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WELL 3/4 Size Spring Powered M4 Style Spring Rifle with Scope and Flashlight

21 Customer Reviews

by Sevian B. on 05/09/2018
"Dominic their is no hop up
by Michael P. on 08/16/2016
"So I bought this a week ago and it got here yesterday. I went to my local field earlier today. I bought extra clipizines for my assault rifle so I could wreck everyone. So first things first performance, I held the flag by myself for 10 minutes while taking in the whole team by myself the whole time there was no problems except for when someone tried to steal it smh.

High capacity clipizines
Fast fire rate about 60rps
Long range was able to shoot 300 feet
Good scope had so much zoom it was like I was a foot away from the enemies
Laser beam was so bright it burned someone's skinny skin


10/10 would buy. Beats everything from hpa M14 to miniguns
by Paul D. on 04/05/2016
"I got this gun today and it is great. The scope and flashlight work pretty good but the laser came and didn't even work. Overall, I would say this is a great gun for beginners.
by Ryan S. on 04/08/2013
"I just got this gun today and over all it is nice for begginers. for instance if you bought a $100 dollar gun don't buy this one. Because it is pretty cheap but for a begginer like me it is a good buy. The mag does not feel cheap light works well and the foregrip is very well weighted. The only problem i have with this gun is it is completely plastic but the plastic feels pretty strong though i do have to say that. But at the end of the day it is up to you and what you want to purchase.
by Caleb T. on 09/27/2010
"This gun is amazing for the price. It was reliable and accurate...i played a quick game with 3 of my friends and tagged each one in the chest from about 85 feet away...dont overlook this gun! Its a great close and far range gun. I highly recommend this gun to even the most experienced airsoft gunners. 5 star work
by Graciela C. on 10/28/2009
"This gun is the best for its price. It is highly accurate, not expensive and looks sick. The hop up is excellent. I shot my friend in the head when he was outside walking and I shot from inside my house with pin point accuracy.

not expensive
easy to cock
highly accurate
comes with laser, flashlight, and a red dot scope that actually works

Laser batteries die very quickly so buy back up batteries.
by Sean H. on 02/23/2009
"Hey guys this is honestly a good gun the sight is not good not bad my friend broke it but the falsh light is nice at night and the laser sight is good if u set it up right and also if u use it when darker all in all good gun use point 2 b/c the point 12 only work close range b/c of wind
by Janet F. on 02/08/2009
"good gun overal would recomend hard cocking because a little flumsy.

When fired the scope is directly right because bb goes up in the air higher than the scope. Handle is great. Lazer is good for close range (not really for long). Flash light is cool because its blue. If theres a specific silencer for this gun I recomend getting it because it makes a loud sound
by Janet F. on 01/24/2009
"This is a great gun for spring wars!!!

GUN: Good

SCOPE: Awsome!!!


FLASHLIGHT: Really cool, my came in blue!!!

COCKING: Okay, kind of hard if you have a strap on

MAG: Good

Great gun!!! I gave it 5 stars
* * * * *
by dfghdfg h. on 01/21/2009
"This is probably the best spring gun on the cite, with the exeption of the ones in the "sniper" section. But if your going to spend 30+ $$ i recomend getting an LEPG or a diffrent electric rifle.
by alec d. on 01/05/2009
"i bought this gun with my money and i thought it was the best gun i ever had. but it wasnt that good on its durribility and i think that most of it should be metal. i love this gun and ive had it for 3 years but it just broke. "i stepped on it so if i didnt then it would have lasted alot longer. and it comes with laser and red dot scope but the red dot scope sucks!!!!!
by Andrew M. on 12/12/2008
"this gun is really good i reccomend getting it. It looks good and is great tho fire.
by jason e. on 10/28/2008
"to Josh M. it can hold 200 BB's in the back but only 20 up front.
other then that it is a pretty good gun.
by matthew b. on 07/27/2008
"yeah this is awesome very accurate weapon system even at long range.
by Sean E. on 06/06/2014
"This gun is a perfect size, the stock can be adjusted and be taken off. My package came with a great Vertical-Grip, a really nice blue LED Flashlight, it could lit up my entire backyard at night, and my backyard is half an acre. The Red-Dot Sight was OK, it is pretty durable, dropped it on the floor and just bounced, there is only one setting for it, and the on and off thing is pretty loose so I recommend tightening the screw on it so it is more stiff if loose a bit. The whole gun is plastic, and the barrel is pretty wobbly. This gun is almost an exact replica of an AR-15. There are 3 modes, Safety, Semi, and Auto, but it is just for display, you have to cock it. The magazine cannot be loaded with a speed loader, however there is a storage space for BBs, and when you push the spring in the clip into the locking section you shake the BBs into the magazine from a hole at the bottom of the storage space. It can hold to 15-20 BB's, I haven't really checked. It is also really easy to cock the gun.

Accuracy: 3.8/5
Durability: 3.5/5
Power: 4/5
Looks: 4.5/5
Judgement: Great for beginners and tactical airsoft matches and targets

PS; I am not sure if it comes with a laser or not, mine didn't come with one.