Reviews: DE Full size Heavy weight Maruzen Clone Everblast CQB Shotgun (LE Stock)


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Model: SGUN-DE-CSI786

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by Guilherme G. on 2016-07-22 21:40:10
"This is a great gun for backyard shooting. Its a very resistant, I have it 2 years now, I droped it several times and it didnt break. As this gun is relatively old, some issues started to appear. The precision is crap, due to dry shooting. Feeding issues, wich sometimes i have to pump it upside down.

-Very cheap
-Light weight
-High FPS (relatively, cause its a CQB gun)
-Adjustable Hop-Up
-Accurate (if not dry fired like I did)

-Bad accuracy after dry shooting
-Low FPS for long range combat

Conclusion: Very good gun for the budget. The only REAL problem is the feeding. 8,5/10
by Luke S. on 2016-06-05 05:58:25
"My friend bought me this gun at a time where only one of my friends had an aeg. IT worked great especially because he bought me the hi cap too.

Sturdy build
Many rails
Easy to pump
Retractable stock
Pump action
Comes with speedloader and safety glasses(should buy full face protection
Comes with small mag(Is fine if you buy Hi-Cap)
Can break if not careful
Is slightly bent
Hopup is on or off no in between
Spring lost 100 fps in a year.

Overall this shotgun is a great gun and I still have mine even after upgrading to an aeg. It is now something I let my friends use. NOTE If your friends have aegs this is not the best option for a gun. It just cannot compete. This is why I bought an AEG. Lastly I have had this gun for two years without anything breaking. I reccomend buying.
by Antoine P. on 2014-04-11 02:15:26
"I've had this gun for a long time and is still one of my favorites even as a primary.
I would recommend getting a riser if you want to put a dot scope on it (which I recommend) because the cheek of my mask gets in the way :P

Anyway's I'll cut it short and give you the details. ;)


Great fps.

Long range and accurate. Hit my friend from 50 yards away while he was moving along a hillside. Right in the d***! :D

Size. It's a beast at CQC.

Structure. As a general rule, I wouldn't drop it, but it's very well constructed and very sturdy.

Magazines. Hold a lot and easy to reload.

Grip. All the shotguns like this have similar grips which can be replaced. The one I had originally had a stockless grip, but I replaced it with one with a collapsing stock.


A couple bbs fall out when you remove the magazine, but that's because the mags spring can't push those last two into the chamber, so you gotta cock it upside down to feed those last two bbs.
Just pump it over your shoulder for those last two shots, it's no biggie ;)

It's pretty easy to accidentally bump the mag release, causing your mag to fall on the ground, break open, and spill bbs everywhere. Just watch your hands, and make sure the mag is in all the way.

Those are the only two cons I can think of for this gun, but I know how to deal with them so they don't really count.

5/5 for this bad boy :D
by Kathy P. on 2014-02-20 10:24:48
"If you are new to airsoft and none of your friends have automatic weapons, then this is perfect for you. This was one of my first starter guns.

Good starter gun- maybe even the best for the price.
Rail system, though optics and any other attachments are useless on this gun.
Very reliable, and you have the ability to pump up to three BB's at a time into it.
Sling mounts, although it isn't heavy enough to need a sling.
Orange tip came off on its own, which is illegal. Nothing a little glue couldn't fix.
Compatible with many shotgun magazines. GET THE HI-CAP.
Looks pretty awesome from a distance.

Retractable stock broke, but was fixed with a new bolt.
The barrel slants forward slightly, which you can see in the picture.
A little wobbly.
Plastic in most places.
The pump action might be a little hard for younger kids.

