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Full size Heavy weight Maruzen Clone Everblast CQB Shotgun (Full Stock)

22 Customer Reviews

by brad c. on 09/19/2009
"This gun is an awesome springer. This is the first gun i got. I bought it at a sports store. I would buy it here because it is $30 cheaper. one of the r.i.s rails broke off the side, but that was my fault

pros: durable, good fps, looks cool, light, r.i.s rails, easy to pump

cons: mine jammed a few times but other then that this gun is awesome
a great starter gun
by Jacob Y. on 03/08/2009
"Pretty good gun. I bought this gun at my local sporting goods store and it came with a pistol. It was also alot more expensive. If you get this gun, make sure you get the 200 round clip. It makes it much more easy to use. With .12s it curves up alot, but with .2s is is really accurate. Don't use .25s though because they are too heavy and will not go very far and have low fps. The only reason this isn't a 5 star is because, again, you need to get the 200 round clip. A great begginer gun!!
by Dillon S. on 09/20/2008
"well, I ordered this yesterday with my team-mate to launch our new airsoft team, "The Acid Assassins".

We were short on cash, and we normally went to shortyusa for our guns, but this same gun was $10 cheaper here on evike!

we ordered two of these, along with 2 5000 bb bags, but Im only giving it 4 stars cause there has been some talk about bad durability, but this is just my prediction rating, I will write back later about durability once I buy it and handle it a little bit more.

For now, I just cant wait for it to come!
by Travis N. on 06/03/2008
"This is a really great gun for everything. Its what a standard rifleman should have in airsoft. If you have a scope and wear a paintball mask this is easier to use than the retractable stock. Id recommend a UTG 200 round clip because it only holds 18 rounds. This gun is strong and way better than the clear shotguns that you find in Walmart. Dont waste your money in Walmart, only for bb's. You can nearly use it as a sniper and when you get another gun youll wonder why all guns arent made this strong.
by Samuel B. on 05/09/2013
"This was my first airsoft rifle, I put a 200 round magazine in it and used it in a number of games. The weapon is decent, but has miserable hop up over long range. If you want to shoot far, aim low.

The gun is decent, but not great. The pump action breaks if you try to one handed cock the weapon, so don't.

decent FPS
has available 200 round magazine
nice-ish grip

Mostly plastic
breaks after a while (but everything does)
poor hop up
low effective range

If you are new to the sport and want to play with your friends in the backyard for a while give this a try, it is pretty decent. But keep in mind that it won't be nearly as fun as a low powered AEG, but at least you won't have to worry about batteries.
by Peter S. on 09/20/2008
"your going to make an airsoft team with 2 shotguns and 2500 bbs? your gonna get destroyed if you play kids with AEG's
by Brenton R. on 10/31/2008
"yea aegs destroy those shotguns those things cant even barely hit targets 75 feet away ive shot them before the only reason id get one is for backyard battles because my echo 1 g36 would be overkill but for accuracy these things arent very good