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Full size Heavy weight Maruzen Clone Everblast CQB Shotgun (Full Stock)

22 Customer Reviews

by Alec B. on 08/06/2016
"This is one of the best guns I have ever owned when compared to the price. It had lasted me for over a year and a half before finally breaking. It held its fps for the full time i used it and held its accuracy as well, despite having put over 5000 rounds through it. I would definitely recommend this gun for anyone who is on a budget.

Quite light
good fps
good accuracy (with 0.2s)
great for backyard skirmishes
includes sling points

will break eventually
not as big of a mag as it needs
you may have to turn the gun upside down to load the last few bbs into the chamber
sight included sucks

All in all, definitely buy this gun if you need a cheap secondary if you dont want this a pistol.
by Ryan R. on 07/20/2013
"This gun is beautiful!....i got one about a month ago.....for the price you cant beat it!....

has good fps (330-340 fps)
comes with strap
comes with glasses
comes with speedloader
comes with a feww bb's

scope is plastic and not that accurate....however it is adjustable!!!

overall a great gun!!!
by Daniel T. on 02/09/2013
"Great gun for the price! The only problem is the adjustable tab for the hop up. It actually works but it moves way to easily. A simple fix is to put a little square of electrical tap under the tab to make it harder to move. I would also recommend against using the feature where you hold the trigger and keep pumping as I feel it puts too much stress on the internals. Also do not buy for the accessories they are crap.

Works great for the price
Adjustable hop up actually works, lol (put tape under the tab!)

Scope is pure crap, unusable
Last two bbs in mag do not load unless gun is upside down.
by TAMMY T. on 05/09/2011
"I just got this gun about a week ago and I think it is amazing! It has amazing FPS and accuracy. I also discovered that if you pump it 1 time then it shoots 1 BB. If you pump it 5 times it shoots 5 BBs (but it has slightly worse range and accuracy). You can go up to 8 shots at once (although I have gotten it to shoot 9 at once one time).

Overall this is an amazing gun! :)
by Kal S. on 09/16/2010
"I have this gun, and it is a really good gun. I sawed off the stock and left just enoogh for the handle, and then painted out all the orange tip. It looks AWESOMe!!!!
by Robert C. on 06/21/2010
"I just got this gun today, and so far its amazing for 25$ the gun shoots hard. It also came with a sight, laser, and flashlight, and for 25$ thats not bad at all. The sight is OK its not great considering You pay 25$ its not going to be amazing. After you zero it in it can hit a 12"x7" target from 50 feet away, but up close is a different story for mine at least. The bb goes to a little to the left and i have turned the knob as far as it will go. The barrel on the inside does move around so the accuracy wont be as consistent. i have shot a can and it will not go through the bottom, it will go through one side most of the time, but on occasion it has gone through both :D. I have shot my friend by accident though, the gun doesnt shoot the last 2 and, the third bullet did not come out, so i took the mag out and was messing around and shot at my friend, hitting him straight in the stomach. It left a very big welt, and redness. All in all very good gun to mess around with. 5/5. Also .12g's are to light they fly up after 45ft even without hop-up on, i suggest buying .20g bb's. Well worth 25$. Thanks Evike!

Pros: durable, shoots hard, accurate, nice construction.

Cons: the last two bb's dont shoot unless pumped upside down.
by James C. on 01/26/2009
"great shot gun and shoots hard (id say 300 fps) its a great cqb gun and the part the pump slides on is metal the things i really like is that the pump feels just like pumping a 12 guage (wat i mean by this is that it doesnt have a struggle pumping it like most airsoft shotguns) a 2 year old could pump this and it makes a beutiful sound when you pump it (there again just like a 12 guage) so in conclusion just buy it

BTW this gun aint worth $150 but it is worth $45

Webmaster: Believe it or not. When this shotgun was released in Japan, before UTG/DE cloned it, it was $150. Airsoft guns had gotten A LOT cheaper now.
by Casey S. on 01/19/2009
"This gun is really good!! I'v had it since September 2008 and it's held up really good!

-Shoots hard
-Long lasting
-Heavy weight

It only holds 20bb but the last 2 don't shoot unless you turn it upside down
If you have bb's in the clip about 3 will fall out

This would be great back up for a sniper that doesn't have a lot of money!
It would be good to buy a 200 round high capacity clip for it!
by Nathan T. on 11/23/2008
"Its a pretty good gun, i have had one for about 3 years and it still works good and fine, really powerful to, another thing is that if you buy 20g bbs for this and dont turn on the hop up this is a sniper, And Mark... just because you put alot of money into your guns, doesnt mean you hae a team. Teams are made by people not gear. And if your so proud of joining a team, go join the special forces... thats something you can be proud of.
by Dillon S. on 09/25/2008
"the guns came today and they were better than I expected!
first of all, they came with a red dot sight (looks like a scope but it only has a red dot in it) it feels REALLY solid, someone also said that the strap is too short, but it is PLENTY long! and to the person that said we were going to get destroyed, we got 5000bbs EACH, not 2500, yes, 2 shotguns, and the kids in our neighborhood dont have much better so you can shut the heck up!
by Jacob Y. on 08/08/2008
"This is a nice shotgun for backyard use. I am going to be using this as a sniper because everyone in my neighborhood is afraid of my l96 :D.
I am getting a 200 round mag for this and i am hoping that it will fit. Over all this is a nice gun for the money. Another thing is that u can take the RIS off and it wont look a tactical.
by Chris G. on 07/23/2008
"This shotgun rules. I'ts really accurate and in my opinion it is almost equal but nlot quite as good as the UTG M3l.
by Aaron D. on 07/20/2008
"Both using and being on the receiving end of this gun has made this very popular in our airsoft group. Very well built, sturdy. Very powerful. Evike lists it at 280fps but we have clocked it a bit faster than that. Also, I recommend getting this gun only from Evike as they have the good versions. We had two people get ripped on these and we replaced them with ones purchased from Evike and they are the real deal. The rail system is ok but we found it kind of useless and the gun handled better without it. If you can, get a high capacity winding magazine. You'll outlast a lot of other players this way even using the multiple shot ability. Keep this gun clean, keep it lubed, and use high quality BB's and this gun will out perform many higher priced guns. 10 out 10 of our group use and love this thing.
by WILL K. on 07/18/2008
"Definatley a good gun. It's a springer you can rely on and it's actualy pretty accurate and if you are really that cheap, you could use it as sniper rifle. However it still is good at filling the role of a shotgun: pumping it more than once gives you a bust shot and an effictive way of blasting an enemy and a high chance of hitting him with at least one of your shots.
by Chad B. on 03/06/2010
"I like this shotgun. It's cheap, it's not that great, but it's moderately light, and it makes for an awesome backup to compliment a large rifle or an automatic. I personally use it to backup for my M14. It's great for swinging around a corner and getting a face shot with this is none too pleasing. I ordered this from someone besides evike, but I have ordered from evike before and it's this same gun, so I think it should be okay to post this here. Back to this gun...

The sling is okay. I carry it on one arm, it's easier. It's a fair shotgun for the price. It is rare that it hits from across the street, it's definitely a short range gun, at least moderately so.

Anyway, to wrap up, I give it a 4/5. It is what it is.