If you don't have the money for a better quality airsoft gun, or are new to the sport, I highly recommend this gun, especially for the price. Definitely upgrade though, and maybe keep this for a rainy day or as a spare weapon for others.
by Darrien O. on 2013-07-15 22:23:33
"This was my first airsoft gun and it was pretty good it has great accuracy and a pretty good stock that didn't get loose after a month or so i had dropped this thing maybe twice then the third time i dropped it the stock broke off but the guns accuracy was still pretty good but no longer has that good weight to it

Easy Pump Action
Comes with speed loader

Broke in half after 3 drops
mag only held 15 rounds
Very crappy sling

If your looking to buy a spring shotgun for a low cost this is it but for durability i recommend something other than this
by Kimberly S. on 2012-06-11 13:34:30
"Great gun, purchased it from my local airsoft/paintball store. Look, for a experienced player this gun isn't that great, only thing this gun is used for me at least is for friendly back yard battles. Good gun for trying to be funny and backyard wars. Don't bring this to a field. If your looking to buy a shotgun for a field check out the Multi Shot it's the cheapest on I believe.

Pros: FPS
RIS (Who waste attachments on a shotgun... unless its a Trishot lol)

None for a 25 Dollar gun

Overall: Good "plinker" gun, fun to use because it's so rewarding when you get a hit with it. lol.

This gun is awesome!
by Joe S. on 2012-06-08 20:57:35
"This is a great back-up for a weekend player! I've had this on my back at games since '07, and it STILL WORKS FINE. It's indestructible as long as you aren't stupid with it. It's actually pretty good! I use it as a back-up for my G&G GR16.
by Mohamed Zaid B. on 2012-01-27 13:23:30
"I just received this shotgun today as a free replacement for my TSD SD 87. Overall this shotgun seems really good. It has a decent weight to it but not too heavy either. Also cocking back the pump has a nice sound. It does have a wobbly stock but it doesn't really matter as it's a $25 shotgun. Mine came with a 20 round mag, a sling which I have no idea how to put together, a speed loader, shooting goggles, and some free bbs.

Oh and if you order this shotgun or any gun, please do yourself a huge favor and TOSS out the free sample bbs immediately. Unless you want your gun to jam on you...

For $25, you can't go wrong with this shotgun.

Shoots hard
Nice design

No spare mag
No guide on putting together sling
by Sam M. on 2010-11-16 13:39:06
"THis is THE first gun I ever perchased about 7 years ago at some anime shop in my mall. I gotta say it's a great gun for the money. No shame in showing up to your first match with it, and no shame in bringing it after a few years of games as a secondary/last resort or to share with other players. Love the M4 stock on it, and I believe it comes in three other stock variants sold speratly. Mine came with a POS Red Dote, a flash light, and a lazer the had handle-mounted switch. I still have it today, although the barrel up to the reciever is gone, as well as the tube the action rests on. I let my friend use it as a side arm since he poured all his money into a sniper rifle.

Lasted almost a decade.
Lots of rails, even though on something this low in quality, why waste attachments?
Easy to reload.
Acurate to about 30M, hits hard enough that you'll know if your hit.
Cheap as hell.

If this is your primary, you'll probably be out guned 4/5 times.
Hard to reload, and left over rounds in mag after dry.
Like most air soft "shotguns", it's really a pump action rifle and not that great for CQC.
by Daryl B. on 2010-04-15 19:30:05
"I bought one of these in December of 2006. It has had 4 to 5 thousand bb's through it and it still functions like new. This is the best gun for the money on the market.


by landon s. on 2010-01-06 18:32:58
"I got this awesome gun around 2-3 months ago, its awesome for the price! I got mine for $65! I dont care! this gun is great in any battle no matter what the other guys are using....Tust me! one thing i dont like about this one is its clip size =S my gun holds around 270 rounds. but if you want a good gun get it! on the box it said 355fps.
by Chad T. on 2009-09-20 08:35:52
"This gun is in my opinion the best shot gun u can get for 25 bux. i originally got it for 30, and i havent regreted it yet. ive had it for a lil over a year and sumhow they managed to make this gun indistructible. been in many battles as my secondary weapon. id say it shoots between 280 and 300 fps. it broke the skin from about 10 feet, if u plan on messin around with ur frends. haha :) anyway, great buy. i suggest it to anyone whos lookin for a cheap shotgun.

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