the best 25 dollar spring guns out there. its pretty dominant with the full stock on the end so the weight is like 50-50 perfectly balanced. the barrel is metal so you won't have a problem about it breaking. mag though is only 38 but its fine if you have a speed loader. speed loader can reload this mag so quickly. I play with my brother and his friends, my gun dominated first of all, but when I am out of my 38 shots, I quickly get the mag out (fall right out with mag release) and then I pull the spring dow, and quickly load in within 4 seconds. nad its back in and I am firing shots again within 6 seconds of taking the mag out. make sure to get a speed loader with this gun and the sights are unbelievable. range = about 40 yards. fps = 300.2
best spring m16 on the market. I prefer m4 though. read my reviews!! I am a pro airsofter so I can help you. I have atleast 30 airsoft guns.
by Chris C. on 06/09/2008
"Amazing gun for the price, shoots as accurate as the spring M14 thats $45 on here. Feels kinda light, the front sight flips down to the other sight. The clip is kinda stupid, its got a high cap but you have to shake it to get bb's into it, Not the most convenient thing in the world, but if you want a good, cheap and accurate gun, this is a good choice.